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The Psychic Closet

Updated on October 9, 2015

For years I always knew I was a little different than others. I was more sensitive and saw things that others could not see. I always felt like I could never share my story with my friends without being criticized or labeled as insane. Each generation is becoming more aware and spirituality awakened. However, although we would like to think everyone is one the same wavelength, that’s just not the case. I remember recently reconnecting with a former co-worker and he explained how he had some health issues, but spiritually he was different. I looked at him and told him just that…I said “You are different and more spiritually connected.” He gave me this puzzled look as if I was speaking some foreign language. I then realized I had to re-word this so he could understand and I explained he looked happier and healthier He thanked me and walked away. I had to keep in mind not everyone is going to understand or agree with spirituality.

Many people will label you and criticize you but how you handle it shows where you are in your growth and development. Often times it’s those closest to us like family or friends who cast the worst judgment and criticism. Here are some reasons why I believe many are not fully accepting of psychics.

  • Skepticism – These are individuals who hear the term “psychic” and automatically assume that there is no such thing. Either they are not open to the concept or they associate it with charlatans or something made up.

  • Insecurity – They may believe in psychics but are afraid of being too open or what might be said.

  • Social Conditioning – These are individuals who follow their religious or personal beliefs, how they were raised to think, or what they see on social media or television. They follow the crowd instead of being accepting of individuality.

  • Negativity – These are individuals who love drama and thrive on negativity. They are so unhappy and closed off from LOVE that they often resort to bullying tactics. They have not yet awakened or it’s ego that causes a negative perception and behavior patterns.

The sad reality is that we often let others criticism affect us in so many ways that even though you may be awakened you retract and hide back in the psychic closet. You feel more comfortable being hidden and avoid the drama that others might bring to you. Here’s some common characteristics of individuals who are still in the psychic closet.

  • You may join a psychic Facebook group under a fake profile or you may use your profile but show a picture of a cartoon rather than of your own face.

  • You will not join or comment on public Facebook groups.

  • You will not discuss your abilities or development with close friends and family.

  • You feel more comfortable just observing instead of engaging.

  • You feel more comfortable posting or participating in a closed or secret Facebook group.

  • No one will knows this part of your life as you have started to keep secrets.

  • You feel judged by family if they’ve found out so you unjoin these psychic communities.

  • You do not publically discuss your opinions on the subject.

I could go on and one but these are just some examples of being in the closet about your spiritual abilities and path. The thing here to know is that you will gravitate towards your spiritual growth at your own pace. Don’t feel judged or pushed but you will know when you are ready. Don’t let your talent and gifts just sit there and become another particle of dust in your closet. Remember you were given this gift for the greater good or for a purpose. Joining the psychic community or making friends/colleagues along the way is a good way to start to come out of your shell slowly. If you have a friend that you know that needs that extra push, be there for them. Be a mentor, teacher, coach, and uplift that person and offer words of encouragement. In our journey of spiritual development you will meet BEAUTIFUL souls who will be your soul family or impact your life in a positive manner. Everyone has had a friend or words of encouragement. Gain that confidence you need and let your light shine. If you have psychic or spiritual abilities here are some things you can do to start your journey of coming out of the psychic closet.

  • Network – Be more open in forums and state your opinions, thoughts, etc.

  • Readings – If you are wanting to read for someone and the group allows it, go forth and trust the info you get.

  • Trade Readings – If you meet another gifted person you feel comfortable with, ask if it’s okay to trade readings. You might be surprised.

  • List – Make a list of your goals and what you want to achieve with your abilities and then cross off each item as you achieve your goal.

  • Affirmations – Remember to make positive daily affirmations about your life and the universe.


  • Positive Thinking – Think positive and let go of any negativity or situations that no longer serve your greater good.

  • Discuss – Check your friends over and if you have someone judging you even if it’s family, it may be time to sit down and discuss your viewpoints. Be honest and open about your beliefs and your journey. You might be surprised that they will actually understand you.

  • Cutting Cords – If your “friends” are still negative and not open minded, you may need to cut spiritual cords and interactions with them. Remember someone who truly LOVES you will be understanding and not judgmental. There’s no judgment in LOVE!

  • Laws of attraction – What we give out into the universe is what we shall receive. If you are thinking negatively about yourself and others you will receive the same type of judgment or vibrations. Think of yourself as a magnet and your thoughts like metal…your vibrations will manifest into reality and attach themselves to you.

I finally have some words for the individuals out there reading this and not really a light worker but more of a bully. Remember this journey we are taking is our journey and not yours. Whatever you are going through it may be time to pause and reflect on your life and make positive changes. What is making you so unhappy? What part of you is damaged and hurting so bad that it needs healing? Think before you speak. Be Kind, Be Understanding, and Be the change!

Lightworkers out there know you are not alone and are loved. It’s okay to finally shut the closet and come into the LOVE and LIGHT. We are all connected and all here and now for a reason. Embrace who you are and never be ashamed. Once you release the fear, only then will you finally feel comfortable in your skin. So let's do some inner cleaning and remove from our closet all those things that hinder us and prevent our happiness. You deserve to be Happy!


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    • Patricia Nicolina profile image

      Marié Patricia Nicolina Murray 2 years ago

      Thank you so much. This is just what I needed to read in this moment. Love&Light