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The Secrets you should know about The Secret!

Updated on April 28, 2010

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Secrets of the Secret

First of all you may be asking, "Does The Secret really work?" Many people may believe that The Secret is just another bunch of spiritual hippie or new age hokum. It is not. It works. I have worked it myself for over twenty years. The contents of Ms. Byrne's book, The Secret, are worthy of being read and experimented with and one will get results if one uses the methods described in the book. This is a fact. Another fact is The Secret is not a Secret at all and never was. It was not hidden away anywhere. It was not lost through the centuries and "rediscovered" by very special people. It was never written down in one place and kept secret. It was not "found" in any sacred, yet hidden texts. In fact those who know the teachings of Dr. Earnest Holmes and his Science of Mind Church, as well as the teachings of Christian Science and the transcendentalist works of Ralph Waldo Emerson know full well that these methods have been in practice since the dawn of civilization.

The Secret is expounded throughout the Bible. It is written down within the Bagavadhgita and the Upanishads, it rests in the Koran and the teachings of Buddha. It is in the work of the Tao and in the unwritten chants of shamans in Siberia or Native America. One might say the secret is nothing but the word. And in the beginning the word was with God and the word was God and by the word everything that exists, was created. Yet the word must be "spoken" and the Spirit of God had no sound before sound existed. One might better call the word a thought frequency. Just as a word intoned into the air causes a certain resonant frequency which has an effect, thought also has a frequency as we know because brain waves can be registered on machines. The word was not a word, but rather a thought. And as Earnest Holmes and others have explained, "Thoughts become things."

Before anything comes into existence, some sentient being must think it into existence. The toaster did not exist until someone thought of it. It does not mean that toasted bread, or the capacity to toast bread did not exist previously. It has existed since bread has existed. But the idea of a device that toasts bread using electrical currents and other mechanisms of a mechanical nature was first in the mind of some inventor. Once the invention was thought of, he then began to create this device. Once the device was created others expanded upon and improved the device until finally the toaster as we know it, came into being. Yet there was a period of billions of years before such a thing existed! As there was a period of billions of years before money existed, or cars, or airplanes, or boats. Yet the need for mankind to express himself in an economic way, or to travel on land at a good rate of speed, or to travel through the air like a bird, or over the seas as a fish were all at the base of mankind's final creation of the aforementioned things. Before there were things, there were thoughts. And yet we must realize that the final creative fulfillment of the initial thought, let us say of flight, took mankind thousands of years of experiment and failures before he accomplished what he set out to do. I believe at some point 13 or so Billion years ago something we call God had a thought. the thought resonated and God was able to express itself in what we call "reality." In fact reality came into being because it was thought into being. It did not,however, come into being fully formed. God's expression came into being as a chaotic, massive explosive outburst that had within it all the elements of the physical universe we have come to know as reality. those elements did not take six days, or six thousand years to develop. They took 13 billion years. And life itself on our planet also did not develop fully formed from the brow of Zeus; rather it took about 2 billion years to get as far as human beings. We can safely say that God created the Universe and is NOT YET DONE creating the Universe. We can also safely say what The Secret does not say. "We humans are God expressing itself in a physical manner. We are all part of God. And God is part of each of us. And everything we do is an expression of Deity, bad, good and indifferent. And as such we are also not done creating our world, the world of humanity."

Much of what is written in The Secret is culled from the various well-founded and well-known religious and spiritual traditions of the past. Though to my mind most of what we are reading as being the teachings of the Secret are taken almost wholly from the Science of Mind books by Earnest Holmes. He encapsulated much of the idea of Manifestation of Mind, and it's companion ideal,Mind over Matter. For thousands and thousands of years mankind has known the power of the human mind to overcome deadly illness, handicaps, and obstacles of all sorts. The "Placebo Effect" for instance has been known since Roman Times at least. The idea that if you give someone a curative necklace or a folded up scrap of paper or in our case a small sugar pill, and say: "This will cure your illness." There is a very good chance it will have the effect of curing the illness if the patient has enough faith. However we know now it is not the pill that curse, but the faith of the patient. And what is faith? Faith is an utter belief in something as being totally real and sustainable within the bounds of reality. It is a thought which becomes a thing. If the mind is powerful enough to make a body walk on fire without being burned, or is powerful enough to raise inscriptions in one's own skin under hypnosis, or powerful enough to defeat cancer or other diseases, imagine what the unharnessed power of the mind could really do under the best circumstances. One might say, as Jesus did, "Say to this mountain be removed from its place it will be removed from its place." he also said, and this is something most people forget, "These things I do and more you will do if you have faith!" Now, how can we all do more than the Son of God? because as Jesus said again; "Yes are All sons of God, is it not written?" If you take it in a theological direction, God breathed life into a body of common clay called Adam, which is the Hebrew word for Mud. It was lifeless dirt and water. then it lived. Because God invested some of God's Self into it. This is essentially exactly the same as a "Virgin Birth." In fact it is a Creation, Adam was not born of woman or man. And according to Genesis, Eve was not "born" either, but "fashioned" from a part of Adam. And all of our relatives down through the centuries all carry the self-same spark and breath of God within us. According to the Bible.

