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The Runes: Ansuz

Updated on July 14, 2015

Ansuz is Odin's Rune. It is a Rune of words, Self consciousness and wisdom. While Fehu, Uruz and Thurisaz before it are Runes which are guided by instinct and primal energy, Ansuz is the first of the Runes guided by mind.

Odin is wise and he is eloquent. Ansuz mirrors these qualities. All Runes are sentient but Ansuz is cognitive. Ansuz is the word that gives shape to ideas. It is the first step in creation. It is not however only rational is inspirational as well. As with the Human mind it is self aware, creative and rational. Ansuz is the Rune of the Skalds. It is eloquence and the passing of knowledge from one person to another.

Odin sacrificed himself for the knowledge of the Runes. Ansuz is symbolic of that communication of knowledge. Odin sacrificed his eye at Mimmir's well to be all knowing. Ansuz represents the sacrifice and wisdom of shamanic ecstasy.

Meaning in Divination

Ansuz in divination many times signifies the receiving of knowledge. It can mean a message or advice. It can mean the message from the Runes themselves. Communication of any kind pertinent to the reading is highlighted by Ansuz. When taken as a bright stave the message Ansuz hearkens is something you should pay close attention to and abide by.

When seen as a murk stave one should beware of advice given or messages received. It could mean that the advice we are given is erroneous or deceitful. We must pay close attention to what is being told to us.

It is also conceivable that Ansuz signifies the need for eloquence;our need to communicate something. The subject of this may be revealed by the surrounding Runes or by the query sought. It may mean that we must state something important or communicate our feelings or opinion on something. It is urging us to initiate, continue or clarify our stance on something.

As communication it is not always necessary that the communication involve us directly. It is possible that Ansuz is telling us that there is someone speaking about us. As a bright stave this is likely to be beneficial to us. Likewise the murk aspect of Ansuz can signify someone who is speaking ill of us.

The Runes surrounding Ansuz may reveal the origin or more details about the communication whatever form it takes.

Finally the ultimate communication of wisdom comes from the Gods. We may need to pay attention to messages from them. These can come in many forms. As Odin's rune Ansuz can signify a message from the AllFather himself. These communications may come as anything from an unsolicited word from a stranger to the shamanic ecstasy of an other world journey.

Uses in magick

Ansuz itself is magick. Magick is the transformation of energy. Words give birth to so much. Ideas are transformed into reality by words first. As many spells are spoken words are integral to performing our magick and our rituals. In this regard Ansuz is a Rune which is an aid to spellwork. It enhances magick by communication. It aids us in stating our magickal intent clearly and beneficially.

Ansuz can be called upon for inspiration, for eloquence and conversely for understanding. It may show us wisdom but, as The Wise One had, so may we be asked to sacrifice for this knowledge.

When performing Magick, and thus calling upon the Gods and/or other beings Ansuz can help us bridge the gap between our worlds and communicate effectively with them.

Ansuz is representative, not only of itself, but of the Runes as a group. It is the mouth, the word. The exchange of thought and ideas that make humans unique in this world. It thus is one of the roots of our ancestry. It is a Rune of great power and apparently simple meaning. However explored closely it is much more complex.


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