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The Second Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Not His Third

Updated on November 9, 2014
The Ransom has been Paid and the truth has been revealed the little god of our Earth has been dethroned.
The Ransom has been Paid and the truth has been revealed the little god of our Earth has been dethroned. | Source

The Second Coming Of Christ Our Lord Jesus

Here are the Truths that I have come to know and believe as of today's date 11/8/2014 About this Second Coming and Not HIS Third

We do know or are able to know the day and the date that Christ shall return again for the second and not the third time. We do not now this minute know of the hour or the month or the day of the week and/or in what year this shall be today. But we do know that we are in the Season of the end times or the “Apocalypse”.

How ? We know because the LORD has told us when HE shall return. The day and the date and about the hour of HIS return it is revealed to us three and a half days in advance. It is revealed by the falling of the Two Witnesses.

When this day comes to pass the Date of the Lord Jesus Christ is set in Stone. The Day of The Lord is Now Known. You will have been given your final calling at this Event (the death of the Two Witnesses). The Death of the Two Witnesses who were killed by the anti-Christ or by his command. They will leave these Two Lying in the Streets for all the world to see. And Most of the world will rejoice at their deaths.

I am sorry if this is a little confusing for some of you. I know many have not heard it explained in this way or ordering but it is the truth as I have come to know It and this is how I must share It.

Don't Wait On Or Look for Any Rapture It Won't Be Our Lord Doing It!

There is no Rapture by the true Lord Jesus Christ until after the Great White Throne of Judgment. This event is the Wedding of the Bride and Groom / Between Jesus and His Church. In my opinion I don't believe Our Lord Jesus will be Back before the seventh Trumpet is sounded, as he has warned us not to.

If there is a Rapture in my opinion it will not be Our Lord Jesus but the anti-Christ who will do this so called Rescue Mission of the so called Bride of Christ. Or the true Church of Christ.

But I do believe that there is a place set aside for her in the wilderness of the desert. A Rapture is nothing more then a great Gathering. So Yes Satan at his return may do this and it will appear that many might have been Raptured but in fact they were captured and imprisoned. Satan is very subtle the change of a single letter the dotting of an i or crossing of a t he will use to his advantage. Captured Raptured Raptured Captured a (C) for a (R) small change but remember little things mean a lot.

  • Many people have not been informed of who they truly are (the fallen children of GOD).

  • Many people do not know that they have been given a second chance to prove their love and loyalty to their true Father.

  • Many People do not Know or Understand the true meaning to being Born again or returning unto their former glory and GOD given bodies.

  • Many people and Believers have been given an untrue Vision of Hell which is what we are all currently experiencing in our day to day Lives here on earth without GOD or Christ Our Lord Jesus or The Comforter. The Separation from any of these three is what GOD calls Hell. And that we all will serve a time in Hell as described above.

  • Many people believe there are many paths that lead to the true Father, our Creator, our GOD and don't accept that there is only One way to be saved. Which is to accept the free gift of Salvation through the belief on and to Jesus Our Christ the Lamb of GOD. Who is GOD in the Flesh as an Avatar unto us in Our world which is Separated from GOD. Through our own free wills we have been tricked or choose to be Free Under Satan's rule until the Crucifixion of Our Fathers Avatar the Lord Jesus Christ The Lamb of GOD.

  • Many people will be called but only a few shall answer their calling. That we believers are also Watchmen and sounders of the alarms or the Signs that reveal the Season that we are currently in.

  • That the dry bones of the Jewish People or the root of our vine will be refreshed because of these Four winds (the First Four angels of the Seventh Seal and Vial). Called to the truth of Jesus Christ as the Lord of Lords and the Alpha and Omega the First and The Last, the living GOD. The Christ Our Lord Jesus the Lamb of GOD.

Well with these bullets to the heads of those who do not wish to know, wish to know, or think that they may know already. I hope to reveal a little bit more about This Topic the second coming of our Lord Jesus The Christ who is the Lamb of GOD.


Anchored to the Cross this is my Company's Logo and Mantra. If you wish to Live an eternal life anchor yourself to the Cross of Jesus Christ
Anchored to the Cross this is my Company's Logo and Mantra. If you wish to Live an eternal life anchor yourself to the Cross of Jesus Christ

The Goats and the Lambs Which Will Suffer?

