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The Resurrection of a Bunny?

Updated on February 2, 2017

Yo Whaz up? I'm the Ishtar Easter bunny!

No Other God Before Me

Destroyed & Perish

"My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."

His people perish? What? How can this be? How can the Lord's people perish if they are believers? It is quite simple to understand if you are keeping the first commandment of God. It is a 'no-brainer'. Are you keeping the first commandment or do you just believe that you are?

Could you be in ignorance and you just didn't know that you were breaking the first commandment?

That's okay - don't panic because you have been given the direction to see how serious this is if you have landed on this page. The Lord is of great mercy and he wants nobody to perish, certainly not His believers. He sent you here to read this message and to show you to move away from this ignorance which will keep you from perishing --that is if the message is received.

What is the first commandment of God? Many say that it is to love your neighbor as yourself but that is not the number one commandment.

What is the very first commandment that supersedes and trumps all other commandments?

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Joe cool Bunny
Joe cool Bunny
The Twins
The Twins
The Cookie Thief
The Cookie Thief

What do you mean I can't place my ex's picture up on our bedside table?

The first commandment on the list is the most important one to keep and if you focus on God and keep this first commandment everything else will fall into place. It would be as if you asked God each time a situation arises, "Is this honoring you first Jesus?"

People will perish because they have a lack of knowledge! What is this knowledge that Hosea speaks about? What is this knowledge that they lack which will place them in a boat on Sheet-creek without a paddle?

The knowledge that they lack which will bring them to destruction is not understanding that God is a very jealous God and He will have no other God before him.

On a human level of understanding I will give you this analogy.

You marry into a monogamous relationship with your spouse and they tell you that they love you with all of their heart and you are first and foremost in their life. But instead of he or she honoring you, they place pictures of their ex lovers all around the house-even near your bedside!

You look around and say "What the heck is this? How dare you! I thought that you loved only me? Why are you placing photographs of some other person in our home? How can you even say you love me and why did you even marry me in the first place?" Your spouse says "Don't worry about it--it doesn't mean anything."

What do you mean that it doesn't mean anything? I am ANGRY!


The spouse that you married is now out with all of their ex's each night and they think nothing of you or your feelings in the matter as you sit at home waiting for them to be your 'true' partner.

They tell you that it doesn't matter if they go out with others because they love you first and foremost. You know that it does matter because you don't feel loved or honored by this person you married. They are ignoring how you feel and you most certainly feel dishonored.

How could they ever say that they love you and then choose to go off to be with an ex instead of choosing you? And why do you have to look at all of these photographs of other people inside your own home? Is this really love and commitment that you are feeling from your spouse that you married? They promised to love you first! Now this? What is all of this garbage?

"It is not a big deal! You know how I really feel about you regardless that I am doing these things against you right in your face. It is no big deal. You are my number one and you should know that! "

You possibly may even want to end the marriage due to this because this surely is not loving, honoring and respecting you. Who would want a spouse such as this?

The love of God for us is immense! His love is greater than any love of another human being. Will God eventually divorce us if we do not see that we are actually rejecting God, not loving God nor are we honoring God first? Yes. This is the knowledge of why His people will perish.

God is a very jealous God--point made. You now understand why "Judgment starts at the house of the Lord."

You are saying whaaaa...Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Me gonna perish?

Who Do You Really Worship?

Now I will ask you these question. Do you think that celebrating 'Easter' has anything to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Do you have the knowledge of what that the word 'Easter' really means? I see the church marquees celebrating this 'Easter' day on what is 'supposed' to be The God of Israel's house.

Are you sure that this is not about another god? I can assure you that it is. Do you really believe that Easter is honoring the God of Israel and do you think that God really will not mind? Are you sure about that?

You may want to rethink what you are doing. Could you possibly be in ignorance to what you are doing unawares because somebody lied to you about everything--including the time of our Lord's crucifixion? Probably.

People perish from the lack of knowledge. The wisdom and knowledge is right here in this writing. It is simple to understand and you can open up your Bible and read it for yourself. How was the devil able to dupe so many people to actually believing that Easter is a Holy Day? Well the devil came in 'Light' and past tradition leads back to Rome.

You may want to fill yourself with knowledge so that you may honor the true God of Israel on the true day that He was crucified. If you don't want to know the wisdom and knowledge then by the time you think that He has been placed on the cross...well you will be a few days late and you will miss this awesome day of Our Salvation from the Lord.

