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The Rapture: The painful cost of God

Updated on March 15, 2016

The burden of lost souls from God will climax as the rapture of His saints leave earth. From that point on, the un-churched will be without the knowledge of the coming reign of the anti-Christ. They will be left behind. Left from the rapture. Left from the understanding of the anti-Christ's terrible cost concerning the afterlife. When rapture hits, everyone loses. Our lost loved ones who failed to receive Christ are left looking up. The lost souls will be left without knowledge. God's pain for His creation being left will be unlike any pain ever faced. The pain of no conception of hell in a lost soul's mind will be a lost eternal.



Rapture is a word not found in God's Word but the actually incident is. Jesus speaks of some being side by side and then one is left and another vanishes. Apostle Paul speaks of a moment, a twinkling of an eye where we will shed mortality and don immortality. Even Enoch who walked with God was not for God took him...

Imagine the God Walkers, the Enoch's whom God must snatch away from the great tribulation. Imagine the darkness which will permeate the world as His Bride is not there with His Spirit to restrain the darkness. Somehow this rapture, this caught up, this snatching away, must happen and in God's timing.


The time is now

If ever there was a day to stand up, to kneel in prayer, it is now. The darkness is back drafting, the hell we as Christians are free from is about to engulf our loved ones. It is about to overcome those who slipped to close to the edge, those who were vomited, those who were ignorant, those who were forgotten.

It isn't an easy thing to speak of, this isn't some three points and a poem. It is a principle that will love us dearly or destroy us. Somehow life has past someone up. Their voice, their cry unheard because of a promise broken to a Faithful Master. Life, real life, calls to us, beckoning the end times, where the shores are left and the deep calls. Hell is real. Yet so is Heaven, and a coming Rapture.

And now, as God rent the veil from top to bottom to live in a broken flesh of a dying soul these last moments must transpire for life to register in Heaven. The four horses are real... they are given the power to traverse these earthen realm. Life exists still. It isn't the end, it isn't the evil seems more rampant, it isn't impossible to find God these days. No God's Word can shift any 'paradigm'. God's Word shall go forth and not return void. It will not shatter under the whimpering enemy. Life will resurrect, be it martyrdom, resiliency to an wrathful satan. Hell will crash against the rock of God's Word. Pity those who are not in the light...

Thoro Harris

A hymn by Thoro Harris

Though we may not know the moment
When our blessèd Lord shall come
To receive us to mansions over there,
Yet we know ’twill not be long before
He takes His loved ones home,
And we’re caught up to meet Him in the air.


We’ll be caught up to meet Him in the air,
We’ll be caught up His blessedness to share;
Very soon He will come
To take His people home
Caught up to meet Him in the air.

There are times when we are called to wade
Through waters deep and wide,
And the sorrows of Christ Himself to share;
We remember He has promised
To be ever at our side,
Till we’re caught up to meet Him in the air.


Then eternal years in glory
With our Savior we will spend;
O we long for that morning bright and fair!
When the days of our sojourning
And our pilgrimage shall end,
We’ll be caught up to meet Him in the air.



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