Now we must make a distinction between believers and Non- believers here in this topic of the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ or The Lord GOD's Sacrificial Lamb.

At the return of the anti-Christ many, many things which Humans have never seen before will be taking place. For we must remember who and what Satan really is. He is the Fallen Lucifer the one GOD choose to instruct and teach the Children of GOD. We must remember that he is a supernatural being unlike ourselves. We must remember he is returned in his GOD given body unlike ours. And that he has the full pattern of GOD's Authority beneath him here on this our planet and our home. Plus we must remember that he has fallen and has been convicted and tried and sentenced.

He most assuredly will not be playing nice at his return. And he will want to get as many Followers of Christ as he can even though he has been ordered not to touch the Elect of GOD or those Sealed with GOD's seal. GOD's Seal is in your Hearts and your Mind an invisible undetectable marking to us humans. But as plain as the nose on our faces to the anti-Christ and the fallen angels or The Sons of GOD.

Satan mimics GOD and Jesus. Why because he wishes to be them. So I believe yes he will mark as many people as possible with some kind of technology Earthly or Heavenly technology that will Identify the Goats (Satan's followers) from the Sheep (GOD's followers). Do not take The anti-Christ's mark known as the Mark of the Beast. Basically you will need to keep your Heart and Mind upon Jesus and the Gift of Salvation which has already been Bought and Paid for in full "It is Finished" You need only accept It and Call upon Jesus unto your Death!

But before we proceed we must get to know the “Word” that was made flesh and whom was with GOD from the beginning. Some will confuse this right from the get go. They have been miss informed as how we are to under stand this Word Our Jesus and GOD's Sacrificial Lamb.

First we must remember that even unto the angels in Heaven that our Father/ their Father is also a GOD to them as He is to us. And that they too had need of an intercessor, an Avatar, or ambassador a go between sort of speak. After “The Fall” (Katabloe) or the War in Heaven. It became necessary for this Avatar.

A Go-Between for them and the true form of their GOD and Creator/ Father. There is only One perfected Being and this is our GOD and their GOD. And Nothing can stand before a Holy GOD that is not also Holy. After the Fall all of Heaven was in Question of It's Holiness.

We also must remember that Our Father is a Creator. And That this is the profession that He has designated for Himself. It is the JOB that makes Him happy and contented. HE is the World's provider, protector, and enforcer. And Its sole Judge and Jury.

We need to remember that everything He does he does for this World and all who are in It. It is His sole desire to have an Order of which reflects Love, Honesty, Harmony, Chasity, Faith, Beauty, and Hope.

Our Father is a Just GOD and Ruler. He has always been so and will forever be so.

I state that this will be Our Christ the Lord Jesus and his second coming strongly and not His third coming for I believe there shall not be a “Rapture for the Lord's Bride” But that she shall be given a place in the desert to be safe as the Anti-Christ (Satan/ the fallen Lucifer) returns and makes war with GOD, His ex Bride Israel, Jesus and His Fiancee' (GOD's Church) and their followers.

We must remember that GOD has divorced Israel because she was unfaithful to HIM. But as Jesus GOD reclaims Her or HIS chosen People. Let us too not Forget that we and the angels are a Lower form of Beings than Our Father GOD our Creator. And That we All of Us are still under Jesus the Word and the Sacrificial Lamb of GOD.

Why Won't We All Be Saved? If It Is What GOD Wants?

I once too believed that everyone would be saved at the end of Time. There was another who also believed this and wondered then what was the purpose of all this that was transpiring here on and in earth.

Nicodemus I believe is the one who questioned our Lord Jesus of this matter. This is were the “being born again statement comes into play”. But Jesus ensures Nicodemus that unless they be born again. That in no wise could they re-enter Heaven or GOD's Glory (the presence of GOD).

What Jesus is expressly confirming to Nicodemus is that the Son's of God that left their first estate or fell with Lucifer who were not re-born of a woman a Human Woman could never return to GOD. Or be allowed in HIS presence in their chosen fallen state. But also this Message is two Fold for neither is any Human form acceptable unto the Lord our GOD. So we too shall again die in this human form and be reborn into a new creature unlike the former one. The fallen one which once we did have a GOD given body. or any we have ever seen or could imagine in our earthly State.

