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A Case for Believing

Updated on May 20, 2020

Francis Church probably had a greater grasp of reality than the rest of us. The San Francisco editor told young Virginia, "Just because nobody sees Santa Claus, that is no sign there is no Santa Claus ... the most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see ...". Someone else said it this way, "You're not a realist, unless you believe in miracles!"

So we tell our children the instant they stop believing, Santa will not come to visit. In other words, the true gift of Christmas isn't receiving, it's believing you will receive. And it does ring true for most of life. The only way we ever achieve things is to believe they can be achieved to begin with. In a nutshell, we evolve to the extent of our own hearts and imaginations. Put a man on the moon - sure! The concept was realized only after the belief in the idea was first born, then executed. Now imagine believing in equality, peace, love, healing. John Lennon had the right idea.

The moment we stop believing, things of worth just seem to disappear like Santa Claus. We give up or give in to apathy. We allow the shadow of despair to cast a long dark shadow over hope and belief. Action turns to inaction.


The true gift of Christmas is belief. In turn, the true gift of belief is miracles.

Can Belief Lead to Miracles?

This is going to sound like a bit of rambling but bear with me.

The human heart is based on electrical impulses. It is one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators and receivers known to mankind. It is a highly evolved muscle/organ with the added ability to perceive and communicate. Sadly, chemistry often ignores the electromagnetic properties in human physiology, but physics does not. Physics studies "energy" not matter and herein lies the key to belief. Why? Because matter does move mountains, energy does. The moving molecular bonds in energy makes frequencies, not mass. And those frequencies, which can either be positive or negative, create a frequency of their own if you will. It's why prayer is statistically shown to work. Angels are said to operate at a very high frequency. Negativity is a very low frequency.

One of the saddest things in human history to me, is the crucifixion of Jesus. How dare He perform miracles! But when Jesus healed someone, He never boasted, "I have healed you." He said, "thy faith has made thee whole." Could it be that we have the power to heal ourselves simply by believing?

If you think of the human body as electrical impulses which in turn, create frequencies, then it is not hard to imagine we are all vibrating at different levels. Think of frequencies this way. When sound enters our ears, it creates a vibrational frequency or energy based on what you're listening to. That sound LITERALLY permeates our human bones, tissues and cells. Translated: You are not only what you eat, you are what you listen to. But we are so much more, we are also what we think.

Masuru Emoto wrote a book entitled Messages from Water and the Universe wherein he conducted a series of experiments exploring how water molecules responded to human interaction. Water molecules exposed to negative stimuli reacted negatively and molecules exposed to positive stimuli reacted positively. The molecular structure was physically altered. There is obviously much that quantum mechanics still has to teach us about our own thought processes.

There's more! In an experiment called the double-slit experiment, physicists discovered human thought or observation can affect not just water, but light. Light forced through slits had results that defied logic and physics which led some physicist's to conclude that the human act of observing light had a profound effect on the quantum system on which light is based. Human observation affected how the light reacted in the experiment (see the link below).

Thought can alter water molecules. Observation affects light patterns. Prayers do work. Miracles happen! If these experiments are not a scientific case for the power of belief, then there is no such thing as belief.

What Santa Claus Has in Common with Quantum Physics

Why do we cling so to Santa Claus if he's not real? Are we doing it for our children's sake or for our own? I would contend, just as the San Francisco editor did, that Santa is real. He gives us vision. He allows us to bury our fears and disillusions. He transforms doubts and shortcomings into the miracle of belief. He reminds us what we're fighting for is worth celebrating.

Santa slips serendipitously in and out of our lives again each year, leaving us the greatest gift of all – the power of belief. Real love. Real peace. Real equality. Real truth or beauty or worth. These things are real and there for the taking, or should I say believing. They aren't impossible to us so long as we aspire to attain them.

Don't fondle the meaning of belief like a potter does his clay; instead, press the power of belief against your intentions until it is inseparable from reality. Relish it's meaning even when you lack the courage to act on it. Belief was never meant to be neatly tucked in packages with bows and torn open once a year. Santa Claus is real every second of every day of every month of every year, if not metaphorically, then quantumly. The rest is up to us.

Messages from Water and the Universe
Messages from Water and the Universe
This book changed my life when I realized that "I" had the power to affect how water molecules responded to me. It's a bit physics oriented, but I highly recommend it.

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