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The Runes: Thurisaz

Updated on July 3, 2015


Thurisaz is a powerful Rune of Protection. The third Rune of the 1st Aett, Thurs litterallly mean giant. These beings are powerful and impulsive: pure action without thought. Thurisaz is Thor's Rune. It is both his hammer and the brambles' thorn. Both of these meanings can be both protective and destructive at the same time. The protection Thurisaz gives is powerful it is however mostly unfocused. Just as thorns planted around your house will scratch an intruder they will also scratch you if you are careless. Invoking this type of power must be done with great care lest we sabotage ourselves or others not meant to be swept up in its vortex.

Thurisaz is a very primal Rune. It is a force of nature: mostly uncontrollable when unleashed. It is stubborn courage and a warrior's determination to fulfill his duty. Thor is the Giant Killer. He is an active defender of the people. His action means utter destruction of his enemies. Using this Rune can lead to a "scorched earth" type of result therefore it is important to prepare its course carefully when intending it for protection before doing so. As the thorn it is a defender as well. It is as dangerous to the wielder as to the enemy if the wielder is not careful. The thorn does not discriminate: whomever grabs it will be stabbed. In any aspect this is a Rune to be treated with caution and care. As we shall see its meaning in divination is as indiscriminate as well.

Meaning in Divination.

The powerful protective nature of Thurisaz brings it to mean the same in divination. However it may mean either that the subject of the divination is protected or needs to be protected. The question, circumstance and surrounding Runes should be used to ferret out the true meaning of Thurisaz in the divination.

The inherent impulsiveness of Thurisaz's Giant nature can indicate uncontrollable compulsions, addictions, which can be plaguing the persons involved. As a giant killer Thor controlled these destructive elements with his own untamed but dependable impulsiveness. So the divination can also be indicative of control upon these compulsions.

In any case the meaning of Thurisaz in divination relays a sense of urgency and immediate need for action of one sort or another.

Magickal Use

The power of Thurisaz is very simple in its essence but very very volatile. Great care and planning must accompany the use of this Rune in Magick. While using Thurisaz can produce drastic results it is also true that they may be unpredictable if our intent is not precisely focused. It is best that our goals be simple and specific like "protect me from the man who threatened me yesterday". It is best when there is nothing left to interpretation. It is also critical that we not call upon Thurisaz for trivialities. It's volatile nature will be evident if we ask it to protect us from the mosquitoes at a picnic.

All care provided then Thurisaz is best used in its most primal nature of protector. Drawn upon a battle shield or weapon it is sure to aid in the protection of the wielder. Similarly drawn upon windows and doors or even upon an alarm system it can protect one's home. But be careful not to lock yourself out because it will protect the home against you too!

When entering a hostile situation, imagining many representations of Thurisaz forming the axis of our body , the thorn pointing out can keep anyone with mal intent from approaching unharmed. We will be like a porcupine to anyone trying to approach us so great care here again must be used if we are around friends and loved one to release this magick when not needed.

The immediacy of action inherent in Thurisaz can be used to hasten Magick. As the Rune of pure will it is adept at spurring other Runes to action according to the will imparted to it. It is a Rune quick to act and works better when used immediately when called upon. Long term drawn out spells are less to the liking of this Rune. As the thorn it can be used to inject the magick into a subject. This, as with a physical cure, works best when it is used in healing.

Any way we chose to employ Thor's Rune we have to remember that it is a Rune of action. The action we request of it should be simple, precise and within close reach. Thurisaz is not a Rune prone to delve into intricacies: it is much more effective in the so called " cut and dry" situations. Thurisaz is impulsiveness and unconsciousness and thus should not be used in either an impulsive or unconscious manner the result would be much too haphazard. Thor is the protector of the people of Midgard. His hammer is one of our very best protections when used respectfully and correctly.


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