When Jesus tells Nicodemus born of the water He is referring to the fallen son's of GOD being reborn into human forms; as innocent beings free from Satan's rule. Basically you chose to then Died and be free of Satan's authority over you. But you were reborn in a Lower form than before. Remember all souls belong to GOD. You were made lessor so that you could be destroyed and/or die for at your Death you are Instantly return to the Creator for all souls belong to HIM. Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law.

When Jesus is speaking of the Spirit he is speaking of His returning as GOD as an all consuming fire after the Millennium and the Great White Throne of Judgment. GOD is a spirit. And a lie can not stand in HIS presence there fore the human Flesh is striped away leaving only the original spirit body that was ours from the beginning. The eternal body GOD alone designed for us HIS Creations.

We must remember that everything GOD creates has a purpose and is designed for a reason even If it is only because He enjoyed the making of you. The Guardians of the Throne of GOD are the Only ones I have ever heard of that might not have free Will. But if they are anything like the Dogs upon the Earth GOD being Perfect would be their only choice any how or so I believe. And I believe that even these beast have the same Gift we all have of free will. For with out Free will there can be no true Love.

This is why I believe that GOD will allow those who wish to to be separated from HIM forever will allow it. But unfortunately there is no eternal life without GOD. To be separated from GOD completely removed from HIM is a Death sentence. Eat the apple Eve and you will be as GOD your eyes shall be fully opened. Remember Satan is the Father of all Lies and the First Murder and the Destroyer as well he is Death Itself.

The Seals The Vials and The Trumpets Sounded?

The Second Coming is the start to our last Day with Jesus, the Word (The Voice of GOD) In our Human forms. A Thousand years with GOD is as one Day. The Millennium; Note* while in the Millennium we are in our Spiritual Bodies UN judged and still Liable to Die for all flesh the good, the bad, and the ugly are Changed when the seventh Trumpet is sounded. Because Jesus has returned with the Heavenly Host of GOD and every Knee has bow and every tongue has confessed this to be so.

After this the Devil (the fallen Lucifer) is released one final time to see If he can Draw away any other beings from Father's Love and HIS Avatar the Lord Jesus.

Then we shall all be judged and after this the Wedding takes place where GOD reveals HIMSELF to All and we that did remain alive in the flesh until the Millennium are then changed into eternal beings after our Judgment or we are separated from Father Forever and Ever.

But those that have Jesus and accepted the Gift of GOD's Salvation of Grace remain and are now able to co-exist with GOD in HIS true Form. As Adam Walked with GOD in the Garden of Eden so shall we all upon Earth.

Note* That there are those who believe otherwise. They believe that GOD keeps us in Human Forms This is a Miss teaching and an untruth. For we are all turn back to our Heavenly bodies so that GOD may Judge us and from that point forward we shall always remain in these Heavenly Bodies. It is Given to Us all to walk upon this earth Once in Human Form.

Now Let Us understand the coming about of the Second Coming. When is this Second Coming? It is at the seventh sounding of the last Trumpet. The Last Trumpet is the furthest one out. It is when everything comes to a head here on earth when the anti-Christ is ruling. It will take place three and a half days after the Two Witness are killed and have lain in the streets of the city Jerusalem. This bares repeating.

We are in the Season of the End Times and have been since the year 1948. When the Branches of the Fig tree shot forth her leaves [The commencing of the returning of the Twelve Tribes]. These the people who were scatter of the Jewish faith start returning home to a newly restored Israel Nation.

This restoration occurred on May 14th 1948. 66 years ago. I believe this was the Fifth Seal and Vial that was broken and porn out upon the Earth. Now it is believed by some that all of Trumpets and their soundings begin with the Last Seal Broken and Vial Porn but I believe these Trumpets and their sounding begin at the Sixth Seal and Vial broken and porn.

These are the Signs of the Anti-Christ the 6 6 6 every one talks about it is a number of a man or One who appears to be a Man. Human Form God given Body and abilities intact. This pretender of GOD and of Man is actually the Fallen Lucifer. That old dragon, the Devil.

Why is he consider a man? Because he fell and now is stripped of all his Power over that which was given to Him to rule over. Who than turned around and tried to captured from GOD what he already had control of but didn't want to release. The Angels of Heaven mocked him for this and call him what he despises the most a Man a Human.

