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The Runes: Uruz

Updated on April 25, 2015


The second Rune of the first Aett, Uruz is a powerful force to contend with. The fundamental, literal meaning of Uruz is aurochs, a type of Oxen once found in the North lands. It is a symbol of power. Shear physical strength and as such it also represents both health and vigor.

My interactions with Uruz, tend to be very blatantly obvious. If Uruz comes to me as a murk stave I can expect at least a paper cut: my health will be at issue. The Uruz Rune feels very primal and explosive to me. It literally is the bull in the china shop. It is an energy that wants to be used, that wants to be allowed to run.

Meaning in Divination

When Uruz shows up in a Rune spread it may mean that health or energy/stamina is an issue. Uruz is strength, physical power and strong influence. Depending on the context and other Runes Uruz can signify a presence or a need for shear strength and endurance.It can show us the way to proceed is by overpowering our obstacles: clearing a path regardless of the roads present. The Aurochs walked wherever it wanted to. Combined with other Runes Uruz shows us the presence or need of strength in the associated Runes.

When a murk stave.It can inform us that the subject in question may need or be lacking in strength, or may be or become ill. When combined with other Runes it can show a lack in power in a certain area represented by the other Runes.

Uruz can refer to less physical traits too. Will power and inner fortitude are representations of the stave on a non- physical level. It can refer to our ability to overcome obstacles by shear strength of will and the power of deep seated raw emotion. When murk it can show stubbornness or a lack of will.

In which ever context it is found Uruz is raw primal power. It can be useful when directed and dangerous when unchecked.

Magickal uses of Uruz.

Uruz lends strength to our magick. It is raw primal energy: the combination of fire and ice; rampaging energy and solid strength. It is wild and difficult to focus though so best applied to magick which is not to pinpoint specific. Uruz can be drawn upon for health and vitality, vigor and endurance. Though it can be combined with other Runes to heal specific maladies it is best used for overall health. Uruz energy can be drawn upon when we need to go that extra mile. When we have to endure. It can help us develop the physical talents which may lie dormant within us.

We can draw Uruz upon our bodies when we want to participate in a race or other contest of physical endurance and strength. We can engrave it, along with Raido and or Ehwaz on the engine of our cars. I suggest thinking about Uruz when taking medicine. I hold the bottle and envision Uruz sinking into each pill to give it the strength to heal me.

Uruz is the proverbial bull in the china shop: not very easily directed. Great care should be taken not to let the power of Uruz run wild because it can and will plow right through anything to get to it's goal. So while Uruz can clear us a path to that which we want , it will send energy directly down that path and anything, good or bad in the way beware.

The Aurochs was a formidable beast. Fearless and powerful that combination in a man can make him the victor or reckless. Too much Uruz energy can lead to taking risks too great for us to survive.

The most common use for Uruz in Magick is to combine it with other Runes to lend power to their Magick. Other Runes are the best way to direct Uruz towards our goal and be relatively assured that it will not run wild. The Runes are the best leash to place of Uruz: only they can direct its energy is such a focused and useful manner.

As long as we are aware that there is nothing delicate about Uruz and we are prepared to handle its wild energy we can have a powerful ally in our Magick.


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