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The Power of a Simple Smile. What is Your Smile Telling the World?

Updated on August 27, 2015

They say that the sexiest curve of a woman is their smile, well I say that a smile is more than a curve, it’s an inspiration, a mark of happiness, a proof of rejoicing, and a sign of victory. Not just for the female population but for males too.

At first sight you might think of a smile as just a natural reaction of our mouth when we are feeling happy, surprised or other positive emotions. Understanding a smile can be quite difficult and sometimes, it is through the eyes that we learn or get a hint about what’s behind a simple smile.

A Smile Can Be an Inspiration

It’s amazing how a small smile can do wonders in one’s life even if it’s just for a moment. Many people struggle on how to inspire others; little do we know that being an inspiration doesn’t require you to have many trophies of being a Good Samaritan, etc. You don’t need to have a perfect life (because there’s no such thing as a perfect life) and you don’t always need to feel inspired to be an inspiration.

To inspire means to motivate and encourage others that even if they’re in the darkest moments of their lives there will always be a reason to rejoice! To inspire is to tell people that they are loved and have all the reason to live, to show them that impossible things to men are actually possible to God, and that they only need to trust. To be an inspiration is to be a messenger of truth and hope.

I have experienced countless times when a mere smile has brightened up my day or served as a humble reminder that you can always find a ray of hope,and that there will always be light shining through darkness.

We have so many things in our possession that we can use to help and build each other up. That's why it is so heartbreaking to see millions of people using it against one another. Those possessions don’t always have to be material ones. Our hands to help, our mouth to say truthful and loving words; our ears to listen, our arms to give hugs. Our feet to be with someone in need, our eyes to look at someone with love and care; and our smile to bring inspiration are only the few things that we can share to one another.

So go ahead, don’t be afraid to SMILE

A smile is like a small spark that can light up unlit lights. How precious it is to see smiling faces! So go ahead, don’t be afraid to SMILE

A Mark of Happiness and a Proof of Rejoicing

A smile is a mark of happiness but that doesn’t always mean that that happiness is a result of a happy moment or a positive situation. Sometimes the world gives you all the reason not to be happy. But when you know and believe that there is a God who is in control over everything, though you can never understand everything He do and allows, you will be guarded by the truth that those who trust in Him will always have all the reasons to be happy. And one way to show it to the world is to smile. Shallow happiness, which is dependent upon your situation and even on your emotions, is what makes happiness a seasonal status of the heart.

To be happy is a choice; therefore our happiness will always be dependent on what choice we make.

Rejoicing is a deeper sense of happiness, rejoicing means you will rejoice not because of reasons not to but because of reasons to! Sure there are billions of reasons why you shouldn’t be happy and rejoice but there are an even more reasons why you should! And most of those reasons came from God himself! ---- What an assurance!

Have the True Mark of Happiness and Rejoice in the Truth!

Remember that if we will always let people, things, emotions and even our circumstances decide our happiness then we will never be at peace. We will always strive all the harder to find happiness and do whatever it takes to keep it. When all we need to do is stop counting the reasons to not be happy and start focusing on the reasons why we should! One reason is that there is a God and that there will always be hope in Him!

Unless we understand the Truth and believe it then we will sorrowfully wonder in the muddy waters of lies and deception. We can never rejoice in the lie, because that will always lead us to sorrow and distress, even if it does give us a moment of happiness it will sooner or later dissolve and will brings us back again to our endless hunt for happiness.


I Smile! You Smile! Let's Smile! =0)

A friendly reminder :">

A friendly reminder :"
A friendly reminder :"

Did you know the beauty of a smile before reading this? or has this given you a new and better perspective?

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    • sujinmikee profile image

      Sujin Mikee 4 years ago from Philippines

      thank you so much MsDora! Glory to God =0)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Beautiful topic! Beautiful presentation! Voted Up, Useful--and Beautiful!