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The Rapture - Part 1 "In the Twinkling of an Eye"

Updated on January 24, 2011
Face in the clouds
Face in the clouds | Source

In The Twinkling of an Eye

"Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.” (Revelation 3:10 MKJV)

It was an especially beautiful morning. The intensely bright sun, low in the morning sky, blasted through the windshield of Brad’s car, as it shot out from behind the clouds . Brad quickly responded, pulling the visor down. He was commuting to the city for work, as he normally did. The road was packed with vehicles moving along at a steady sixty-five miles per hour. He wished he could have spent this perfect day playing golf, but like every perfect day, he had to work. Even on his days off, he put off playing for working from home.

He thought to himself, “I’m doing this for my family.” Brad reasoned to himself that he could make enough money to get ahead. Then during the important childhood years he would have more time spend with his family.

Brad slipping in and out of his day dream, glanced over at the car passing him on the left and realized that it was careening towards him. He quickly looked to the right and noticed a tractor trailer in the right lane. With a crunching thud and a violent jolt, the other car struck Brad’s vehicle. All he could do was to attempt to stay the course in the middle lane to avoid going under the trailer of the truck to his right. Brad quickly glanced over at the car that struck him as it suddenly veered off to the left on to the grassy median. He did not see the driver of the vehicle, as it went down the side of a steep downgrade and rolled over.

Brad quickly apply his brakes and pulled off to the left side of the road onto the median. He threw open his door and began to run to the overturned car. As he ran toward the overturned car, he heard sounds of screeching tires and crunching metal. He looked back to the road noticing and endless river of vehicles crashing all over the road, some out of control and crashing into one another and some driving completely off the road and into ditches and woods and guardrails.

Suddenly, from behind he noticed that a large dump truck was heading right for him. Brad began to run further toward the center of the median. The large truck, barley missing Brad, smashed through the overturned car, flipping it further down into the center of the median where there was a deep culvert. The truck, which also appeared driverless, began to overturn and continued down into the culvert as well.

Brad looked back up towards the road again and began to pan the scene, he saw countless others doing the same. Some people were running from car to car as if in panic. He noticed a middle-aged man running towards him, “are you okay down there?”

“Yeah, I’m alright.” Brad looked down at his right arm and noticed a small cut. Suddenly he began to feel a little pain. “I have to check these vehicles to see if anyone’s injured.” Brad looked back down into the culvert at the mangled car and the dump truck. He began to walk down towards the car.

“I’ll the check the truck”, the man shouted.

Expecting to see a bloody mess, Brad peered inside the vehicle to find that it was empty. He quickly looked back to where the car had gone off the road. He could not see a body in the grass. A short distance behind him, he spotted a bumper in the vicinity where the truck had struck the car . “Where’s the driver?” he thought. He began to walk back to where the bumper was to try and locate the body.

“There’s no one in the tuck! Do you see a body anywhere?”, the middle-aged man shouted.

“No! There isn’t anyone in this vehicle either!” Brad shouted back.

“What the heck is going on here?” The man yelled, throwing his hands up.

A crowd of voices could be heard up on the road yelling and crying. Brad and the middle-aged man began to walk back up to the road. They noticed that some people were yelling at each other, others were comforting each other, and still others were just silent and in shock. Brad again, panned the scene. As he looked up and down both sides of the highway, not a car was moving. It was as if the mechanical world just came to a screeching halt. For miles in each direction, as far as he could see, all the vehicles were motionless.

Brad looked over to the nearest car he could walk to and he noticed an elderly woman sitting in the passenger seat of her car looking ahead. The nose of her car was under the trailer of a large semi-truck. She was disheveled looking. Her tears appeared uncontrollable, leaving black mascara streaks on her cheeks as the tears continued to pour out.

“Ma’am, are you injured? Do you need help?” Brad calmly asked.

She turned to look at him. Her expression was that of a bewildered horror, “Where is Dan? He was here and then he just disappeared.”

Brad replied, “Maybe he’s out here trying to help the injured.”

“No—no that’s not where he is. I saw him disappear. He was driving; I was talking to him--looking at him. He was driving--and then--he just--disappeared.” “Ma’am, he has to be around somewhere. You’ve had a traumatic experience and it can be very confusing. He has to be around here, so just try to remain calm. I’m sure help is on the way.”

