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"The Promise Fulfilled" ~ Part Thirteen ~

Updated on April 3, 2016

The Devil is a Liar

Since God the Father has committed all things into the hands of Jesus the Son, the destiny of every living mortal is under His control; but the destiny of each and every mortal also depends upon that individual’s attitude towards God’s Son. Jesus came into the world to declare God; He spoke the words of God because JESUS WAS GOD, and He declared that the words that He spoke were spirit and life. He did all that He could do, and now it is up to the individual to hear His words and choose to - or not - believe on Him. To believe on and in Jesus is to have eternal life. He who believes on Jesus shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life." {John 5:24}


"He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." {John 3:36}

With this clear, solemn declaration of the indescribable importance of believing on Jesus, John the Baptist concludes his own testimony concerning his, and our, Lord. He makes it very plain that believing on Jesus is the way to heaven, and by contrast, the way to hell is simply to refuse to believe on Him.

So it is not necessary for you or I to murder, lie, steal, be a drunk, an addict, or commit adultery in order for us to be eternally lost. All one needs to do in order to be lost is choose to refuse to believe on Jesus Christ.

"He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." {John 3:18}

You and I can victoriously conquer anything that the Enemy of God and man sends upon us, the unsuspecting masses. I will continue to be in prayer that these words from someone who has not just “studied” addiction, but who has walked those long, twisting and hard roads will inspire others who are continuing to suffer and point out to you the way to the Hope for yourselves. Praying with all my heart that the fact that I lived the “life” and have been shackled within it’s prison cell doors and have now been set free from them, that my testimony and story will somehow make an impact on you so that you too will come to know Him and see that you do not have to be trapped any longer in the terrible bondage's that have a hold on you or someone that you love. Freedom from all types of bondage can be yours, in Christ, with Jesus living within you.

Unless, of course, you do not want to be set free or have not yet suffered enough to seek freedom? I hope that this is not the case for your sake and that these words of mine, of ours, will instead give to you the keys to the eternal Hope who will touch you where you hurt the most down deep within your very soul. I pray that my personal experiences and my attempt to phrase them into meaningful words will be the urging that will point you towards the Power, Glory, Mercy and Grace that is found only in our one and only God, Yahweh, through Jesus Christ His Son. I pray that my own personal and heartfelt experiences will show you the pathway to the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who can and will set you free. Yes I announce to you Jesus, the one and the only begotten Son of the Living God. For I reiterate to you again and again that “Whom the Son sets Free is free indeed.”

I write to you to proclaim to you the Word who was made flesh in order to come to earth for one reason only: us. He came to go to Calvary’s Cross for you and for me. For the whole of humanity He came, but if the whole of humanity rejected Him and there was only you to save? He would have come here just for you too. Amazing is it not?

Why did He choose to come? Because of the incomprehensible love of God the Father Jesus came to shed His own life’s blood for the forgiveness of our sins. To set us free from the chains that have so easily beset us and ensnared us in sin’s traps. And to set us free from the guilt we have acquired through our rebellion against God. The kind of guilt which burdens are so heavy that we will do just about anything to escape it’s anguish. By His stripes we are healed and through our acceptance of and belief in His death, burial and physical resurrection you and I can have the assuredness of everlasting life with Him in heaven and on a regenerated earth in the not too distant future. An eternal future spent with Him and with our saved loved ones who are in Heaven right now awaiting our arrival there to greet us! I write these words also to announce to you the victory over anything Satan sends upon us because of the Holy Spirit of God who at the moment of salvation comes to live inside of our hearts to lead, guide and direct us in the ways of God and how to live our lives right here and right now joyfully and victoriously. One day at a time.

Not that we will always "feel" joyful at everything that may happen to us or those we love, but that deep down assurance that no matter what happens? As long as we have Christ living in us we can face anything the enemy chooses to throw at us in this present life.

May I share with you too that the “eternal life” aspect of Christianity had never really had any appeal to me as an unredeemed and lost soul. My life in the world had never been anything of which to rejoice over, except for the births of my two children and the Mother who God had gifted me with. What I mean to say is that all my life I had never felt any real “happiness”, nor had I ever felt like I really belonged anywhere. Or to anyone of any consequence at most times throughout my drug addicted years. I was miserable as a child, unhappy and lonely from the get go.

