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The Quiet Place Day Three

Updated on March 18, 2011

The Quiet Place Day Three

Read Isaiah 45:9-13

The Exercise

We want you to again sit quietly and revel in the majesty that IS God. When all is silent and the world that you live in is at peace, be it early morning or late at night, take the time to silently worship Him.

Today we want you to listen to the sound of nothing once again. Close your eyes and listen to it. Hopefully you have come to understand that it is best to be alone and in a place where you can focus fully to get to your Quiet Place. Today is a good day to make an effort to think of nothing except this Quiet Place.

Listen to the sound of nothing and now just begin to breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose and mouth and enjoy the time alone you have. You are learning how to calm down. So we want you to do just that. Relax and calm down. In the Quiet Place nothing else matters except your time to get close to God. Take your time there is no hurry.

This is such a great passage of scripture. It is so plain and clear to understand.
In your quiet time think about yourself holding a lump of clay that you molded into a beautiful work of art.

As you begin to marvel at your work and how wonderful it is as it exists, this lump of clay turns around and says to you, "You know I really don't like how you have my legs so long and you know I really could have gone for blue eyes instead of brown. While you are at it can you do something with my fingers? I just know they are too short"

Imagine your surprise as you hear this work of art that you so painstakingly put together complains about who they are!

Now take a moment to think about how you sound when you complain to God about who you are even though He created you in His own image and likeness.
As you saw yourself molding that clay did you not see what you wanted that clay to be? How it was to be formed? How perfect it would be when you were done?

As the small children say, "God don't make no junk".
He does not. Not even you, in your perfect imperfections, He knew what He was creating and molding and developing when you were formed in our mother's womb.

He then gave you a gift called ..."Life". To experience everything that you could possible conceive of to glorify Him.

Yet we find things to complain about that when you really look upon them are small compared to the destiny that He has for you. Let us take time today to reflect on how wonderful we really are. How God took time to put us on His potter's wheel to make us and mold us. He even takes time to mold us and make us over and over if we ask Him and many times He takes us to the potter's wheel when we do not ask.

We say to you today be blessed and give praise for who you are and where you are. Honor God our Creator in all that He did to create you in your beauty and magnificent splendor.
Take a deep breath and live to the fullest the life that you ...have and are continuing to create and live daily.


Lord, forgive me in my selfish thought that you made a mistake when you created me. I know now that You love me and that everything about me is a perfect and wonderful gift made only for me and my experience with you. I give You glory and honor and I proclaim today that I will do my best to only live my life to glorify You. In your son Jesus name. Amen


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