The Sixth and Seventh Seals are the two Seals that hold the whole World to the statutes of GOD's Plan. The Returning or releasing of Satan from behind the Throne of GOD and then the Returning of Jesus in His spiritual form unto Earth with the Heavenly Host of GOD.

When the Sixth Seal and Vial are porn upon Earth the first of the Three Woes unto Earth are then sounded. If I am understanding the Order correctly. They (The Three Woes) begin with the First of the Seven Trumps of the Seven Trumpets of the Seventh Seal and Vial broken and porn upon the earth.

The Four Winds The First Four Trumpets?

The First Trumpet that is sounded Is I believe sounded as soon as Satan touches his foot back upon the Earth. This is also the first Woe unto earth. And Seven Thousand of Its (earth's inhabitants shall be lost at this very moment.) These Seven Thousand are of the Fallen Angels that were with Lucifer at the Fall.

Also at this first Trump all of Heaven is Locked or sealed until the Last Trumpet sounds which indicates that Satan's Army has been defeated by GOD and Jesus can now start the Millennium and immediately after the Millennium the Great White Throne of Judgment takes place.

From the locking of the Gates of Heaven there is No one in or Out of Heaven until the Seventh Trumpet is sounded. Those who died in the flesh during this time forward will but sleep here on earth or in her until The Day of Judgment. The Lord's Day the Day on which Jesus will call Up the Living from the dead and those that were dead in Christ shall rise first.

Now to clarify the Four angels that hold back the four winds of GOD also have the first four Trumpets. So when I say the first Trumpet I mean the Fifth angel and His Trumpet that has sounded the First Woe, The Sixth Angel and His trumpet that has sounded the Second Woe, and then the Seventh angel and His Trumpet that has sounded the Third Woe.

Now these Four Trumpeting Angels were order by an angel that has the Seal of GOD in his hands to Hold back the Winds that are able to Destroy and Hurt the earth and the Sea (her inhabitants) until all of GOD's Children are sealed 144,000 elected 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel and Judah and an innumerable amount of peoples from every Kindred, Race, Tribe, and Nation that stood before the throne.

Who are these dress in white robes John asks of the Angel and the angel tells him that he knows who they are they are the ones who came out of the great tribulation. Many of these were sealed and will be sealed because of the blowing of these winds.

The rest were sealed by the Two Witnesses and the testimonies of the Election as the were tried by Satan before the world. The First four Trumpeting angels hurt the Earth herself before the Fifth and Sixth and the Seventh Angels sound their Trumpets which are pour out upon Nonbelievers, False Believers and those without the Gospel Armor On.

When Do the Two Witnesses Appear?

The Two Witnesses will appear during the sealing of GOD's Children and will contribute greatly to these numbers that will be sealed.

Now some believe that Satan will be here at least thirty days before these Two Witnesses Start their Witnessing against the anti-Christ (Satan in his GOD given body). and this sounds about right to me also.

It is this anti-Christ that has cause the wrath of GOD to fall upon this our earth and not the children of Earth. Satan in fact has gathered a massive Force of Earthly Children after the first Woe to do battle with GOD. And GOD destroys this Army with HIS Tongue which is as sharp as a two edged sword. It Cuts both ways. The battle is between Satan and GOD All Mighty Himself. The blood of the Battle will reach up unto the Horses neck up unto the Bridle around the Horses neck.. That is how great and quick this battle will be.

After this Battle Satan is place in a bottomless pit for a thousand years or a single day. The length of the Millennium. Then he is released to see if he can draw any others from GOD.

Then we all shall be Judged the great and the small everyone who is hidden away in the depths of Satan's hell, everyone in Paradise on either side of the Gulf, and everyone hidden in the deepest oceans or seas.

Everything that GOD has created that had anything to do with the Fall will be Judged no matter were they are when GOD sits upon the Throne to Judge them they will be present to be Judged. As shall we all be Judged.

After the Judgment the Old Heaven and Earth will again be reformed. They shall pass away not be destroyed but changed as we were changed at our Judgment. Anyone that has not accepted the Gift of Salvation has inadvertently or purposely Spat in GOD's Face and Shall be Forever separated, removed, and wiped clean from the now New Heaven and Earth and their Creator Our Father and Our GOD.

Life is now truly eternal and GOD has fulfilled all of the Promises. We begin again and this time we do it as it was meant to be done. With GOD and as a Family United and Inseparable. Amen!


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