You see I sucked at every role I tried to play in life. I sucked as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a worker and as a Mother. But since Jesus saved me that “hole in my soul” and the emptiness in my heart has been filled so that I no longer am searching, ever searching for that “something” that will make the emotional pain go away. Jesus took care of all of that at last.

Today I can look forward to that Promise of God to spend eternity with Him and now I long for Him to take me to my Heavenly home when He is ready. Wherever in the galaxies or dimensions of time that might be. I long to see my Mama again as I can almost picture in my mind’s eye our reunion at the Gates of heaven right now. As I shared, I’ve heard, and I believe, many of the life-after or near-death experiences which I have come to love to hear grinning from ear to ear and my heart leaps for joy within me! I want to go Home, I long to go Home!

I cannot testify enough to you that you also have the opportunity to receive the same salvation and freedom that He bestowed upon this grateful soul. The very same love that forgives me and which envelopes me as I go to Him in repentance for some unintentional sin or just plain hatefulness of my attitude towards someone. Salvation is not just a “state of mind” for the believer, it is a continual state of being. A habitual state of living ones life based upon the examples that Jesus set for us while He walked upon this earth. A life in which I, nor you, have to experience such a feeling of deep, emotional and spiritual emptiness in our hearts or souls that caused us to seek out anything or anyone in order to just alleviate that painful loneliness. Even if it was always just a temporary “fix” at best, of seeking a way to soothe away the hurt that was inflicted upon me and the hurt that I inflicted upon other family members and innocent people.

That was a yearning that nothing truly had eased until I found drugs, alcohol and men and they found me. When the use of the above entered into the scenario of my life I became a dead woman walking. I looked alive, but inside I was spiritually dead. All of the things and people the devil used as illusions and detours were nothing more than lies to drag me ever deeper into a life of misery and bondage to addictions that fed one off of the other. And into a lifestyle choice which caused me to do things and behave in ways that I don’t believe I ever would have even contemplated before had it not been for the uncontrollable and ravenous appetite for drugs which had taken possession of everything about me.

I don’t know, but I might have said before, that drugs, alcohol, and any type of addiction through which mankind can be so easily overtaken are straight from the pit of hell itself. If I am repeating myself on several different issues such as this one it is because I very much feel they bear repeating. Addictions are attempts to con us and come all tied up with an invisible red bow of approval with Satan himself signing the "gift" card. He likes nothing better than to take part in and see the lives of men, women and children utterly destroyed by any addiction with which he can use his power to enslave us. Don't mistake my meaning, we give him that power for he can force nothing upon us as God gifted His creation with the power of free-will.

By these addictions with which we have become overwhelmed, Satan loves to lurk behind the cause of in order so that he can gain the upper hand in getting us to the point where we will listen to his voice which speaks to us of nothing but defeatism instead of God's victory over them all. And how, he continually whispers, we could escape those types of thoughts and feelings if we will just once again immerse them all into the soothing balm of nothingness through using drugs and alcohol or sex as the road map towards our self imposed journey’s of self-delusion and self-destruction.

There was an obvious dilemma there for me, although I was too blind to it at the time to see. And that is that if one stays so messed up, so incessantly high all the time? We not only avoid the bad that comes along into everyone’s lives, we also will miss out on all the blessings that also come into everyone’s life at one time or another. Opportunities that could also bring happiness and joy into our lives. Opportunities, people and situations that could bring into our empty lives fulfillment where only emptiness and loneliness before prevailed.

Just how are we to know the difference between the two if we attempt to stay stoned or drunk twenty four hours a day, or at least the hours which our minds and bodies were awake? At least this is that which occurred in my own life. I would make rash decisions based on absolutely nothing at all except my own selfish desires, whatever they might or might not be at any given moment in time.

I have not the slightest bit of doubt that drugs are what Satan decided to wave so tauntingly in front of me since that very first glue-huffing situation. He knew me well as he does know exactly what will tempt every human being. Remember he has had many thousands of years and boat loads of practice discovering what it is that is that weakness or vulnerability in your psyche and in mine, in fact in all of human kind. He has had eons of time to hone to perfection his long sought after ideal of the destruction of human beings that God chose to make in His own image or likeness.

Satan is all too aware of the limited amount of time he has left to try and destroy all of us that he is able to by whatever feat of “magic” or the supernatural with which he attempts to amaze and deceive us. His goal is to take as many men and women, young and old, to hell with him as he can which will of a certainty be his final and eternal abode. Oh there are many, perhaps billions upon billions of lost souls there waiting for him now, please don’t you allow yourself to choose to become one of those tormented by the fallen angels who are now in the Pit.

