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The Prophet Mohammed: an excellent character: in my dream

Updated on December 4, 2012

The Prophet Mohammed


The Prophet Mohammed

The Prophet Mohammad: an Excellent Character: in my dream

As-Salamu Alaykum

I was taken up

in a dream

last night,

in a trance that can be

likened unto

a vision.

I saw the Prophet Mohammed

riding upon

a grand Moroccan

Arabian stallion,

riding toward the East

then riding toward the West,

riding across the deserts of Africa,

riding across the waters

of the Atlantic,

riding across the waters

of the Pacific.

His stallion was running

full speed ahead, and then some,

moving at

super-natural speeds,


his stallion was not breathless

but full of breath,

and full of life and glory,

likewise, was the rider glorified and full of life.

Before seeing him in my dream

I would not have been able

to recognize the Prophet Mohammad.

But the experience of being with him

and to have had him speak to me

in a firm, kind voice,

allowed me

at once

to senses the greatness of his personhood,

or rather,

I was able to

immediately appreciate the “substance,”

that causes this prophet to be

that which he is, that is,

even considering the present state of world affairs,

he is,

“the undisputed “Rock,””

upon which Islam rests.

To reiterate,

he made known to me

who he was,

“in my spirit,”

and I became fully aware of who he was.


I found myself “trancing,”

an act of moving through space and time,

along beside

the Prophet Mohammad

who was riding upon the back of

a great white horse,

and I will repeat myself

in order to be specific,

the horse was

A Moroccan Arabian Stallion.

He said to me,

“go and tell it

to all the world

that all is well.”

Tell the people of the world,

“do not speak


or utter

foul, vain, hateful thoughts,

or ideas,

towards me,

or towards anyone.”

“Nor should men or women,

upon this globe,



or promote hate


Men and women should

study war

no more.

Now is a time for peace.”

Then the Prophet said,

“Write upon the World Wide Web these thoughts.

I demand you,


Do what I have demanded you to do.

“Ask the leaders of this World,

to approach and ask (respectfully)

all the world’s Imams for help,

to more to a position of peace

upon this earth.

Ask the Imams

to ask the people,

to stop the violence,

to stop the killing,

to stop the blood-shed.

Enough is enough!

The position has been made

perfectly clear,

that men should respect me,

and respect Islam,

and have respect

for themselves.””

He uttered a few more things to me

that I will hold fast to

in my heart

as personal communiqué.


likened unto myself,

have gotten themselves into trouble,

or even killed,

for saying too much.

An author’s interpretation of his dream:

I am a scholar, a researcher, a healer, a farmer and a dreamer. I dream many dreams but I seldom reveal them. But this dream was so vivid, and so spiritual, and so real, that I have dared not to publish it. What does it mean? Does it mean what it says? Will people become angered because the timing of the dream does not serve a good purpose.

In the dream (and I feel this way because I was a witness with it) I heard the Prophet Mohammed “sounding out,” verbally, to promote world peace. Most of us in the Western World would not know that the Prophet Mohammed is Peacemaker and that his religion stands as a foundation of Peace in the world.

I was surprised that he advises the world leaders to ask Imams, at the grass-roots level, for help.

He seemed to have given me the impression that world leaders would have too much pride to ask Imams for help. It will not be easy, but the Prophet Mohammed believes that this will work.

I have said enough.

Fi Amaam Allah


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