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The Road Well-Trodden

Updated on February 7, 2012

The Road Well-Trodden

Tony DeLorger © 2010

From the beginning, my life has been different, or at least from my perspective. Intuition and insight is a double-edged blade, something that one has to accommodate when trying to live life with truth and understanding. Sensitivity on an emotional level can be painful without having some control. Indeed life can be an excruciating experience walking down the street and picking up the internal torments of passers-by.

Humans are complex beings, but most are blissfully unaware of what is happening to them and those around. In learning to cope with life in a state of hypersensitivity it is prudent to allow yourself to be uninvolved with fleeting human chaos. In other words, you have to develop a switch to turn off so the negative feelings don’t overwhelm you. I have never been good with crowds and now choose in my later life to be selective about whom I let into my life.

This can sound sad, or perhaps conceited, but our paths are many and we can only accept what we feel is right. I express myself through the written word and that is my task. The following is a poem that I wrote in 2007. It reiterates my thoughts on our earthly passage. I hope you enjoy it.

The Road

Never look for happiness,

Allow yourself to be found by it.

Happiness can never be a pursuit,

That infers it is the result of something.

Happiness is a decision,

Born of your appreciation for life,

And the gifts of cognizant existence.

Learn to exalt them.

Caught up though we may be,

In the details and the ups and downs of life,

We must not lose sight of our gifts,

The very foundation of love.

Strive, create and succeed, but never outweigh

The value of life with accomplishment.

The journey, the experience is the only importance,

Results alone the end of learning.

Be kind to pilgrims, for they are as you,

On a road, with gifts and experience unknown.

Help when you can, let go when you can’t,

But be thankful for how they touch your life,

Good or bad.

We all have purpose.


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