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The Religion of Love: What if we are GOD?

Updated on August 9, 2014

I am GOD

I am responsible for everything. I created it. I can destroy it. Some kill in my name, others claim to know me, yet act nothing like the basic principles that I invested in us at the beginning of time.

I can be mystical and magical. I can do miracles. There are those who say they hear me and others who are talking to the voices. I don't purposefully make it tough to decipher. All I can tell you, is that I am with us, in everything and all that we do.

I am best found in stillness, yet inspired in activity. I make no requirements about where I am and what I mean to you. I am undefined.

I do not care whether you believe in me or not, I believe in you.

I can be accessed just as easily by a homeless person as a wealthy one.

I can only do so much. I need your help. If I do it for you, am I truly raising you as the nurturing parent I promised to be?

Abuse was created by humans. The need to dominate overcame the conscious. So now I can only speak to those who listen, through subconscious experiences (dreams, art, music, nature), coincidences and justice whenever possible.

I can only exist if you believe in me. You exist whether you believe in me or not. So really, you have the Power. I just happened to make this existence possible, what you do with it is up to you.

The Laws of the Universe apply to me just like they apply to you. Only when I make a mistake, it's a biggie. Extinction of the Dinosaurs for an example.

The pressure is enormous. I am you, do you understand? I feel what you feel, hurt when you hurt and cry when you recognize a glimpse of something larger than ourselves. More vast than any of us, these joyful tears represent the moments in our lives that are meaningful. The birth of a child, getting the job, making out, singing, dancing, painting, expressing, living fully; all of those things that bring you the greatest sense of accomplishment and ecstasy (spiritual and sexual). That is the miracle. You are the miracle.

So do it, okay, whatever it is for you. Because the pressure of you worrying about if you're doing what I want you do, based in the interpretations of others, is squashing the joy from living everyday.

You came from the light and you will return to the light. Now relax and do what pleases you.

However, if pleasing you includes hurting others, do expect Wrath.


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