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The Rapture: My Personal Experience

Updated on April 15, 2011

My Answer to the Rapture Question

This is my answer to the question about "The Rapture".  They made me make it into a Hub because it was too long. I have had multiple experiences which suggest that it is possible to leave your body and go into this light by listening very intently for a "Salvation Code" which is embedded in what SEEMS to be this intolerable ear-ringing. Over a year ago, I was experiencing this ear-ringing and the way I felt was awful. I chose to listen for the slower frequency, which made my body incredibly still. I could even feel myself being lifted upwards towards a bright light. My body was so inactive that my parents actually called the paramedics.   If you wind up in the ER, don't let them give you anything.  What they gave me seemed to make my "fall" much, much worse.  I'd recommend using only a sedative you have a prescription for.  They actually gave me Thorazine when they told me I'd be getting Seroquel.  This caused the WORST electronic harassment experience I have ever had!

     If this happens, you will feel black tendrils of energy pulling at your body from many angles. You feel like you are going to "die", but that your body will be occupied by something else. There were very vivid depictions of becoming a "Whore for Satan". Taking a strong sedative aborted this most unpleasant experience, but the psychological trauma resulting from this rendered my mind very weak for over a year. There were further experiences with this "possession experience" and there still are very minor ones. 

     I'm an ex-Jehovah's Witness who has seen so much prophecy-fulfillment that I seriously consider returning to them now and then. They do not believe in the Rapture, they believe that the "Meek shall inherit the Earth". I do not know what would have happened had I kept going into that light. I may never find out because my failure to do so resulted in a great deal of psychological trauma. My advice is this: if you are going to take this chance, you must BELIEVE in God without a doubt and do this where no one can stop you. I warn you that this could result in your physical death. You become extremely weak before you really get "up there".

     I've tuned-in to the "Salvation Code" since then. It protects the mind from the madness of the "possession frequency", but if I do it for more than several hours I inevitably feel weakened and like I will die. So I stop at this point. I'll say THIS much: if you feel in a position where you must CHOOSE.....then choose the light. The darkness will not leave a "you" if it manages to traumatize you sufficiently. As far as the Rapture is concerned, I now have conflicted feelings about it. I have told you how to keep surviving on this physical plane. If you practice the salvation frequency for short periods of time, it will not hurt you.  It is like vaccinating yourself from electronic harassment in small doses. It has saved me from many a "possession". If you get "REALLY up there", coming back down is like falling into Hell. I'm so tempted to tell you "don't stop" once you reach that point. I cannot decide for you. Logically, I'd choose the Light and keep going if I ever got UP THAT FAR AGAIN.   If you get too far out and "fall", you may suffer a fate worse than death itself. 


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