Only when we fall prey to his enticing lies will we choose to reject God’s Son and God’s ways which are perfect, holy and righteous. He knows that the bottom line, so to speak, within humanity is our five senses and that we are like lambs being led to the slaughter unawares because a lot of us are controlled by what “feels good” in our flesh. He knows our weakness' and knows that if we do not fight against him with God's Holy Spirit he can have us as his own with relative ease.

Our roles in allowing this to happen in the society in which we now live is that doing what “feels good” to us is more than acceptable, and in some instances is celebrated by our own government and fellow man. It seems as though our culture has become one with a “no holds barred” mindset that allows us to pursue whatever or whomever it is that we may so desire irregardless of the consequences.

Satan’s mission is to delude us by demonic lies that appear as if they are the truth, but are not the truth at all. He does this in order to confuse us about where any moral lines may be in relation to what God says is right or wrong. He attacks our society by tempting us to exalt ourselves above God or as “gods” who have this right and not God alone. He is working in our nation to cause many to doubt God by bringing into authority those who now are in earthly power over us who know nothing about the true, eternal God. Nor do they desire to for they worship a false “god," one of which is power, another of which is their own selves and one another, and the other, I sincerely believe, is the false “god” of Islam.

Satan is not above bringing into our lives something or someone to cause us to stumble if we are God’s through Christ, and perhaps to cause us to fall flat on our derrieres, thereby thwarting the purpose and plan of God for our lives. Satan delights in nothing more than to hinder us along our walk with God through-out our life’s journey in order to cause us misery, heartache and pain. In order that we will keep our minds focused upon our own selves and problems instead of upon Jesus. In order to put us through hell here on earth and then after our death, if so be it that we have died without accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior. Satan's desire is to take us to hell with him, his demons and the fallen angels for all eternity. Hell, where he will have at last that which he has so long desired, to have absolute free reign to twist and torment the lost peoples throughout the ages past and the ages to come. You see time will never end for us, the only difference will be where we choose to live in it.

I am probably not telling you anything that you don’t already know or have heard of in your life. But I want for you to recognize that the realms of Heaven and of Hell are truly real. Whichever place you wind up going rest assured that it's not a vacation but an eternal destination determined by our acceptance or denial of Jesus Christ.

Today you must choose for yourselves for there is no way that either of us will ever escape physical death. We begin dying from the moment of our births, that’s what sin brought in by the first Adam’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden. The time of our deaths none of us knows the day nor the hour of, only God knows.

Thinking back, I remember the things that I began to see myself doing, after what seemed as though forever, as I stumbled lost in the sensation’s of the lusts of my flesh. Those things began to haunt me more and more as my time as a willing addict drew to a close. The choices I made about any and everything were always centered on using those drugs in order to get and stay high for as long as it was possible for me to do so. I know, that I know, that I know, that had it not been for the drug abuse I would not have had it within me to, nor would ever even have contemplated doing, the shameful things that I did. All for the sole purpose and sake of achieving the almighty “high”.

I, like so many others, came from a dysfunctional family. You know how people like to place labels on things. As I'm sure I have said before, I never can remember feeling like I belonged anywhere and always wondered what was wrong with me. In fact? I just felt wrong period. I didn’t really “feel” loved even and today I don’t understand why. I just recall feeling that way from my earliest memories.

I always felt left out of everything, even though I know today that that wasn’t really true either. Today I know that my father and my mother loved me. I am just telling you how my world shaped up within my own eyes which in turn set the perfect stage for the life that was to come. I was the perfect bait for anything that chose to come along to eat me up and spit me out after it was through with me.

The first time I got high was off of huffing glue as you know. We had moved into a new area of my hometown in Virginia. My Dad had decided to purchase a brand new mobile home for us some months before. I think that at the time it must have been partly as an incentive for my Mom to come back to him because yet again my Mom had left him due to their arguing and physical fighting. I was a nervous wreck already by then. I hated violence then and I still do today.

I was always trying to please somebody but of course could never please anyone perfectly, no matter how hard I tried. I liked to make people smile then and still do today. When we moved to the new neighborhood is where I met my new friend Dorothy and her biker boyfriend.. I will not go into what transpired again but to say this is when I first tried huffing glue. Except for one other thing. When I saw her boyfriend acting so “happy” and stuff, so self-assured and as though nothing bothered him at all in the world? Well I wanted to feel that way too.

