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The Risks of Ghost Hunting-How to Safely Renounce Dark Spirits from Your Home or Investigate the Paranormal

Updated on April 7, 2018
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The Risks of Ghost Hunting-How to Safely Renounce Dark Spirits from Your Home or Investigate the Paranormal
The Risks of Ghost Hunting-How to Safely Renounce Dark Spirits from Your Home or Investigate the Paranormal | Source

Stay Clear of Dangerous Contact Methods

Possible risks of contacting the dead through psychics, spiritual mediums, pendulums, dowsing rods (divining rods) and Ouija board's include:

  • Being deceived with false information
  • Demonic attacks
  • Poltergeist activity and possession

Consulting the spirit with these methods is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire. When you call on the spirits you may open up a doorway for malevolent spirits to come through.

Using logic alone, the pitfalls of asking another being your future can be easily apparent. How would a spirit who appears to be your deceased loved one, spirit guide or angel of light know the future? Are they omniscient? Do they possess time travel apparatus? If they did have a way to observe the future, why would they know all of your future outcomes? Only God alone has complete knowledge of the past, present and future. Yet there are observable outcomes when you contact these spirits. Pendulums sway left and right, or move in a circular motion to indicate a negative or affirmative answer. The Ouija boards planchette moves across the board to spell out letters. Angelic beings described in the bible would not use such a method to contact you as the Bible warns us that communicating with the dead is forbidden.Just as when we warn children not to place their hand on a burning stove, God gives us valuable information to shield of us of disastrous consequences.

Though it is possible the ideomotor effect causes people to move a pendulum subconsciously there have been too many players who witnessed a nefarious spiritual occurrence during it's use. So just who is it that you're making contact with, and what are their motives?

“When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord."

— Deuteronomy 18:9-12

Put Away the Ouija Board

Even more insidious than the pendulum is the Ouija Board. It may seem like fun and games as the product is made by Parker Brothers, yet variations of the spirit board have been around since the mid-1800's. The dangers of the Ouija Board can have significant consequences which last far beyond a session. A gateway can remain open allowing a variety of malevolent spirits open access.

In a post entitled, The REAL Dangers of Ghost Hunting, the author explains that ghost hunters may bring Ouija boards to cemeteries or other haunted locations to make contact with spirits, thinking they are "helping" the situation. Yet the investigator is unaware that the entity is posing as a deceased person, feeding off this energy and taking advantage of any new portals that have been reopened. This intensifies the occurrence of dark force manifestations.

Catholic Cemetery Association, Fort Wayne, IN, 2015
Catholic Cemetery Association, Fort Wayne, IN, 2015 | Source
Avoid using an object such as a Crystal Pendant Pendulum Wand for dowsing, which opens up a gateway to deception from beings.
Avoid using an object such as a Crystal Pendant Pendulum Wand for dowsing, which opens up a gateway to deception from beings. | Source

Stay Clear of Pendulums

When ghost hunting an investigator may hold a crystal or stone on a chain. Crystals are not evil, nor must they be associated primarily with New Age practices. Crystals are a magnificent creation made by God, which has wondrous properties. Newton used a crystal to learn about the spectrum of light. However if you buy a crystal for it's beauty or scientific observations stay clear of "quartz crystal pendulum healing wands", as this is a tool and symbol of divination. It is a pendant with a circle, long hexagon crystal, tipped with a tiny crystal. Non-Christian spiritualists have also reported negative experiences with crystals.

Never Talk to the Dead or Demons

It's not only spiritual mediums who try to speak with the dead, Ghost Hunters often do so. This is because they notice an increase in EMF readings, temperature changes or vocalization. Unfortunately this stirs the bee pot and gives the entity the attention it hopes for. In the powerful article, How to Cast Out Demons, Tom Brown explains how talking with spirits prolongs possession. The only way to remove the demon is to command the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. Only those with a strong faith in Jesus Christ, have the authority to do this.

"But Jesus rebuked him, saying, "Be quiet and come out of him!" And when the demon had thrown him down in the midst of the people, he came out of him without doing him any harm." (-Luke 4:35)

Catholic Cemetery Association, Fort Wayne, IN
Catholic Cemetery Association, Fort Wayne, IN | Source

Studying the Paranormal with Scientific Observation Methods

If you are in a public grave yard it may be permissible to use scientific tools such as an EMF (electromagnetic fields reader) to note changes. However some Christians, like warn to stay clear of ghost investigation completely. Regardless of your decision, the Bible is clear that we should not communicate with the dead or use any form of fallible divination.

There is another field of research involving The Stone Tape Theory. Have you ever heard of a ghost sighting that occurs at the same time each day? Where the action appears to be an event that plays out exactly as it did the previous evening? Some speculate that the spirit is simply a lost soul trapped in time unable to move on. Yet could it be more likely that the event is actually a recording on limestone, quartz, or magnetite which projects onto the atmosphere? A person's emotions may affect the electromagnetic field in such a way to create an imprint on surrounding objects like crystal. It has also been pointed out that limestone may attract live spiritual beings. Paranormal researcher Timothy Yohe wrote about the effects in Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties.

When you sense a place may be haunted how do you handle the situation?

See results

Have the Protection of Jesus Christ When Doing Spiritual Battle

Spiritualists usually state that all one must do to shield themselves is to picture a white shield of light protecting them, seeking out only good spirits. The problem is with the deception that the spirit may convey. No angel who follows Jesus will make contact through any divining method or spirit medium as this is forbidden.

"...for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness." -2 Corinthians: 14-15

However, those in the New Age community are correct in pointing out that negativity and anger attract evil. Negative thoughts and words are as fuel to dark entities, this will naturally supply them with energy.

Some Non-Christians Warn Against Ouija Boards, Pendulums and Channeling

It's not only the Christian community who alert people to avoid such practices. Neil Cooper in his video, Dangers of Ouija Board - Spirit Pendulums & Spirit Automatic Writing, warns of possible dangers. He explains the last thing you want to do is shout to the spirit world, "I'm here"! You could get any sort of spiritual being who seeks to take advantage of you. He explains that the reason the planchette or pendulum moves is because you have given the entity permission to move your arm!

How to Rid Your Home of Ghosts and Close Portals

If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ, consider giving your life to the Lord today. There is authority in the name of Jesus. When the kingdom of God is in your heart, it is difficult for demons to roam the space. We have authority over the enemy because Jesus died for our sins. Contact a pastor in your area or other Bible believing warrior for the kingdom of God to pray with you. You have to fill up your mind with the truth of God on a daily basis. Stay in the spirit of God at all times as you will be tested. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repented of your sins you are ready for the next step. Pray throughout your entire home, room by room. An example prayer would be to say: "In the name of Jesus I pray for the spirits of darkness to leave this room and this household. God please lead them away to their dwelling place. Lord may your perfect protection shield every corner of this home. I pray for your loving holy spirit to fill my heart. I repent of my sins. Clean my heart and lead me to the path of righteousness. Praise you Jesus! Amen."


Ghost Hunters who use scientific methods alone are often successful at locating spiritual activity. Yet you do not need a Ghost Hunter to confirm of a haunting. If you used a pendulum or Ouija board to contact a specific deceased soul, it is more plausible you have contacted a demon or fallen angel. If you feel it's presence you are correct and should immediately address the situation in a way that gets to the root of the problem. When you live your life under the authority of Jesus Christ you have access to real freedom.

© 2015 Rain San Martin


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