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The Promised Delusion Is Alive and Well.

Updated on May 29, 2020
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

A Delusion Inspired By God.

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be DAMNED who believed not the Truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

Today we are witnessing a massive wave of humanity pursuing lies and the "church" is NOT immune. The days of purification have arrived and they will be painful. May God be praised!

The Age of Rebellion.

Do Not Think It Cannot Be Found Among "Your" People.
Do Not Think It Cannot Be Found Among "Your" People. | Source

The Enemy Is Within Our Own "Hallowed" Halls.

A diligent search is NOT required to witness the wicked rebellion being displayed on every form of media available to the public, whether in print, televised or social. Beginning on January 20th of this year, the middle ground has almost disappeared but that actually is a blessing. We know that God does not care for the "fence sitters" or as Revelation puts it: the lukewarm, which aptly describes the America religious scene for the last 50 or so years. How can I call this a blessing? Think about it - you have been attending your assembly for a long time and never stopped to think that there are persons with whom you have been "rubbing elbows" in "sacred" fellowship and yet are closet enemies of the Cross. The ENEMY is being sifted out of their camouflage and are beginning to make themselves known for what they really are: deceived deceivers. We need to know who is foe as well as friend.

Galileo Discoveries Were Not Received Well by the Church.

What goes around comes around and the churches have learned nothing.
What goes around comes around and the churches have learned nothing. | Source

A Small Skirmish - Reveals Something Much Deeper.

Unfortunately, the following will not endear me to a certain cadre within a fellowship of which I once was a part, but it is the Truth that has surfaced that needs to be addressed for the betterment of us all.

What seems as great grounds for cultivating the minds of young Christians for the future of the Church has instead produced those who more concerned with the social and political aspects of our degenerating society. They are those who seek sound bites of scripture to give credence to their new found adult outlook on life and have hidden themselves within the generation of millennials: self-seeking know-it-alls who have no respect for those who may disagree with their world view. Case in point:

I use social media to keep a pulse on what Christians are propagating as research for future articles I may write. Recently I came across some young men, mostly PKs but including a young man I know that is currently a youth pastor at another assembly: they were taking a stand and siding with those looking forward to the certain impeachment of our new president. I took umbrage at their lack of scriptural basis and unfortunately I quoted the Word. A small firestorm ensued and a good deal of disrespect on their part towards me. I was not contesting their point but what I was addressing was their not keeping a solid scriptural base of a true Christian's responsibility toward a God ordained power: the real separation of Church and state. The real outcome was they did not believe in a sovereign God but that it is man by his free-will determines the final outcome: this in turn gives them license to interpret scripture as they see fit. This is a very dangerous position to find oneself in as stated in 2nd Peter - "...NO scripture is of any private interpretation." The following anecdote will illustrate the danger in being a sound bite religious person and I will follow with an explanation of the misuse of a single verse of scripture to support a LIE.

Don't look to Jesus to excuse your sin.

 A millennial believers response????
A millennial believers response???? | Source

Matthew 19:21 - A Question of Wealth.

His reaction is no different from the many that attend today's churches.
His reaction is no different from the many that attend today's churches. | Source

The Anecdote.

Once there was a young man who tried to order his life via horoscopes, astrology, the 8 ball, the Ouija board and tarot cards. One day a friend gave him a New Testament and told him that all of life's questions are clearly answered within. He thanked his friend, took the Testament and headed home to try it out. He flipped open the Testament to the first book and stuck his finger on a random passage: Matthew 19:21 - Now let's see what this has to say...if you want to be perfect..oh I do, I do...sell everything...whoa,whoa...give it away...and follow...this is not going to happen. That did not go well but I think I will give it another chance. Let me check another book. He opened Luke and stuck his finger on chapter 10 verse 37. He began again, lets see - He who showed him mercy - mercy sounds good - go and do; what is this? These are not the answers I want, I guess I will have to be more careful when looking for acceptable answers: he thought to himself - my friend must be some kind of sadist or something.

