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The Realms

Updated on May 20, 2010

kindred spirits


Part One

She stood once again within the mists, swirling as skirts of grey dancers unseen. She stood bowed, her head lowered and her shoulders drooped.

With the frightening severing of death, she awakened each time to this place, suddenly flooded with all the knowledge of her lives past and the once again failure of the latest one. She had failed once more to meld her soul to the one who walked as her shadow but within his own life.

How many times would she miss against the one or two times she had succeeded but could not retain the connection. Only in that connection and within the knowing of peace and happiness, would she be freed of this burden of the same recycling of meaningful but unsatisfactory lives. She longed for the eternal peace and solace with in the Realms and spared the misery of painful steps through the breathing and aching of losing again and again.

"Each time, you have a purpose, Windsong. Each time, you have left something of value within the world of humankind and it has been bettered for your presence." The Master's voice spoke from within the spiraling mass of neutral vapor. It was a voice comforting and as a parent to a child.

"I know this, Master, but each time, I must bear this human heart and it bleeds, it sorrows, and it hungers. I know no peace, driven only by the need to stop the pain. Will the end for me never come? Will I never find him and leave his life the better for me having been there?" Windsong ask, raising her weary head to stare searchingly into the mists she knew she could not see through.

"When the circle has finally been completed and the gap closed, then you will find what you seek and be allowed to return here for the peace your soul seeks." The Master said.

"Then I must return, Master, I must again see and feel as a human, as a woman, and sing songs that please and aid but my own wanting goes unappeased." Windsong cried out, her sadness deep borne and fathomless.

"It will come, Windsong. The end will come." The Master said again.

"But when, Master, when?" Windsong pleaded.

"When you know love and no longer wish to return here for peace and happiness. For then, you will have found him and together, the two of you will be complete and nothing will be left lacking." The Master answered.

"But when is that time, Master?" Windsong cried out, weariness finding her even within this place of no pain and only harmony.

"When the time has come, you will know, Windsong, but until then, you must keep trying, searching, seeking and singing into the wind. It will time." The Master said and proclaimed.

Part Two

The mists swirled as thickly as ever when Windsong returned once more home to the Realms. The peace and beauty that flowed like strains of violin chords through the mists made her feel welcome and wanted. The time had come to come home.

Her heart was no longer aching and empty from despair, as she was but just a spirit; a soul that had no need of such an organ. She had borne one for all of her lifetimes and would again if she ever chose to go back but as this time had ended, she was once more back under the wing of the Master.

She heard Him speak to her, gently and coaxing, as He said "Again, child, you return. You have found your peace?"

"Yes, Master, I found him, stayed with him and lost him as it was not of his choosing. Yet, in that choosing, did I find my own choice and I found my peace in that choice."

Windsong listened to the distant whispers of voices singing within the mists of the Realms and her being filled with the tranquil music of timeless ease. She raised her voice singing, casting it upon the winds of all Eternity and sang to the music.

The Master then said, "Are you home to stay now, child?"

To which Windsong replied, "Father, may I stay awhile and decide later. I may want to rest awhile but I may also want to return."

The Master simply smiled, as she could feel Him do so, and answered in a soothing voice, "Your choice, Windsong. Always free choice!"

Part Three

The scarlet sunrise rose into Earth's sky and the Realms seemed to rise higher in light. Windsong sat among the singers, now no longer singing but just letting the music flow through her. It felt good to just be quiet for awhile and not have to do anything but enjoy everything. She had always known that the wind had nothing and it also had everything in it. She was a soul who knew that the world was filled with wind and also with water and land and all the colors of the rainbow.

Everyday the Master had ask her if she wanted to go back and every day she had said no. Why go back? It was a world filled with despair and pain but also happiness and love. Yet it hurt to breath, it hurt to think, it hurt to care and it hurt to want. In the Realms, she did not have to want for anything. She had everything.

The truth was a very clear song. Never regret, never be sad and always be happy. But you could not do that if you lived in Life, for humans were made to feel and dream. In the Realms, that was not necessary, but in Life, is was the reality. The reality of Now and Forever.



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    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 7 years ago from Canada

      You certainly have a way with words - what a lovely, gentle read.