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The science and secrets to HAPPINESS

Updated on May 14, 2018
Rahul Shanmugam profile image

I am a meditator, a spiritual guide and a healer. I want to share the spiritual secrets and wisdom.

The term 'Happiness', has different meanings to different people and it is the most desired thing on the planet by anyone.
In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

This definition of happiness in psychology just doesn't do any justice to such a most demanded and most desired term, 'Happiness'. I was not at all satisfied by this definition when I too like most people was in search of happiness in my early youth. So I started questioning, starting with my parents, then to my other family members, friends and even close relatives, thinking that elders always have solutions and answers for everything, as I believed this since childhood :
why can't I be happy, joyful and in pleasant state all the time, like I used to be when I was a little mature?
What happened to my state of pleasantness which seemed to be a permanent state before?

Unexpectedly, all of them uttered more or less similar statements like:
It is normal and one cannot be happy all the time !!
Everyone experiences these as they become adult, more mature or grow old !!
No one is immune to suffering !! etc etc.

This made no sense to me at all, because I just couldn't understand how on earth people can accept and justify unhappiness or unpleasantness or even suffering as a part of their life. I had no clue about that, why then people are spending so much of their time and energy on other stuffs in life instead of paying necessary attention to this basic yet ultimate inability of most humans, why then people are after all kinds of unnecessary stuffs in their life instead of fixing this most crucial problem of humans !!

Afterwards, I realized that my belief that I had since childhood was wrong because even elders do not have answers or solutions for everything. I realized these statements of most people are nothing but a philosophy or a belief that most people have created for themselves and others around them and use it to avoid this unpleasant reality.
Like this, when I failed in acquiring answers and solutions for my happiness, I went on seeking wholeheartedly solutions and answers by myself with everything I had, as for me it seemed to be the most important and urgent thing to do.

In my native language Hindi there’s a phrase,

“ khojne pe toh bhagwaan bhi mil jata hai”,

This literally means :

“When one seeks wholeheartedly, even GOD answers or appears”.

And this proved to be true as, I discovered all my answers and solutions, which I was seeking. This is the sole purpose of this article on happiness, to share at least one of the discoveries I made on my journey or through seeking, i.e., secrets or science of happiness.

“LOVE is nothing but a chemical reaction”

We had perhaps heard this phase before in our teenage and guess what? It is scientifically absolutely true. The point is not only love, every human thoughts and emotions whether it is happiness, joy, peace, anger, sadness, fear, depression or anxiety, every emotions generates from within us. Not only these thoughts and emotions, when we look at any object or even a person, the light strikes on them, gets reflected and are received by our retina and the image of that person is formed inside or within us.

The point is, in this way, the experience of everything in the existence is happening within us.

Now if things outside or around us sometimes doesn’t works out the way we want it, then it’s still fine, because it depends on so many factors, but if things within us doesn’t works the way we want it, then isn’t it is a disaster?

If one just understands this much, then he/she will naturally look within instead of looking outside for experiencing life. And the best part is when someone looks within to experience life and finds out the access to that process which is responsible for generating all these emotions, then the entire experience of his/her life will be absolutely in their hands, then naturally one will only choose the best experiences for themselves, that too without any external stimulation, be it happiness, joy, peace or even love.

So after understanding this much, now generally two type of question will arise in mind :
1. One is how to look within? Because with our physical eyes we can only look what is outside of us, we cannot roll our eye balls inward and start scanning everything inside us.

2. How to find the access to that process, which is responsible for generating emotions of happiness and joy?

Now to get answers to these two questions, first we need to understand about ourselves i.e., about a human being.

A human being mainly has three faculties or instruments within, to experience the journey of life :

  1. Physical faculty i.e., The body
  2. Mental faculty i.e., The mind
  3. Spiritual faculty i.e., The life energies or Life force.

I want to represent the rest portion of the article in an absolute proper way, so that readers don’t have to face even minute difficulty in understanding this “science of happiness”. So if I get a good response on this article of mine and at least a few requests, then I will surely disclose the rest portion and continue the article.

© 2018 Rahul Shanmugam


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    • Rahul Shanmugam profile image

      Rahul Shanmugam 12 hours ago from kolkata, India

      Thank you for your response :)

    • profile image

      Ian C Makin 18 hours ago

      I agree on the whole with what is said, except you say that there are 3 ways we experience life (mind Physical body, spirit). I would add emotional and intuitive experience as two further ways we can experience life.

    • Rahul Shanmugam profile image

      Rahul Shanmugam 4 days ago from kolkata, India

      Thank you for your sincere comment. I will disclose the science behind happiness on my next article, as soon as I get a few good responses on this article, so that the science can be reached to maximum people :)

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 days ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A very fine article. How illusive to some. Wait I mean to most everyone. My first wife saw my family of origin stuff and wondered why I was so happy as I was treated second class to my elder siblings.

      Whatever mom and dad did made me happy throughout my life. Nature versus nurture?