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The Scariest & Most Haunted Roads In America Part One: Clinton Road, Shades of Death Road

Updated on December 6, 2013

Haunted Roads USA Style

Clinton and Shades Of Death Road appear to jump right off the pages of a Steven King horror novel or off the screen of notoriously creepy shit like Jason & Freddie or The Cabin In The Woods. Excuse my mouth (it’s worse than a sailors) but these roads ooze stories of the terrifyingly scary. Mist shrouded lakes with machete wielding psychopaths fit right in, KKK , murder, phantom cars, witches and satanic rituals lead the pack as well. I wouldn’t be caught dead on one of these roads, no pun intended. But decide for yourself. In the meantime, sit back and relax, and enjoy these truly creepy tales of some of the scariest roads in the US.

Clinton Road, NJ, USA.
Clinton Road, NJ, USA. | Source
Phantom Car Lights, Clinton Road
Phantom Car Lights, Clinton Road

Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey

A desolate byway in New Milford, Passaic County, NJ known as Clinton Road may be one of the most haunted roads in the US. It has a long history of local legend and lore that spans decades. A little known tidbit of factual knowledge: this road was a mass murder dumping ground for a psychopathic serial killer. True. I swear and to best of my knowledge he was a mob hit man by the name of Richard Kuklinski, known as “The Ice Man”. He claimed to have killed over 100 people of which one of those bodies was found on Clinton Road. It led to his arrest in 1986.

Which leads me to Dead Man’s curve on Clinton Road and the penny pincher. A tragic ending to a young life leads to tales of a small boy that supposedly haunts the bridge connecting Dead Man’s Curve. The legend states that should you stop on the bridge and throw a penny off the penny will be thrown back at you. People have said they have seen the phantom of the boy in the reflection of the river, standing on the bridge and instead of having one coin thrown back have been pelted with several coins at once.

Delving deeper into the stories surrounding Clinton Road brings you to Cross Castle, a three- story castle-like structure hidden deep in the woods. Only the foundation remains today but none the less it’s most ominous and dark. Apparently it’s a hotbed for paranormal activity, ball lightening, ghosts and all that jaz. KKK meetings are said to be held there even as recently as now, satanic rituals and blood sacrifices (I am assuming animals only if this were to be 100% true but who knows) as well. Perhaps the satanic rituals conjured up the demonic spirits and deformed animals that are said to roam in and around Clinton road? There is an account of the Jersey Devil being sighted in this location as well.

Phantom Cars. Clinton road has them and many people have seen them. One in particular might just have caused an accident or two on Dead Man’s Curve very recently, as recently as 2013. But that curve is deadly all on its own, so I’ll steer clear of it in either instance. It’s not actually a car that is a phantom but the headlights. You’re traveling down a small two lane highway in the dark backwoods of Northern New Jersey. When suddenly out of nowhere, and I do mean nowhere, lights assail the ass end of your car. The lights increase speed until you think someone is about to collide with your bumper and then poof! Boom! Shit disappears! Only to come back again a few seconds later. You speed up, the lights speed up and you are doing 90 MPH hour in a freak out mental zone before you know it. These lights aren’t just merely following you, they are giving chase! Apparently this also occurs on a long stretch of Clinton Road right before you HIT Dead Man's Curve (no pun intended), Ominous! It is actually quite a scary thought considering the cement barrier constructed on Dead Man’s Curve was in fact placed there to prevent speeding vehicles from driving off the road and right into the river. Hence the name DEAD MAN’S CURVE, the key words being DEAD & MAN. Most likely there are quite a few ghosts/spirits hanging around there considering all the accidents that have occurred over the past say, Oh I don’t know, decade or two or ten.

Don't miss the video below. It's superb and gives you first hand accounts of the experiences people have had on Clinton road!

Clinton Road Interviews

Shades of Death Road

Ahh, yes, hmmm, Shades of Death Road. Just the name shouts creepy psychotic ass killers stalk my woods so beware the spawns of Satan or least ye be eaten alive! Ok, my pirate talk is off but it just spewed freely from my mouth so I’m leaving that as is. I digress. Anyway Shades of Death Road is also located in New Jersey near Jenny Jump Park and situated around Ghost Lake (think mist shrouded lakes with machete wielding psychopaths from the opening paragraph). The lake in and of itself is said to be highly active with paranormal activity. It makes Shades of Death Road all that more interesting considering the spirit of the drowning victim from the lake actually haunts the road. I have no idea why but it is most often seen on the side of the road. Additionally the lake is accompanied by a run down, beat to crap, log cabin that is purportedly haunted (think CABIN IN THE WOODS!). Freaky ass glowing eyes have been seen in and around the cabin as well. To stare at them means to DIE or so the legend says.

I'm going out on a limb here and being down right honest, the name of this road
alone freaks me out. Why on earth would any one every name a road Shades of
Death? It just shouts "come drive on me and hope you don't DIE ". Ummm, no thanks. And people live on this road? Whaaaa...? Yeah, apparently the road got it's name from it's southern half, where the adjoining forest with its aged trees provides dark shade from the sun on even the brightest days (Boo, we want excitement, ghost, murders, not trees!). However, Highwaymen or other bandits would supposedly lay in wait for victims in these shadows, then often cut their throats after taking what they had. If caught, the townsfolk would lynch them and leave their bodies hanging from the trees that covered the road. And there you go, Shade's of Death Road is born. There have been reports of shadowy figures on this road seen out of the corner of your eye as you pass the lynching trees. It's prime real estate for ghost hunters!

It seems as though ghosts aren't the only entities parading around Shades of Death Road. Large black cats have been spotted as well. Some say they are shifter hybrids or humans that can transform into beasts. The idea of werecats, as one might call them, isn't as far fetched as it sounds (think Beast of Bray Road, werewolf extraordinaire) . Bear Swamp nearby was known as either Cat Hollow or Cat Swamp, because of packs of vicious and overly large wild cats that lived there who frequently and lethally attacked travelers along the road. Could some still be left roaming around or is it the Lenape Indian shape shifters that inhabited the small cave to the right of Ghost Lake? Either way you won't find me taking a leisurely stroll down that road any time soon. Who knows? If the large predator cats don't get me the phantom truck from hell just might.

Shades Of Death Road History


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    • profile image

      ghor 2 years ago

      freaky one,,is it a true story..?

    • efeyas profile image

      efeyas 3 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      Thank You Kenneth! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear efeyas,

      This hub was terrific. Like I told you in my fan mail to you that THIS type of hub keeps my attention each time I read it. Keep it up.

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      Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

    • efeyas profile image

      efeyas 4 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      Thank you Souvikm16! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is my first hub in quite a while but I love all things paranormal! I will check out your hubs, I'm sure they are great! :D

    • souvikm16 profile image

      Souvik Mukherjee 4 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Awesome hub. Chilling details of some interesting haunted destinations hitherto unknown to people living outside the U.S. Voted up!

      Check out few of my hubs relating to the most haunted places in India. You might love them:)