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The Religion of Love: Keep the Faith

Updated on August 11, 2014
The Sky is Smiling
The Sky is Smiling | Source

20 Ways to Keep the Faith

I am a Single Mom who is yet again, living less than paycheck to paycheck. I am the last person who should be starting a Religion, as I am not a Golden Child. I feel like I am constantly going uphill, forever climbing; waiting for the moment when I can rest and feel secure, at peace and content.

I believe in Laws of Attraction and the basic principles of the Universe. Yet, the more I manifest, the more it changes then stays the same.

We are doing everything we possibly can to keep the Faith and it's getting harder everyday....Why?

If we are the land of opportunity and the birthplace of the American Dream....Why is there a very small percentage of the very wealthy and everyone else is struggling? Why are people going crazy and killing each other and themselves? Why are we hungry, homeless, abused, dysfunctional and deteriorating. I usually can see the glass half full, but I'm tired and we need change.

So, here it is. A New Religion...The Religion of Love. Keep the Faith is easy to say and more challenging to do on a day to day basis. What can we do to keep getting up when we're feeling knocked down and picking ourselves up, yet again?

1) Count our Blessings: even when times are tough there is always something to be thankful for.

2) Do something for someone else: Perspective is a good reminder that things may be bad, but it may be worse for another.

3) Visualize the outcome we want.

4) Breathe.

5) If we are feeling negatively about someone or something, surround it with White Light and send it floating away.

6) As long as we are illuminating White Light we may as well put it around ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, our community, our Nation and the World.

7)If feeling stressed or anxious about a situation (repeat 3, 4, & 5), then speak or think All is Well, All is Well, All is Well...until inside it feels like it will be again.

8) Release ourselves from thinking we need to judge ourselves and others. We don't know where another person has come from or where they are going. We all have a purpose.

9) Spend time with a child, they have so much to teach us and they are really good at living in the moment.

10)If we can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

11) Remember complaining feels good at the time, but feels lousy for the person we're unloading on. Venting from time to time is okay, we all need it. Sniveling is just Sniveling in any language.

12) Be direct and as honest with our feelings as we can, respectfully and tactfully.

13) Stop the gossip.

14) Dance, Draw, Sing, Paint...find or revisit our inner creativity.

15) Get outside.

16) Say I'm sorry when we need to, but stop apologizing for ourselves more than needed.

17) Realize, that we are an authentic creation. Each one of us has purpose.

18) Understand. There is only one lifetime, for this lifetime, so we may as well live it to the best of our ability

19) Trust. Trust that our path has meaning.

20)Believe in US. Whether or not there is a Great Creator, we are here, now, together. Doing the best we can.

Keep the Faith like a lucky penny in our pocket or a memento from our past. Keep it close and let it remind us that we are strong.

There is that quote about one drop of water, by itself, seems insignificant; however, it is one part of the power of the ocean and the flow of a river.

We are significant. We do matter. We can move forward in Faith.


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