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The Philosophy Of Christian Identity

Updated on April 1, 2016

Responsibility Awareness

Do You Realize Your Christian Responsibilities?

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Taking the Kingdom of Darkness by Storm

The primary duties of Christians are to demonstrate God's glory by accelerating the establishment of His kingdom on earth. Believers in God must go from territory to territory with authority and might, teaching salvation, encouraging the broken heart ed, empowering the weak, healing the sick and raising the dead. The glory of their divine work represents the knowledge of the truth. Challenges are illusions to them because they know who they are and their purpose for being here. A desire to please God without reservation is what separates them from the make-believers.

Empowered Inwardly

The believers in God must be inwardly empowered to shut down the kingdom of darkness and take dominion over the forces of darkness in their immediate environment, including their home, neighborhood or community. Similarly to the natural police force, the saints of God are ordained to represents a spiritual police force against the demonic activities within an environment. These demonic activities are exposed by the conditions of the environment. For example, an neighborhood could be drug infested, poverty-filled and violent driven. The mission of every believer is to root out these conditions and restore the neighborhood back to a sense of peace and security.

The Holy Spirit Empowerment

The Unseen Realm

The restoration of a community is not done by natural force. This is not possible. Because the neighborhood is controlled by entities of the unseen realm, natural force is powerless to intervene. Instead, the power and authority invested in believers are designed to render the operation of a Satanic kingdom ineffective. This ineffectiveness is due to the defeat of the kingdom of darkness that occurred over two thousand years ago through the crucifixion of Christ. Now every genuine believer is invested with Christ and is aware that the battle of the kingdoms has been already decided. This is the strong confidence of those who acknowledge the kingdom of God within themselves. Such inward treasure is given as evidence that the battle has already been won.

Destroying Demonic Strongholds

A community is restored when the demonic strongholds over that community is driven out of the atmosphere and cast down to the ground. Satanic entities rule the atmosphere of a community and manipulates people, conditions and circumstances to carry out the purpose of darkness. That is to destroy the will and plan of God. The mission of believers in God is to prevent any kind of take over or manipulation by the kingdom of darkness. In the minds of the enlightened believer, all territory is conquered territory, whether it is in a neighborhood, city or nation. Because there is no end to the authority of Christ, there is no end to the authority of the believer. All things belong to them, both on heaven and on earth. This is a gift of the Father.

Power Beyond Imagination

Since genuine believers possesses a power beyond imagination, what must the contemporary church do to live up to this divine image? First, believers must become aware of their true identity as spiritual beings who possess the power of God. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all kings and queens of God. The word king and queen is meant to provoke a sense of pride but to symbolize a great position in the kingdom of God.. According to scripture, in the kingdom of heaven there is no need for pride and favoritism. So the kings and queens of God are those who have allowed the instilling of the Christ within their hearts and consciousness. Christ is the glory of God enthroned in man. When Christ walked the earth, he displayed God's glory wherever he traveled, whether it was feeding the five thousand with a loaf of bread or walking on the surface of a turbulent sea or walking through unopened doors. Nothing was impossible to him.

Weapons of God

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

Tearing Down Demonic strongholds isn't for the faint of heart. Every believer must be empowered with every possible weapon of God's kingdom in order to shut down the kingdom of darkness. "The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom" mightily equips the believers with the wisdom of such weapons.


Glory of God in the Earth

Millions of believers suffer today because of the lack of deep revelation knowledge. The reason the Sons of God know who they are is that they possess an in-dept knowledge of the kingdom of heaven and how it operates. The widespread practice of prosperity teaching has taking priority of the knowledge of the kingdom. The overwhelming emphasis on prosperity teaching redirects the focus on our needs, wants and desires instead of the operations of God's great inward kingdom. Therefore, believers are unable to advance the glory of God in the earth. In order for the glory of God to be revealed in its excellency the mind and heart of believers must be rooted and grounded in the love of God and the kingdom. When such love prevails in the body of Christ, prosperity will appear automatically. However, the continual teaching of the prosperity gospel above the gospel of the kingdom will stand as a blockage to the expression of God's glory in the home, neighborhood and community.

Division in the Body of Christ

Denominational constraints are another demonic stronghold that is preventing the revelation of the Sons of God. As long as the body of Christ is divided by personal preferences for certain truths and the discard of other truths, the kingdom of darkness will advance without measure. God's glory will be revealed in the earth when the saints of God are allowed to partake of the wisdom and knowledge of God without restriction. In many churches, members are warned about listening to the preaching of other pastors or denominations. They may judge the practices of other denomination as that of cults. For example, the Baptist religion may accuse the Pentecostal faith of practicing occult activities, such as speaking in tongue or spiritual dancing. Thereby, instilling in the mind and heart of their members a sense of separation, condemnation and judgment. This outcome is not of God but of Satan. As long as the kingdom of darkness, can destroy the unity of the God's people, it can prevent the revelation of the Sons of God.

Revelation of the Sons of God

A desire to hold on to ourselves is another obstacle to the revelation of the Sons of God. We desire to hold on to various portions of our lives and affairs, whether it is our family, friends, occupation, achievements, talents or intellect. However, the revelation of the Sons of God require a steep price: the replacement of ourselves with the nature of the new creature God has ordained us to be. The beliefs, thoughts, wisdom and knowledge of God's kingdom must rule in our consciousness. We must release all that is dear to our personal lives and refuse to retrieve it again. We must assume that the unlimited glory of God within us is greater than all that we have sacrificed. The Christ within us must become our all in all. Anything short of this desire is to forfeit the privilege of expressing the glory of the Sons of God.


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 

      4 years ago from Jamaica


    • earth angel Susan profile image

      earth angel Susan 

      6 years ago from Central Flordia

      Awesome article and so true. Jesus never promised it would be easy, just worth it!


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