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The Second Coming of Christ: Can you answer?

Updated on October 21, 2014

The Second Coming of Christ

First, I don't mean to insult or attack Christians by putting up this question.

I just begin to think it's time for Christians to be honest to themselves and free their sensibility from the traditional shackle of orthodox.

A blinded faith serves no good even if faith is not reason based.

I think believing something has nothing to do with impeding our judgment. For example, your belief on spirituality and life after death is one thing, your judgment on what is right or wrong is another.

Say, you are a Catholic. You may subscribe to Catholicism but you shouldn't defend the wrong committed by priests because that may jeopardize reputation of your religion.

In this context, I will talk about the second coming of Christ.

The second coming of Christ is in fact Achilles' heel to Christianity. It's because no one on earth seems to answer this question adequately.

In this quest I aim, or hope, to reach some point where our common sense stands corrected and if possible, produces something fruitful and profitable.

As my first article indicated, I questioned whether Christianity is a fake or not. My honest position is there is a possibility that Christianity is found fake in a neutral perspective.

Why hasn't he come yet?

I know a boy of 12 or 13 whose father was a pastor, a friend of mine actually. One day the boy, his father and I were in a car. We were driving to a church where my friend was going to preach.

While my friend is driving, the boy asked a question.

"Dad, why hasn't Christ come yet? Because the Bible says that his coming is imminent, and that's already two thousand years ago."

There was a pause among us. Then I, very indiscrete of me, answered him that we are living in a state of temporality and so on and so forth.

My pastor friend seemed content with whatever I said to him even though I am not completely certain of whether he took my words for an answer.

But I thought about it later, then I came to conclusion that I lied to him in part, because that wasn't an answer he was seeking.

Yes, my answer was how it was taught, but the boy's point is unmistakably clear.

The point was the second coming wasn't fulfilled, then no matter what profound excuses might be available, the promise proves false

Are we honest?

Say, our humanly anticipation has been short sighted and fleshly oriented and its expectation had been egregiously wrong-footed from the beginning.

Say, it's all about spiritual dimension and some higher understanding about the second coming of Christ.

Then it shouldn't be taught among those thick-headed believers so that they could develop a wrong idea of the second coming?

If it's all about Christians' attitude to life and this world, still the teaching cannot escape responsibility for its fraudulent nature.

No excuse will make two thousands year long delay God's grand plan without making fraud an art of persuasion.

That's the point. Or the second coming in dramatic fashion is a bluff to make them living on edge.

Are we ready to admit our fallacy? Or does it constitute a violation of infallible nature of Christ?

The most popular reasoning about the so called delay of the second coming is God's patience.

God puts us on hold with unending anticipation of Christ's coming. Right. Let us say that's it.

But would you rather then call it a categorical deception?

Forget about how imperfect we are. Forget about how infinitely know-it-all and good-to-the-core in any perceivable matter God actually is.

I do not believe Christianity is a fake. Not yet.

But is it right to make excuses for unsustainable cause?

What do you think about the second coming of Christ?

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    • profile image


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      3 years ago

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    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      4 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      This is an issue I'm currently struggling with. I grew up in the Christian church, and was constantly warned these are the Last Days, that Christ could come any minute.

      Nearly 20 years ago, I inadvertently joined a cult, putting my life in danger. Since leaving, and with the ensuing flashbacks I'm currently experiencing, I'm beginning to see way too many parallels between basic cult practices and Christianity. The main ones are that you accept what's taught without questioning it, even when it makes no sense or when it is obviously false.

      Your first article refers to Harold Camping, President of Family Radio. As a child and young adult, I loved listening to that station with its music and sermons. In the mid 1990s, I relocated to a place that did not broadcast that station, so I've been away from it for 20 years. This was about the time Harold Camping published a book titled, "1994?" in which he predicted Christ would come that year. He used unethical means in promoting the book, telling people to order several copies from their local bookstore, even if they meant to buy just one. When his dates proved false, he disappeared from the air for awhile, then came back admitting he was wrong. So May 2011 is not the first time he's done this.

      Harold Camping is not the cult I joined, and had I stayed in Silicon Valley, I doubt I would have joined it. After all, the Bible says no one can know the day or hour of Christ's second coming. However, as you stated in both your articles, the Bible also says He is coming "soon" - most people would take that to mean in less than 2000 years.

      I now classify myself as an agnostic Omnist, believing all religions have a degree of truth to them, but none are Absolute Truth. It is when people blindly follow others, afraid to question, that they are most prone to join cults. I believe the secularist, accepting way is best; those countries are least prone to wars.

    • searchinsany profile image

      Alexander Gibb 

      4 years ago from UK

      I have been a Christian for over 40 years, ten years ago I was challenged to examine this very subject. The majority of my Hubs are the result of my research into the so-called delay in Christ's return.

      I am convinced that Christ kept His promise of an imminent return. The evidence to support my belief is based strictly on the Scriptures, and my faith is now stronger than ever.

    • Buildreps profile image


      4 years ago from Europe

      Good question, my sister :). I agree with Joel, although we might look from different perspectives. First thing I have to say is that I am not a Christian in the narrow sense. The current Bible is full of garbage, it has been edited too much a few hundred years after Christ’s death, in order to control the mass. Is Christianity fake? When it comes to the naked facts - yes. Only I would present this with little more respect to people (Christians) that are mislead already for many centuries. They are ignorant of the truth and that is so pitiful for them.

      The unbelievable part of this 'second coming' of Christ is that it is written literally in the Bible, where it quotes Jesus' words. I will not spoil where it can be found in the Bible. It is so easy. Your friend priest will know what I mean.

      Everyone and everything is a tiny reflection of the huge universe (literally) and everyone holds a key from an unique angle. That's all - easy to read, tougher to understand, barely impossible to live by. You can compare this with a hologram that you break into pieces, every piece will hold the same picture, but from different unique angles.

      No religion has the full, big picture. The Taoists and Hindu's (and Vedic) come closest to the universal truth and the funny thing is that some Christian's classify them as pagans.

      I could give you hints what to read to open your eyes for the truth, but since I don't know you're really interested in dynamite, I won't spread it in vain. Reading is one, understanding and living according this material takes years and it will make you a 'truth Guru'.

    • Joel Mugabi profile image

      Joel Mugabi 

      4 years ago from Kasubi

      No. My brother. It is not a historic failure. The second coming back of christ is real. Remember the bible says no one knows the day and hour christ is coming but dont loose hope


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