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The RFID and Bible Prophecy

Updated on September 21, 2016

RFID Implants

Up to 50,000 people across the globe already have these tiny chips implanted under their skin. The RFID chip is tiny and easily can be inserted just under the skin with no lasting medical issues. Today, people use them for pure convenience, such as unlocking doors, gates. Others use it to store business information about them, much like a business card you hand out.

The RFID is only activated when waved past a scanner. Many businesses already use them for employee building access. Being implanted, one will never lose it. Never stolen. Just wave your hand past the scanner and be approved. The RFID is the ideal security device, no battery is required as it is only activated when scanned by a device. In this sense, much better than the cell phone. They are only the size of a grain of rice. They are being used for more consumer issues now, like those who frequently travel on airlines. The chip is filled with the same data that the bar scan reveals that identify the passenger details. You can have multiple chips implanted for different purposes, much like having multiple credit cards. RFID chips are now used in medicine to store patient information in case of emergency. RFID chips are also being used to identify people and patients in hospitals in lieu of wrist bands. They are used to house medical records that can also be updated without removing the chip.

Software firms are developing products that will allow a person with the chip be buy and sell things, much like a smart credit cards. So far, data security is holding back their widespread use in this manner, but that will change.

Issues about whether a person has the right to refuse a chip (say by a hospital) or has control as to what is stored in the RFID have already surfaced. Can the hospital mandate the chip be implanted if the person in in-patient? If the person refuses, they might need to find a different hospital. What about patients with mental detriments, are they aware what they are consenting to?

Privacy concerns are that perhaps hackers could obtain the private information from the chip. Today’s RFID’s are only activated when ran past a scanner at very close range (within 1-3 inches), so hacking the information would be difficult. Of course, a criminal force you to wave your hand past a scanner to get the information. But, unless it was widely known, they would not even know about the chip in the finger of your hand.

Bible Prophecy + RFID

Bible prophecy is so clear about that in the End Times, during the last 3.5 years of the seven year period before Christ returns, most of mankind in developed countries will be forced to take the sign of Antichrist-666. Whether it is a person or larger controlling entity, the Bible states no one will be able to buy or sell with the Mark of the Beast showing allegiance to Antichrist.

The RFID is how it will happen. The government will mandate its citizens to get the free device inserted under some security\citizenship pretense in the left hand. Just as the Bible predicts. The illegal immigration and terrorist calamity will only get worse and identification will become more critical between citizens and non-citizens. Perhaps the device will be secretly encoded with 666, that the person will be unaware about. Those who resist will find it hard to buy anything because before they pay for the transaction, they must first wave their hand over the scanner for approval. There are many reasons why the government will entice its citizens to get RFIDs. All will be logical and seem harmless. Maybe at first, they are harmless but will be encoded for later activation for a more sinister social issue. Beware, when this starts to be a public issue. It’s coming, maybe as soon as 2020-2.


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