Also with the new move to this side of my hometown I had felt more alone and lonely than was the usual with me. Although my Dad had promised us that things would be different this time around they were not and little did I know how that move would affect the rest of my life.

My Dad was a big rig truck driver who had begun to haul long distance cargo and on the way home he would be sure to call my Mom and get her to go to the liquor store for him so that there would be alcohol waiting there for him when he got home. This was a situation throughout my life which always ended badly for us all, but especially my Mom. I don’t remember a time that he physically beat my Mother unless he was drinking booze. In fact, it still amazes me that later in life I even chose to drink alcohol at all.

When he got in my Mom would have a few drinks with him as well, these were the only times I recall her drinking at all during those years. At a certain point in my Dad’s drinking one ill chosen look or phrase from anyone would set off yet another bout of cursing, yelling at the top of his, and then their voices, and then physically fighting with one another. It never varied. Dishes would be flying through the air and the breaking of furniture would occur sometimes as well.

At the beginning of Daddy’s drinking he would be jovial and loving, but like I said, one wrong word would set him off and we never knew which word or action that would be at any given time. All of our neighbors could hear all of this as well which I hated and so embarrassed me. Not to mention all of the occasions when out of extreme fear, because of the violence taking place against my mother? I would have to wind up running to one of the neighbors houses in order to call the Police on my own father. But I had to do something in order to try and prevent him from killing her in a mindless alcohol laden rage.

I was always afraid that he was going to kill my Mother in an alcoholic stupor. I was always fearful of losing her. I loved my Mom very much and was very protective of her. She had a condition resulting from her stomach bursting when I was a very young child that almost killed her at the time. It was only by the grace of God that she did not die for she was in the hospital for what seemed like months. After this happening to her she would suffer most every time she ate and sometimes it would simply cause her to pass out dead away. Sometimes she would even pass out before the stove just cooking.

When she had these episodes we couldn’t even awaken her. It was like the reaction to the food and the heat had put her into a comatose state. Some of those times I thought she was in fact dead. I didn’t understand “dead” yet but I knew it would take her away from me forever. All we could do was wait for it to pass from her. I always lived in the fear that she wouldn’t become conscious again and come back to me every single time it happened to her.

I can remember very vividly as a child screaming out her name; “Mama! Mama! Wake up! But she never did, not until her body corrected itself though cooling her down or the food which she had eaten which had caused that reaction in her to cease doing whatever it was doing within her body’s system that had caused her to black out in the first place.

So, you see, I always lived in fear that the one person that I loved so very much would one day not awaken, afraid that she would leave me behind all alone. In fact, fear ruled a large part of my life, even as a child. I suppose that this awful gut wrenching fear began when her stomach burst and she was in the hospital for so very long. They didn’t expect for my Mom to live at all but thank the Lord that He had other plans for her!

You’ll have to keep in mind that in the latter 1950’s and early 60’s they didn’t have the tools nor the medical knowledge which are in place today in the 21st century. Today they, by the grace and foreknowledge of God, have the medical expertise to treat just about anything that is known to man, mostly.

My most vivid memories from those days were of sitting in a cold car with two of my brother’s and being tormented by them as is common I suppose, for siblings. They would taunt me with things like “You are not really our sister at all, you were the black nanny’s baby and Mama and Daddy took you in because you had nowhere else to go.” Something like this, this is as close as I can get to the words used. And even though I never had heard, nor did I remember anyone mentioning anything about a nanny in our house ever before, I was young and impressionable and so I believed them.

Any time anyone told me anything I pretty much took it at face value, no matter even if they were a stranger I suppose. Even later when I had gotten up the courage to ask my Mama and Daddy about it, and they admonished my brothers and laughed and told me that it wasn’t true and that I was their baby? I still in the back of my mind thought about it and believed what my brothers had told me was true. I believed it because it “fit” how I had felt inside from my earliest memories.

I was a slave waiting for someone or something to become her master and to control her. Had there been any gangs that I knew about in my youth I would have been a vulnerable and likely candidate for that as well. I haven’t the slightest bit of doubt at all that I would have been easy prey for them to manipulate. Why do I say that you might ask? Because I have heard some of their stories and so many have spoken of the feeling's of being unwanted and unloved in this world which seems so alien to them. So much so that many of them had become gang members so that in that they now felt “a part of” instead of "apart from."

