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The Reality Of Judgement Day

Updated on June 6, 2016

Have you heard the news? Asks the Koran. The world is going to end. This scenario is also presented in the Bible, and the Mayans of Americas said the world might end in 2012, which is why they even made a Hollywood movie about it. Glaciers are melting, and cli-mate is changing around the world. Forget fights over glaciers, for example, the Siachen glacier that Pakistan and India were once bickering over. The world is really coming to an end, and one of its signs is the boiling of seas. I was intrigued by the idea of Day of Judgement when I- was first taught about it in school. I asked my grandma one day, `When is the Day of Judgement?' She said, 'It is happening right now. Look at starvation in our world.' I insisted, 'This is not the Day of Judgement. When would the mountains fly away?' She replied, 'I'm telling the truth, it is now.' Perhaps she was referring to mountains being nuked away by militaries of the world. Recently, NASA even bombed the moon! Needless to say, another sign of the Day of Judgement is the amount of violence we see in Pakistan and around the world. If my grandma were in this world today, she'd be saying this is also one of the signs of the final hour which is the judgement day. Such wars were fought between nations in the twentieth century too. You've heard about the world wars fought between all so-called developed countries of the world.

So it seems that the signs of the Day of Judgement have been coming for a long time. But there may be much more to come. Did you know, for example, that scientists refer to the Big Crunch as the opposite of Big Bang? It is when the universe is crunched in God's Hand. Wow. I don't even want to think about it. The Day of Judgement is a very long day. On that day, this life on our planet earth would seem as though it lasted only a day or part of a day. It is amazing how relativity of time a scientific theory pro-posed by Albert Einstein, among the greatest minds of the 20'h century can ex-plain how this life would feel as though it happened in a day. When I think of judgement day, I was taught by my teachers to imagine it as a school assembly. We would all gather together on judgement day. Imagine countless human beings and other creation of Allah that we don't .

know about standing in queues waiting for Allah's final judgments or decisions about ourselves. Are we going to paradise or hell? This shall be decided on a day that would feel as though its 50,000 years long. Can you imagine a day that's that long? Stars will fall apart, mountains will move and fly as vapour, and heavens shall burst open. The sun will be extinguished that day. As it is, our sun is a middle-aged star and has to reach closure at some point, perhaps millions of years from now. More importantly, human beings will be raised from their graves on judgement day. They will be given fresh forms to appear before God's judgement seat. The earth will become a level plain. The oceans would have boiled away, and mountains flown apart. A new earth would be created then, and there would be doors in the heaven to fly good souls away from pains of that day. Thankfully, good people would not be exposed to scary things like flying buildings on the last day. In fact, if God decides to send them to paradise, they will go there straight on the last day, to live there for-ever. Paradise is a happy place to reach tostorropitia. by doing good deeds. Hell, on the contrary, is eternal fire for those who were evil in their lifetimes on earth.

On that day, people's skins will be made to speak. Everybody would find out what you did in this lifetime. Your records as books would be read out aloud, and the sentence shall be passed. Imagine having your report card read aloud during school assembly one day when the report contains everything you have done in a lifetime. It could be good or evil, or both. Let's hope I won't be ashamed of myself that day. Whoever is consigned to Hell would burn forever amidst bad people. Good people, on the other hand, would be happy forevermore.Thus, good people may look for-ward to their future lives, like happy endings to ordinary bedtime stories about good people. They must do good deeds in order to feel safe on judgement day. It is a very scary day. All mothers would leave their children be-hind that day. It will be daunting, perhaps even scarier than earthquakes. What's even scarier is the fact that judgement day can happen overnight. Only God knows when it will happen. They say when people experience earthquakes and other natural disasters, it feels like the Day of Judgement. What if it happens now? Oh, how scary!


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