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The Sand Dollar and the Truth it Bears

Updated on May 11, 2012
A live Sandollar
A live Sandollar
Reminds us of the Eucharist.
Reminds us of the Eucharist.
Front side, showing the Christmas poinsettia, Bethlehem star, and five Precious Wounds
Front side, showing the Christmas poinsettia, Bethlehem star, and five Precious Wounds
The Back of the Sandollar showing the Easter Lily
The Back of the Sandollar showing the Easter Lily
The Five Doves and the star they create when pot together!
The Five Doves and the star they create when pot together!
The Story of Love!
The Story of Love!

The Sandollar and the truth is bears

The Sandollar and the Truth is Bears

By Miss Alexandra Clark 5/10/2012

Oh look to the bottom of the sea

And something there is glorious to see,

The royal purplish-passion color

Of this wonderful sand-dollar,

Reminds us of Christ passion on the Cross

This story is found here within the sea moss,

For the five precious wounds of Christ therein lie

His hands, His Feet, His side,

Along with that there is found on the front

The Christmas poinsettia but no less blunt,

For within this flower

Holds a star of great power,

The great star of Bethlehem

That showed the wise to Him,

Now flip it over and look at the back

For there is another great fac*

A full grown white lily

Looking so elegant and daintily

Recalls to mind two things

The great Purity of the King of Kings

And His glorious Resurrection which wipes away all of deaths stings

For when this Sandollar dies it turns pure white

Reflecting the Glorious Divine Light

Which then reminds us that we too will reflect that Light

If we carry our cross aright

The mere shape too resembles the pure white Host

Changed from bread to Christ by the Holy Ghost

Thus it reminds us of our true food, Christ

Who is more than enough to sufficed

We are to be found in this purity

And dwell within this circle of the Holy Trinity

Now to the story there is more

Found even down the very core

When the sandollar is broken

It shows forth a beautiful token,

Five doves delicate and white

Directing us to a greater height

But why five I asked and not three or four?

What was the story to be told at this core?

And then the answer came to me at long last

Something I had thought right past

For at first I thought five for the wounds of our Lord

But there was something more and it drawed me forward

I looked more closely at the doves

And found that there was actually one large dove and four small doves

So then I thought maybe it stood for the four Gospels and the one WORD

but there was something more He had in stored

For only after remembering that these doves are actually used as teeth for the sandollar

That it dawned on me that it was something even smaller,

the five senses; hearing, touching, tasting, seeing and smelling

this was the answer, this is what was so foretelling,

As St. Paul says we are to become Christ down to our very core

So that we live no more,

But Christ liveth in us

The Holy Spirit possesses us,

Down through our very senses

We are formed into Christ and every act of ours blesses,

We are co-crucified, co-buried, and co- resurrected with Him and in Him

Down through every limb,

Yet which of the five is greater, represented by the one big dove

And is that one the most closely related to Love?

From what St. Aquinas and Aristotle say

It is the sense of touch that sets it array,

Contemplate these two examples

One is about one of the Apostles

It wasn’t enough for St. Thomas to hear or see our Lord

He had to touch our Lord

Jesus was not satisfied, nor are we

Unless we touch each other and abide in the Holy Trinity

For in Holy Communion we are brought into this circle of love

By the Dove, who is Love,

Touch embraces love and brings us into a deeper level of intimacy

Aristotle said “We are virtually nothing without touch” no way of intermediacy*

For we are not deceived by touch and are brought into profound unity

“Touch receives the true image (Veronica) of extramental quality

“Sensory organs are the trustworthy instruments through which we ascend to Truth”

Thus looking at this sandollar many truths are found therein and many lessons have been betroth

This is the profound and honest truth!

*Faith Announcing Character

*Coming between two things in time, place, order, character, etc: "an intermediate stage of development".

How do we learn to Love with a pure and true Love?

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    • profile image

      Sandy 4 years ago

      Thank you for helping me remember the the comprison if Christ's life as it was left for us by Christ in the beauty of the sand dollar and it's true meaning and Christ's love for the believers!

    • Richard Kochel profile image

      Richard Kochel 5 years ago

      Great insight, great pictures!