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The Quiet Place Day Two

Updated on March 17, 2011

Day Two The Quiet Place Exercise

For one moment sit quietly and revel in the majesty that IS God. When all is silent and the world that you live in is at peace be it early morning or late at night, take the time to silently worship Him.

Today we want you to listen to the sound of nothing. Close your eyes and listen to it. Hopefully you have come to understand that it is best to be alone and in a place where you can focus fully to get to your Quiet Place.

Listen to the sound of nothing and now just begin to breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose and mouth and enjoy the time alone you have. You are learning how to calm down. So we want you to do just that. Relax and calm down. In the Quiet Place nothing else matters except your time to get close to God. Take your time there is no hurry.

Now let us get to the scripture at handThis scripture was written at a time when persecution was public and very normal for those practicing the teachings of Christ. St. Peter was very clear in his writing to us that we will suffer and be persecuted for our desire to live for the Lord and for what we believe.

We can look at this passage for the day and in today's context we are under persecution, we suffer, we are laughed and scoffed at for our beliefs. However we must look at how blessed we really are!
For a few reasons we live in a time and in... a country where we have freedom of religion! We live in a time where we are not put to death for our commitment to Jesus Christ! Praise God for that.

Now let us dig a little deeper into the scripture so that we may understand.
At first glance you may be thinking "How can this be a wonderful scripture for us to read for the day?" We say because you are to understand that in your expansion and understanding of the word of God you want to know why you suffer. Period.

Life in all of its beauty and growth has the moments of feeling the pain of suffering or persecution. Let's look at that another way so that it is not so hard to grasp because really.....who wants to suffer?

It is not about the suffering, it is life. Because in life are things called bumps, curve balls and bruises that will occur.

You are asking and praying for change, for manifestation of your desires and for those that you love. We are here to tell you that in that focusing on your desires as Christians and focusing on your daily walk, guess what? There is shall we say "growing pains" or "suffering" if you will.Persecution and suffering is NOT to hurt or harm us or slow us down. It is there for us to dig in and use the resources that God gave us and move to the level in your life that you are seeking. It is used to refine you, make you better.
"Oh... wow well I never thought about it like that" Yes we know.

Now that you know that your pain and suffering is really NOT pain and suffering but "growing pains" you can look at what you are facing a bit differently you see.
Because NOW you are not just accepting the pain and suffering and persecution..., you know there is this "class" you must pass to get to the other side.

Here is the joy in that concept of this scripture when you think of it that way. "Class is in session" is a very normal term until you "graduate".
Rejoice in the fact that it will always be like this. Rejoice in the fact that God is there in... all of that and that what you dealing with is really the final exam of the class. No matter what it is.

God our wonderful creator is faithful to see us through if we will only let go. Let go of the fact that we have all of the answers. Sometimes we have to feel our way through. Sometimes we need to know that becoming a Christian does not mean that you will never feel pain, hurt, suffering or persecution for who you are and what you believe. What is the point of it then if there are no growing pains? Would you not remain the same if there was no contrast? (struggle)

Rejoice in the struggle, smile through the struggle, praise Him in the contrast. This too shall pass and guess what? Another class will soon take it's place.

Reflect on that today and feel good knowing this is just a test of the emergency broadcast system and when the beeping is over....class will resume.


Lord, I confess to you that sometimes under pressure I have buckled under to fear, rather than press ahead in faith and trust. Forgive me for being so human. I pray that I might my spiritual eyes might no longer be distracted, but be focused singly upon you. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.


1 Peter 4:12-19


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