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Attention: The Sacred Source Within You

Updated on April 1, 2016

How often do you consult the sacred source within you?

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The Peace and Joy of the Kingdom

The Sacred Source within you enables the grace and favor of God to operate everywhere on your behalf. Whatever you need or desire, this source is always available to abundantly provide for you. The Sacred Source originates from the Christ instilled within your heart. He is available at all times to fulfill your personal prayer requests. The question is: are you ready to rely on him above all other forms of natural reliance’s, such as family, friends, community and nation? If you are, then the Sacred Source is all you need to live a peaceful and joyful life.

Spiritual Empowerment

The Sacred Source empowers you to display the beauty of God’s kingdom upon the earth. Believers who rely on this source have overcome their worries and fears about life and its affairs. The laugh when things appear to be overwhelming. According to biblical scripture, every believer must rejoice when their faith is tried by appearances.

Why? When a believer reaches the kingdom of God consciousness, all appearances and all that appear to be overwhelming are simply illusions that can vanish at any moment. The kingdom of God consciousness is the inner conviction that you have already received your divine request. However, to obtain kingdom consciousness we must turn to the Sacred Source in continuous prayer, fasting and meditation.

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer increases our dependence upon the Sacred Source and its ability to provide our needs. Fasting subdues all of our emotional and psychological negativity so that the inner Christ can operate unrestrained by human doubt and fear. Meditation cleans our mind, heart and soul, resulting in a peace and joy we cannot comprehend. In order to effectively activate the divine source, the practice of prayer, fasting and meditation may have to be done over a period of one or two days. This is necessary because all the darkness within our consciousness is so great that it will fight to survive and hinder our blessings.

Grace and Favor

The Sacred Source is ever-ready. When family and friends let us down, when our financial foundation falls apart, when hopelessness and despair stand at the door of our heart, the Christ within is there with grace and favor. All is required is that we look to it. Grace and favor does not depend upon money or any human means of provision to deliver us from trouble. These sacred principles are mirrors of God’s kingdom. Our afflictions remain because we are not willing to trust in the sacred source within us. Many Christians succumb to their headaches and pains and blame God. Why is this? The major reasons is that we are so mesmerized by the negative circumstances and conditions that come into our lives that we forget about the supremacy of the sacred source within us. Most all Christians do this at various times along their journey in God. But it is something we must correct if we desire to acquire intimacy with this sacred source.

The Divine Influencer

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

The Book offers a deeper and practical knowledge of the sacred source within believers who desire to powerfully affect the people and environment surrounding them.


Glory of the Kingdom

Believers who trust in the Sacred Source will increase the glory of God's kingdom on earth. Miraculous occurrences become commonplace so that the world can see the glory of God. However, those who trust in the inner Christ don’t seek fame in performing miraculous works. Food, shelter and clothing are sufficient for believers who depend upon this Divine source for their peace and tranquility. Although expensive possessions are always there, those who have discovered the glory of the Sacred Source have no desire to gain the popularity and fame offered by the world. Instead they influence the world by demonstrating love and peace for the common man or woman. The magnitude of this love and peace is beyond measure.

The Divine Treasure Within

There is no limitation to the work and performance of the sacred source within you. All things are possible to those who trust in it. It has equipped you to empower those who are in despair, heal the body of those who are sick, promote the power of God in your community, become invincible to the kingdom of darkness and raise the dead. Such divine treasure meets every need and desire. As I just stated, you don't have to worry about food, clothing and shelter. These necessities will be supplied in abundance. However, we must not neglect the Sacred Source. If we reject it by being non-responsive to its ever present availability, it will neglect us in all our troubles and afflictions.


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