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The Real and Illusion, our life on this earth!

Updated on March 5, 2017

I am not my body!

The real meaning of "I"

“I” is the most common and frequently used syllable all around the world by all human beings. But many of us are not aware of the real meaning or purport of the word! Yet, everybody use this “I” to denote their body or personality. Each conversation commences invariably with the syllable “I”. When I say “I am”, I affirm myself as an individual with a name that usually follow “I am”. It may be any name given to the babies throughout the world by the parents or priests or preceptors or some other important prominent personalities. In fact, name is a mere label for identification of a particular body! It is essential in the context of the world for leading our life, for education, for employment and for myriads of other needs. In the birth certificates, death certificates, in nativity certificate and community certificate, the name is most essential one for all transactions.

Well, the scriptures state that the common syllable “I” really represents the Self, within each and every being and it is common for the entire creation and cosmos! Yes, this “I” is not limited to living beings alone. It is common for both sentient and insentient things. The Self or “O”, not only pervades the creation and cosmos but it transcends the same. It is immeasurable, limitless and beyond human perception of things. It is the formless self which cannot be cognized by our sense organs, intelligent and intellect. It is beyond the ken of human intellect and none so far has defined it, since it is beyond words and thoughts. It is natural since it is formless. None can imagine or describe it. It has no birth or death and it is the only ever existing principle everywhere all the time. There is no past or future tense which can describe the “I”.

Soul and body!

I am that I am- Holy Bible

This point has been deliberated in the holy Bible as “I am that I am”. We cannot assign any meaning. If we imagine a creation apart from “I”, it is pure fallacy. The nearest example is this. A spider weaves a web or net through its mouth (saliva), and catches its prey. After some period, the same spider absorbs its back in its mouth. The phenomenal creation and cosmos is like the web spun by the spider out of its own saliva! But in this particular case, there is only a formless power which is termed as self for convenience sake. For instance, the sky is formless and immeasurable and hence the space or sky is termed as infinite. At least, the oceans have some form and some boundaries, whereas the sky has no form or boundary! But the sky is also nothing. The nothing contains everything! The sky is really empty space which contains trillions and trillions of stars, many galaxies, dark matter, and asteroids and other unknown things which could be viewed through specialized high power electronic or optical mirror telescopes installed in several places over earth! The signals received in those telescopes are processed through high power high speed computers and the images are seen or photographed through technological gadgets.

The problem of mind!

Science is always like the letter "C"- always has a gap!

We have seen that the “I” is common for all without any name attached to it or form connected with it. This “O” is really the source of all the illusion we witness around us through our sense organs. We consider the sensory inputs as true and real. These inputs are like passing clouds in the sky, the images falling on a pure white screen in the cinema hall and the Self witnesses everything in a nonchalant manner. It seems someone enjoys the pleasures and suffers the grief. In fact, it is the false ‘I’ which is the ego and the sense of ‘mine’ undergoes pleasure and pain through the mind element. The self-remain as a pure witness, unaffected and indifferent to the phenomena called world. This is a complex theory and the mind is incapable of understanding the self. We witness that bodies are born and the same bodies undergo destruction or death invariably after a period, while the self is the constant ever-present witness of the phenomenal world of creation or cosmos. Sages could find out the truths after continuous meditation in deep jungles for thousands of years. They realized that the supreme one is not subject to birth or death or any modification. Finally they understood that the “Self alone IS and all else is imagination of a confused mind! The mind perceives a mirage in the desert through ‘faulty sensory perceptions’. Hence the input of the senses is not reliable. We witness lightening in the sky but hear the thunder later. But both are simultaneous. But the light reaches our eye quickly whereas the sound reaches us a little later! A straight rod immersed in water is seen as bent. It is due to refractory phenomena of water!

Mirage on the road!

The Self is the ultimate goal of human existence!

The science is like the letter “C” whereas spirituality is like the letter “O”, which is full and complete. The knowledge of scientist is not complete. There is always a gap in every scientific invention. When one door opens for the scientist, he finds many numbers of closed doors! Every one of us is attached to their body and they are concerned when the body undergoes pain. Sufferings are felt in the mind due to deep attachment to the body and its comforts. We always want joy and not sorrow. None welcomes sorrow. But, the realized souls are aware that joy and sorrow are natural and we cannot avoid one and accept the other. In fact, it is like the two faces of a coin. When you accept a coin (life), you invariably accept the joys and sorrows associated with it. Even in the phenomenal world, there is night and day, mild weather and harsh weather, illness and wellness which are unavoidable dualities associated with the creation. “Pleasure is the interval between two pains”. If we understood this basic truth, we won’t be unduly concerned with the alternative changes we undergo. Hence welcome sorrows equally since they educate us to maintain our poise. Pleasure will never lead to pleasure but sorrows definitely enable us to appreciate the pleasure that comes after. Hence, nothing is permanent in this world except the ever-present Self! By focusing on such truths, we slowly go near the reality behind the false and one day, every one of us will reach the Self at our own phase and at our own time!

The body is not "I", the Self alone is "I"

Do you know that you are not the body but the self within?

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