While my Mother had lay near death in the local hospital not only was I extremely afraid of losing her, a seed had been planted in my young psyche by two young boys merely picking at their little sister in a cold car while waiting for our Daddy to come out and tell us how our Mama was and to take us home.

A “seed” that Satan used in order to gain a doorway into my mind and my life by causing that seed to take root and bear the fruit of feelings of loneliness, isolation and not belonging anywhere. That feeling which took root in my young life grew exponentially in a more intrinsic way than it ever had in my recollection before that night. Of course these types of feelings would reoccur at the whims and hands of others that caused a sort of chain reaction in the things that I would say or do thereafter.

Do you ever remember, perhaps, thinking about some particular thing that you knew how to do as a child, but not really recall the significance of where you may have gotten that influence, that information from? Well....quite often that would happen with me about what were certain activities in which only grown-ups were to partake in. I would do things of a grown up nature that confused me yet I felt compelled to do them. So not only did I feel alone and unwanted, I also felt dirty. This is all I choose to say about this in “our” blog as it would serve no good or helpful purpose for anyone.

Yet I am sure that you must have glimmered that those things to which I have just referred were of a sensual nature. When I grew up, still feeling as if I were dirty, I used to wonder how in the world it was possible for me to have known how to do those types of things. But finally, after twenty-odd years of psychiatric treatment and various counselors, not to mention hospitals and rehabs, I believe that I pretty much have my answer. But as I said? It serves no helpful purpose at all to mention it in the first place except that those things also added to my feelings of not being of any real value as a human being at all.

Even though I had begun doing those very things that I had been shown how to by somebody as a child there was no sex-explosion when I was a child. We were not bombarded by sexual images and words no matter where we looked or by partially naked television or movie characters who are always pushing carnal knowledge into an innocent young child’s view and sown into their minds today. When I was growing up, with the sole exception maybe being in some of our own households, we had not a great deal of knowledge of such things. Nor were the youth of my time driven to know such things and many of us are the better off for it today. Those days are long gone in America, sad to say, and in the world at large. Each day that goes by I see a world in which the youths are actively choosing Satan's lies and darkness over God's Truth and Light.

In those days of which I speak, the latter 1960’s and 1970’s we still, believe it or not, had more of an innocence about sexual matters as children in some aspects. I know that I grew up in the “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” generation but still then there remained more of an all around consciousness of morality. Like I said it may seem strange for me to say this but to me that is the way it now seems looking back and looking today at the constant barrage of sexual imagery and connotations in anything and everything, no matter where you go. That includes zombie fascinations, vampirism, witchcraft and demonism etc.

And if morality didn’t exist in some peoples lives they kept it more or less a private affair. You didn’t hear about it everyday or on the noon day news, nor was their film of it at eleven.

I remember running away several times between the ages of twelve and fourteen. Either my Mama and Daddy somehow figured out exactly where I was running away to or I would return home because I was afraid. Because, after all I would consider, where did somebody like I felt I was have to go really? Nowhere. Besides, living within an environment of known fear appeared to beat the heck out of the unknown fears that assaulted my mind at my every turn.

There IS a God, the One true and real God, Yahweh. But Satan is as real as God is and one of his most deceptive and ingenious tactic’s is deluding the general population that he isn’t real and that somehow Christians just made him up out the blue. This gives him even broader leeway with humankind. He uses willing human beings to perpetrate the evils that mankind commits upon one another each and every day. He cannot force, because God does not allow him to, his subliminally sent suggestions on any human being. He just dresses them up in alluring ways and in seductive packaging which he has already labeled in his hell “folders” the files of the names of the individuals he has fooled into being his own personal servants. Some knowingly, but most do not realize who Satan truly is and that no promise he has ever given to any created being will ever be fulfilled, because as I’ve said before, Jesus says that Satan is a liar:

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and have come from God, for I have not even come on My own initiative, but He sent Me. Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word. You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me. Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? {John 8:42-46}

The Devil is luring you, he's desperately doing whatever it takes to pull you away from Jesus and to get your focus somewhere else. But if you fight back in Jesus' name, there will be victory in your life.

Our sins have earned us the eternal death penalty the Bible calls hell. A hell which could be cancelled only one way. It took the Son of God Himself taking your hell, taking my hell, by taking our punishment for us. We did the sinning, but Jesus did the dying. When a rescuer extends his hand to you in a burning or collapsed building, you don't wait to grab it. Your chance to live is now, so choose to LIVE!

more to come.....


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