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The Seasonal moves of God

Updated on June 9, 2016
Jesus Discussing His Plans
Jesus Discussing His Plans

Why God uses People to speak for Him.

History has shown through time since man has been on earth He walks and talks with those whom He chooses. The first person was Adam then Cain, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and a few others that we know of. But there has also been countless others even up to today. God has not changed nor will He. He will be the same always. Even how He brings things to humankind's attention. It is we who change and not always for the good. This has been a serious cycle in humankind's history. Starting with Adam sinning, then Cain killing his brother Able and so on all the way up to today. God wants us to know His plans and the plans He has for our lives. It is we who shut Him out and ignore Him. However we try He will succeed in His plans with or without our approval. There is no escaping Him or His plans. Jonah tried this as did Jeremiah and a few others. When God has a plan for your life, you can not run from it because it catches up to you and then your there with egg on your face from thinking you could get away with it. God will have His way! He has shown that since He created man and everything else.

Jesus's Submission

Jesus chose to follow God's plans

Even Jesus knew He had to follow God's plans because they would be fulfilled. Jesus had human nature even though He is the Son of God. He had to crucify Himself in order to accomplish God's plans for His life. He felt as we would to want to save our life but He chose the eternal life that has given us eternal life if we would just acknowledge Him and what He has done. Our simple human minds can not fathom this because it is a spiritual nature that understands what must be done. Book knowledge can not gain you spiritual understanding but the spirit can. The bible is useless unless your spirit interprets it for you. Man can not give you what God has for you. He can show you what God has given him and that's all. There is no logic in God's word but there is spiritual understanding that will teach and lead you on your path in life by His plans. As it says in Proverbs 19:21 many are the plans in a mans heart but God ordains his steps. There is no denying who is in control here. There are countless scriptures showing who is in control. Now that Jesus The Christ has accomplished His mission He has all power given unto Him by God and He gives power to those whom follow His plans.

God awakening Prophets.

God has been awakening Prophets (people) through out history who will speak for Him and what He expects from them. God will raise up whom ever He chooses to speak for Him. They are taught by Him on what He expects of them. These Prophets will do as they are told to do. Becoming a Prophet of God is not what anyone wants to become. It carries a high responsibility with it and also loneliness. People do not like Prophets because they speak truth about what God expects of them. Many a Prophet have died through history because the people hated what they had to say and do. God is still the same today as He was then. He still expects people to live a pure and Holy life. Prophets speak corporately not individually. In other words He speaks through His Prophet to Nations and such. God uses Holy Angels to speak individually to a person. God will not allow a Nation to be destroyed because of one person. Nations fall because the whole Nation is wicked. Through history God has always given warnings to a Nation to keep it from being destroyed. And He still does to this today for the Nations that are in sin.

God is Awakening more Prophets to speak to those Nations that have impending destruction coming to them if they do not change their ways. If those Nations do not repent and change their ways destruction is at hand. Many a Nation has and will fall because of not doing as God has spoke. Their impending doom is foretold unless they submit to God and His way. No Nation is exempt from this except those who hearken unto the voice of God and His way.

Healing by Faith

Healing by Faith
Healing by Faith

The rise of Evangelist and God's Ministering Angels

God is raising up an increase of Evangelists with an increase of His Ministering Angels for a great harvest that we are on the forefront of. Time is drawing close and He wants to harvest as many souls that He can. Evangelists are also corporate Gospel preaching entities. They reach millions, not just 1000's. The harvest is so ready right now and must be harvested so as not to spoil. These Evangelists speak the spoken word of God from God Himself, not from what man has taught so as to reap a ready harvest. These Evangelists will have miracles, signs and wonders follow them on their journey of harvesting. They will work with local Ministries to make sure the harvest is kept safe from vandals. Many will receive sight, the lame will walk, the sick will be healed, the dead will rise and many will see the hand of God moving across the Nations. God's Ministering Angels are the ones who will release God's power for this working with the Evangelists to gather the harvest and ensure the purpose of God's plan to save all possible. Angels may or may not be seen but they are there making sure the harvest is great. Those who have said God is not real will have their eyes opened to see that He is and He still works miracles, signs and wonders to today and beyond. Many will know the truth and believe and some will not but the move of God will continue on until Jesus The Christ's return. These Evangelists are simple, humble people knowing only to fulfill God's great command. Nothing will stop or deter these Evangelists that are commissioned by God. They will succeed in what God has for them to fulfill. Many will rise up against them but will fail because they are fighting God not man.

God's real miracle crusades

Salvation is through Jesus The Christ

Salvation is through Jesus The Christ and no other. Jesus The Christ died for the world's salvation that all may be saved. That is corporate salvation. He spoke to multitudes of His Kingdom so that they would know He is the Son of God and man who is in heaven at God's right hand side waiting His return to claim His own. Those who say their religion or denomination is the only way will have their eyes opened to the truth that Jesus The Christ will choose who ever He wills not by mans will or religion. When we are saved By Jesus The Christ we are all one in Spirit and one in body. We each are a part of that body and Spirit making it complete. Jesus The Christ told us not to judge or condemn but to hold out loving arms with compassion and hope to those whom He chooses. It is not for us to say who is and who is not but to just do as He commands. He will take care of the rest. He says this time and time again. He is the one who planted the seeds that the Holy Spirit watered so we would have a harvest to gather. It is not up to us who is gathered. Any other way is of Satan who is out to keep us from harvesting what Jesus The Christ planted.

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    • txthorn profile image

      Wayne Carlisle 18 months ago from Manhattan

      Yes TeamSTM it will be the largest. Yet He is moving again in a great way. Now is that time.

    • TeamSTM profile image

      TeamSTM 18 months ago

      Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! None can come to the Father but by Him and Jesus will be here soon to get His Bride! Which is indeed a very Large Seasonal move of God!!