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Eight elements of religions. Are social media and reporting media religions

Updated on May 20, 2013

That little shape down below may be a church

Publication or Church

A while ago during the hyped Cruz family breakup The Chief of one of the largest periodical and News publishers spoke up on the subject of Tom Cruz’s faith. So I dubbed him,The Reverend Rupert Murdoch. Make no doubt that Murdoch is not in the faith business but rather the selling newspapers business.

A general knowledge base on Scientology and Murdoch can be found in Wikipedia. A reasonable short primer on “what makes something a religion?” can be found in the list below which I stole from:

A reasonable reading of the Wiki makes clear that opinions addressing Scientology and Murdoch are many and varied. I do not intend to validate either. What we should take interest in, is a respected elder and successful man labeling a group as “evil” or “creepy”. And we probably do not want to label Murdoch’s statements as anything but his opinion which he is entitled to have and express.

(note of interest is that his very tweeted statements almost immediately began an interest in a matter, that his companies will make much money off of reporting) Funny it is that a person or entity can control thoughts but not be held accountable by a government or a congregation.

Some things last forever

Other things just kind of fade a away by non-attendance.
Other things just kind of fade a away by non-attendance. | Source

News and religion?

But take just a moment and look at the 8 basic elements of religion. Aren’t Murdoch’s news organizations verging ever so close to a religion? Where especially; he judges another organization, basically condemning it, warning us to be watchful of it, makes himself to be a supreme power, literally calls us to his place of worship(his publications) , prophesies the future, creates a ritualistic adherence to buying his publications, even gives us idols to worship(money).

Ok, maybe that is taking it too far. But maybe not, if we elevate Scientology to a religious status (although not in Canada and Germany) what is to keep the reverend Murdoch from applying for religious status? Now here is the freaky part, ready Hubbers? Are you a religion? And better yet apply it to Facebook.

Every religion has certain elements. Some of the elements are mentioned below:

1. Belief in Supernatural Powers:

2. Belief in the holy or sacred:

3. System of Rituals:

4. Sinful acts:

5. The method of salvation:

6. Mode of worship:

7. Liturgy and ideology:

8. Place of worship:

Do our habits make us vulnerable to believe in anything

Our compulsion and need to be in a group creates a system where things are deemed sacrosanct and others are sins against the “tribe”. We use a liturgy of commenting or introducing or Keywords and SEO’s. Our beliefs include ideas that cannot be questioned. The salvation is success the place is here. And do not think for a second that internet control is not supernatural, just the algorithms are beyond normal understanding.

Well I guess it is just a mind game. But the qualities of religion are here. Perhaps there is faith here also. Perhaps there is Love and caring from brethren. Seems to me that faith and love are far more important than the 8 above. I think we make the cut.

Oh hell yes you buy what you read and you buy into it as well.

Most people read tabloids. That means you. Most people do not read well tested spiritual books, that means you. When was the last time you read the Koran or Bible or Dharma or went to a spiritual encounter?

But 9 out of ten of you read some media trash in the last two days, and watched a staged reality TV show.

Not me and my family. No way. Nobody calls you on this crap. I do. Fad diets and what celebrities do is important to you not your soul.

God Bless and good night.


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