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The Scorpio Woman : An Experience

Updated on March 29, 2015

The Scorpio Woman : An Experience

The Scorpio woman is complex,yet she is fascinating and magnetic. She is the sexist and the most mysterious of all,in the twelve zodiac signs. The Scorpio woman is a very intelligent creature. She is always moved by the great tides and events of human experiences. She is always in tune with nature and what life has to offer.

In my 26yrs of life as a Scorpio woman I have come to realize that life as a Scorpio is beautiful and worth living. The Scorpio woman is like a crab,she is very strong outwardly but within, she is very soft and emotional. She is like a volcano in the middle of a sea that is ready to erupt at any moment.

She is one of the most intense human creature. She is very sensitive to everything that happens around her and should never be taken lightly because she is not a helpless creature. She is brilliant, direct,sharp, strong willed and never should taken lightly. She loves to be certain and wants her certainty to remain just so.

The Scorpio Woman And Her Secretive Nature

The Scorpio woman is secretive in nature,her depth of understanding about life is what librates her and also hurts her. To enjoy life and all that it has to offer is beautiful, but as a Scorpio while others enjoy life and what it has to offer,she is likely in the secrecy of her home or work place trying hard and working to overcome the problems she is facing.

Being secretive is a reputation that the Scorpio woman has. As a scorpio woman I know what it means. She guides her secret closely because they are her power house. Her secret gives her an edge over all, with this there are no scandals or misinterpretation of ideas. This does not mean that she cannot be chatty but the truth is that when she chats with someone, she tells them only want she wants them to know without divulging her true feelings.


This unique woman is not only secretive but also possesive. Possessiveness is an attribute she has, she loves being in control. This gives her the feeling of power. Naturally as a Scorpio woman I love power. Being on top is her ultimate goal. She does not accept defeat and cannot be controlled by any. This woman has a mind of her own and cannot be talked into doing what she do not agree with. She is also a very jealous person,she hates it when her man flirts.

The Love Life Of The Scorpio Woman

When a scorpio woman falls in love she gives everything she has got, she gives her spouse an unyielding love and affection. All that she has got, suddenly levitates to the surface, she will go out of her way to provide her partner with every wish and dreams that is within her reach. When a scorpio woman falls in love, she is honestly in love. It is usually inevitable for her not to give to her man so much of herself. The most beautiful thing on earth for a scorpio woman is when she falls in love.

The Scorpio Woman : Her Type Of Man

She could easily fall for a man who is unique, who says what he means and does what he says. A man with a brave and strong heart. He should always stand out in his own terms because a Scorpio woman's heart is not for a feeble minded man. The truth is that a faint heart cannot win the love of a scorpio woman.

It is hard for people to understand her and even harder for her to be loved, for who she really is.

I am a scorpio, I love being a Scorpio and would always remain a Scorpio. That is just who I am ( A Scorpio woman ).


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      chrissy 2 years ago

      so on point!!