It's a Hippity Hoppity Resurrection?

The True Day He Was Crucified

Yeshua was crucified and hung on the cross on WEDNESDAY at 9am to 3pm. His body was taken down before sundown. Why? Because it was a high holy day. The bible clearly states this and the Word of God is true. All men who are selling another story are liars. Look for yourself!

3 days and 3 nights and he AROSE!

Did the writers of the Bible make a mistake on the most important day of Christ? Hardly. This is the most important day of Christ because this was the day that He said "It is finished" and the atonement for our sins were made. Mission complete! Thank God for Jesus!

Wednesday night = 1 night
Thursday day= 1 day
Thursday night= 2nd night
Friday day= 2nd day
Friday night=3 night
Saturday day=3rd day!

So now you can see from the Word of God that He arose from the grave on Saturday! Not Sunday! Sunday is not Sabbath day and it never will be. Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown is Sabbath!

Don't let the wolves eat you! It's the 'End Times! Don't let the devil dupe you! Don't practice Idolatry.

The godess ISHTAR is Easter! Nooooooooooo I won't celebrate another God!

They told me Easter was the Resurrection...They LIED.

Easter Bunny & Easter Eggs will rot and perish

Educate yourself on who you are really serving and worshiping when you honor Easter bunnies and Easter eggs in the "House of God." You will be incredibly shocked by what you are doing in ignorance. Please don't perish believers. Somebody has lied to you. Step away from these traditions. We have a very jealous God.

The name “Easter” has its roots in ancient paganism. Easter is not in the original scripts nor is it in any Bible. There is absolutely no connection whatsoever with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many call it “Resurrection Sunday” rather than “Easter” but there is no such thing as Resurrection Sunday either! It is Resurrection Saturday.

King Nimrod, Queen Easter who is also known as Ishtar. The god Semiramis and Tammuz is the “reincarnated” Nimrod. There is that wicked, nasty dirty Nimrod again! (Genesis 10:10-12). Great perversion from these cities of Nimrod.

Did you already know of this truth and you ignored it or were you completely ignorant of this?

Do you not believe it and refuse to receive the saving knowledge and grace as to not perish? If you were ignorant to these things, please do some private research on your own so that you do not perish from a lack of knowledge. If you choose not to receive God's truth after being given this message and you continue to celebrate a false god and place another God before the God of Israel, saying that it does not matter...I can assure you that it does

Here is a personal prophetic message just for you;

When judgment comes upon the world, the God of Israel will not hear you. He will let your Ishtar God keep you safe. And I will say, "Where is your God now? Your God can not help you" and then you will perish. So with no repentance I will say my 'Adieu' because we will not be seeing each other again. Your boat will have capsized by then but at least you will know why as your boat goes under.

I left a very informative link below which is full of great wisdom! It will give you all of the information that you need to understand truth in simplicity and purity with biblical scripture and history to back it up. I would recommend that you read it and let the seeds of knowledge and wisdom sink in. Your feet will then be immediately placed firmly back on the right path and out of that 'boat on sheet lake without a paddle.' You think that I am joking? I am not. Ponder these things deeply because it is a matter of life and death. God is not playing anymore with people. The Ark door is going to slam and if you are celebrating another god, you will be on the outside, not the inside as you believe.

I hope that this writing has blessed many and that you will receive the wisdom and knowledge that God has surely sent to you to save you from perishing. Happy Ishtar Easter? Do not say this nor even receive such a greeting. No true follower of Christ should ever be celebrating such a thing and now you know why!

Shalom, JG


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  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 22 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    March 24, 2016

    As my husband was waking me up this morning I was having another prophetic glimpse. I had just received a package and the address label said "The Ishtar Club." I was disgusted. I ripped the label off and stuck it out to my husband and said "Look at this! The Ishtar Club!" My husband actually was just waking me up when this happened and my hand was stuck out with nothing in it and I was saying "The Ishtar Club!" Oh my! That was surreal and comical.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 22 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Our Lord was crucified today at 9:00 am this morning and He will be taken down at 3:00 p.m. when He said "It is Finished!" Will He move with a great earthquake as He always does throughout the bible?

    Purim is today! There is a rare 5th blood moon tonight! Exciting things getting ready to take place! We serve an awesome God! He is the Great One!!! Oh yes 322 is Purim in Israel. Amazing prophecy!