Sadly, this anecdote is fairly spot on with how the world attempts to use the Word of God to justify their sinful and worldly lifestyles, including their politics and relationships. Even worse, this is extremely prevalent within Christian circles and what really troubles me is that many of those practicing this pseudo-Christianity should really know better, and sadly being related to the pastor of the church. Somewhere along the line as per Cool Hand Luke, 'there has been a failure to communicate'. Out of the above little firestorm, a concerned parishioner who was watching from the sidelines asked me if I would explain Matthew 25:35; a verse bandied about by those trying to justify allowing uncontrolled refugee' immigration into America. On to Matthew 25.

Matthew 25:35 - Those Who Minister to Christ's Own.

This verse deals only with those who minister to the saints.
This verse deals only with those who minister to the saints. | Source

Jesus Is Neither Muslim nor Pagan.

The Word of God is alive Hebrews 4:12 but the power does not reside in the paper and ink. The power resides solely in the Holy Spirit who only communes with those who are born-again. Only their lives are impacted by the Word through the simple act of reading words of ink written on paper. Without Him, those words are foolishness and empty gibberish; often used by fools and the wicked to justify sinful and empty behavior. The real problem arises when the supposed believers justify non-biblical behavior(s) by taking a scripture here and there out of context as it suits their perceived need. To the non-believer, being contextual is nearly impossible whereas finding a singular scripture out of context is easy and satisfies easily the dullest of minds. Now Matthew 25:35

  • Context - Jesus has returned for the judgment of the nations; all those who were not killed during His return nor had the mark of the Beast. For these survivors, He had a very simple criteria: what was their treatment of His people Israel and the martyrs.
  • These peoples were divided into two camps: sheep(the righteous) at the right hand and goats(the cursed) at the left hand.
  • Jesus posed the criteria in the first person, as an act towards Him personally: I was hungered, I was thirsty...etc.
  • The sheep had NO idea they had ministered to Jesus personally when they had ministered to Israel or the martyrs during the 70th week of Daniel. Remember, God blesses those who bless His people, Jew or Gentile.
  • The goats were cursed because they did NOTHING for Jesus.

A major problem today is this notion of the 'Brotherhood of Man' and that Jesus "loves" everyone: nothing could be further from the Truth. To attempt to equate anyone outside of being a born-again Christian as finding favor with Jesus is akin to heresy. If a pagan comes to Christ, he is no longer a pagan; if a Muslim comes to Christ, he is no longer a Muslim; this is true for every living being that surrenders to the power of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. It is easy to use any scripture for your selfish purpose as long as no one confronts you directly.

1 Timothy 5:8 - Not what many want to hear.

Do the needs of the church override the needs of your family?
Do the needs of the church override the needs of your family? | Source

The Churches Have Become The Source For Much Of The Confusion!

Do you notice the lack of Bibles being brought by those attending church these days? Who needs a Bible when every scripture the preacher deems you will need will be gloriously displayed on the overhead. Besides, there are so many new versions, how can anyone follow what is being read? The major ministry today in most churches is not the Gospel but focusing on developing the youth for the work of tomorrow, which requires segregating the older believers from the main body. I do not wonder where the lack of respect for the elder's wisdom has gone - to new music and new programs, all of which requires 'modern' thinking.

Another thing I have seen in my 45+ years of teaching, 'pastor's' wives being neglected and PKs (preacher's kids) being either arrogant or unruly or both. The priority of too many of the modern preachers is not healthy; neither to his family nor the church. Priorities learned in today's educational arena focus on the preacher being the all-in-all, for the laity is too untrained for the monumental task facing each graduate. All of this is a lie which is most sincerely believed to be factual. At times I wonder if the preachers first priority is not God but keeping the flock motivated, for it is the source of their income; but this I have seen - their families come last. Not neglected totally but last. I have also noticed that much of the flock also puts the needs of the church before their own families. How does one justify their actions in the light of 1 Timothy 5:8?

The modern era: multitudes of preachers (educated professionals) but biblical pastors, probably better known as teachers, are a much rarer commodity. Many have the ability to teach but few have the Biblical gift of teaching. God centered; Word centered; desiring the hearer to know their Savior always in a more intimate fashion; seeking to encourage and exhort to holiness; esteeming others before self but with courage to confront heresy; knowing that they shall be judged by a much stricter measure so then handling the Word as if their lives depended upon it.

As Pogo once stated - "We have met the enemy and it is us.


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