Brad began to run to other cars to check for injured people. It was a mess. Too many people were injured; some were dead; most were confused. With all the people running around from vehicle to vehicle, it was impossible to determine who was driving which vehicle. As he ran up to a blue Nissan, he noticed a woman running around her car frantically screaming. There appeared to be no damage to her car.

“Miss, are you okay?” he asked

She screamed out, “My baby! My baby is missing! I need to find my baby! Please help me to find him!” She bent down to look under her car.

Brad looked in the back seat and noticed that the car seat was empty. He then realized that the seat was buckled and there were baby clothes still in the seat. “When did you last see him?”

“He was there. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him in his seat. Then after the accident, I looked back to see if he was okay and he was gone, but his clothes are still there.”

“Do you recall if you hit your head, or blacked out?”

“I didn’t hit my head! He was there and now he’s gone! Please help me find him!” She began running to other nearby vehicles yelling out for people to help her.”

Brad continued looking around under a nearby bus. He looked up again to assess the scene once more. He noticed several people yelling frantically. They appeared to be calling out for their friends, loved ones and children that had disappeared. Several people were missing and he began think about the driverless car that struck his vehicle.

An elderly man approached him, “Are you okay young fellow?” He walked up and sat on the hood of the car that Brad was standing next to.

“I’m fine.” Brad replied. “What is going on here? I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s like the whole world just turned upside down!” Brad pulled out a cell phone from his pocket.

“It won’t work.” All the lines are busy.” The old man explained.

Brad pressed 9-1-1 and hit send. There was a fast busy signal. He tried to call home, to his wife. Again, there was a fast busy. “You’re right. The tower must be overwhelmed because of this accident.”

“This ain’t no accident.” The old man replied, “This is on purpose.” The old man’s expressionless face looked at Brad as if this was no surprise to him”

“What do you mean by that?” Brad looked back at the old man?”

The old man looked down at the ground as if in deep thought, “I thought I would have gone with them, but I guess I was wrong. All this time, I played the game, but never really believed.”

Brad attempted to dial 9-1-1 again, “What are you talking about Mr.? Something crazy is going on here and I’d like to find out what it is!” Again, Brad got a fast busy. He quickly closed the phone.

“Crazy? That’s what I thought about my wife, but my wife was right? She told me that one day this would happen and now she’s gone and I’m the crazy one.” The old man pulled out a fancy looking tobacco pipe from his shirt pocket and began to light it. The scent of the smoke was sweet, but still unpleasant to Brad. “Son, now is a good time to start believing in the Almighty.”

“Mr., now is not a good time to preach to me. I have to help some injured people.”

Brad left the old man sitting on the hood of the car and began running to other vehicles, attempting to comfort and assist the injured and the anxious. The dead were sparse and scattered and the injured, were many. The screams of those who had lost someone were overwhelming and began to pierce his very soul. The weeping and suffering was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He suddenly realized that there were no young children around and that many people were screaming for their missing children. He looked around and again only noticed adults and some teenagers. A nauseating, unsettling feeling began to creep in as thoughts of his family’s safety overwhelmed him. Brad, again, looked down at his watch. His wife was likely at the bus stop by now with his children. In a flight of panic, Brad began to run for his car. Before getting in, he tried to look for an escape route, but he was completely cut off by an endless sea of wrecked and motionless vehicles. Realizing that he was thirty miles from home, his heart began to race and pound.  A foreboding sense of terror set in, as he imagined the possibility of his family injured, missing or worse.


The Harpazo: The Great Snatch

Now let me bring you back to reality for now. The previous story sounds like the plot of a present day science fiction story. It would probably even be an incredible action packed science fiction movie, but this is not science fiction or any fiction for that matter. There is a very strong likelihood that this could be a real future scenario. As strange and far out as this may seem. It is very possible that this is how certain future events may unfold. Shortly afterwards, seven years of unimaginable horror called “The Great Tribulation” or “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”.

So what is happening you ask? What is this far out scenario about? This scenario is what many call “The Rapture”, an event, by which God removes his “Elect” from the Earth because they are not appointed to his wrath. Ultimately, the “Elect” are removed from harm’s way.

As you would expect, the plot thickens, asteroids, giant earthquakes, famines, plagues, war, intense heat from the sun, terrible super-storms, monetary collapse, and yes, all out nuclear war, all foretold in the Bible over 2000 years ago. Let’s begin with this scenario “The Rapture”, because I believe that this will likely occur first, then all the people left behind, will be forced to endure “The Great Tribulation.

*************End of Part 1*****************



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