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The Religion of Love

Updated on August 7, 2014

We all breathe to live

We all need food to eat, shelter and love to grow into the human beings we are intended to be. The sad truth is that a lot of us got the shaft in one or more of those areas when we were the most innocent, as children. Most likely, raised by those who were withheld the basic fruits of human kindness and the cycle continues, until we stop it...but even if we stop it, it resonates in where we've come. I really trying hard to not let it be a part of where I'm going....where we're going and I don't know quite how I am going to get there, however, this blog is part of the journey.

The Human Journey. The one we are all experiencing together. The path that connects us and yet sometimes we feel so far away from one another. So isolated.

It is why we feel weak as a humanity and so vulnerable as a nation.

I had a dear Yoga friend tell me that I was not breathing, meaning, when I speak, the breath does not fully go into my core. I don't even breathe between sentences. Why? Anxiety. The Grind can be too much, the stress enormous....we are (yet again or still) at any moment in a World where War is War and each moment becomes more precious....what can give us peace?

Rather than seek an answer, I am answering the form a new religion of love.


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