Of course the Bible is a book of metaphor. Adam was not made of mud. Although, in fact, all life comes from a basic mix of water and minerals. Essentially all life was born from mud which had somehow been energized into "life" which had its own volition. God's spark or breath was not in a mud form of a man, it was in something more akin to an amoeba. And that bit of life grew and multiplied and evolved to face many millions of obstacles and it lives to this day in every cell of our bodies. It is a TRUE miracle. That anything that small and delicate could persevere and live for billions of years in simplicity and near formlessness, to finally build upon itself a complex human being which has become a receptacle for Spirit. We are now so far away from that one celled entity that we literally are built from trillions of them, all working together to be human. When our bodies die, they go back to the earth, to mud, to dirt, to ash or clay, we become food for other entities who are also struggling to survive. Of the billions of men and women who went before us, only a few thousand old broken bones still exist. Yet we can trace ourselves back over two million years walking upright on two feet, carrying our children in our arms and walking to and fro about the earth. We struggled against beasts and nature and finally grew in a spurt which brought civilization forth from our ancestors like an explosive force, catapulting us into the modern age. We are here now as we are in a world of our own making for an extremely brief amount of time. Like the spark from a sparkler, we glow for a moment. To us it seems like thousands of years. To the earth we have barely been born.

Something happened to our ancestors which was exciting. The same God-Like power of thoughts becoming manifest as a Universe, has caused us to manifest a whole world of cultures, economies, political systems, villages, towns, cities and empires. We have allowed our conscious minds to literally explode with creative thought and enterprise to the point where we now walk the knife's edge of surviving with nature or subsuming and destroying it, and ourselves along with it. We hold the power in our hands to destroy our environment to the point where mankind would be eradicated with the push of a red button in one or two men's offices. What have we done? What are we doing? Do we really have any idea? Wasn't  the initial idea of civilization to provide a way for many people to thrive and survive in one place as they provided one another with services and commodities? Or was it instituted so that a very few could lord it over the many, bringing them all in one place to do their bidding? We would like to believe the former is true. However as time goes by, empire and civilization seem to show the latter is true. Whatever the facts in the why of civilization, the truth remains that as human beings we all yearn to rule over others, to be the top dog, the alpha-male, the lord of the castle, the king or queen of all we survey. Hence our desires for money, wealth and power.

The Secret often talks about money, that getting it is as easy as believing you have it. Even if you have to trick yourself to make the correct affirmation. "I have twenty thousand dollars in the bank right now!" You could say this every day for a month. I have. And no money shows up. Then The Secret will say, "It's because you negated it somewhere along the way." This idea is nearly Catholic in its sense of "You are guilty of not living a good life!" If everything you ask of God can be that easily negated by saying "Oh this probably won't happen," then God must be cruel indeed. And if you ask your father for bread, does he give you a serpent? If he does, abandon that man, he is no father to you.

Negativity cannot have the same power as positivity. Because negativity is not a working system. It is a static, do-nothing system. It is not a positive statement, so in effect it can literally do nothing. One cannot simply negate everything one does by thought alone. One has to actually do something to make things break or not work. If you were say, working on a car, and you were almost ready to repair it and then laid down your tools and as you walked away said, "Forget this. I am an idiot. I can't work on a car..." That is a negation. But if you continue working  still saying every minute " I don't know if I am good enough to fix this car! I am scared! I may not be doing the right thing!" but continue to plow ahead doing your best to follow instructions, the chances are good you will have fixed the car! You may find yourself astounded! But it was the effort you put into it that made it work. Not the negative or positive statements. Thoughts become things only when you ACT upon the thought.

The reality is money doesn't magically appear to anyone. It is either earned, or given. It is either worked for, or shared. Money is a symbol of labor + worth. If your labor is worth nothing, you get paid nothing. If you think your labor is worthless or not up to standard, you will receive less money for it than someone else who believes their labor is worth something. Secret number one...Believe in your self-worth, your talents and hone your skills. Then you will make money. If you don't have any talents, skills or a sense of self worth, then even if someone drops money in your lap, you will LOSE IT. This happens constantly to almost every lottery winner. They spend frivolously, they have no plans for the money they get except to live like a king for as long as they can. Which usually is not long. You rarely hear about a man winning the lotto or winning at Vegas and taking that money, investing it in his own company or some good investment elsewhere and making a good living the rest of his life. This is because there was no thought behind the thought. "I seek money" is a thoughtless enterprise. You seek money for what? For whom? What will you do with it? Do you need a red Lamborghini? Do you really need a "Illin' Crib so you can make it with the babes?" the second Secret about The Secret is a cruel one. Ask and ye shall receive...but be careful what you ask for! The genie of the lamp can be a cruel trickster. You might ask for a million dollars, and then, like one unfortunate man recently had happen, receive it, and then be brutally murdered and buried in a shallow grave by your hateful, jealous wife or a family member. Hey, he asked for money. He asked to win the lotto. He got it. And it took two weeks or so before he was dead. He never thought "What is this money going to generate in my life?" In Science of Mind we were trained to remember that when we ask  for a red sports car, we had better ask for one with an engine, that could be taken care of, and wasn't just a Hot Wheels (tm) or a model car! And we had to ask ourselves, do we want a red sports car? And can we care for it? Insure it? Have enough money to actually gas it up!? And when and if you get all those things, will you be happy? Why do you want a red sports car? This question should be at the basis of EVERYTHING you speak into the Universe. In Science of Mind this speaking into the Universal Mind is called a "spiritual mind treatment." And in Dr. Holmes' estimation one had to have a moral and ethical justification for creating anything, including wealth with a treatment,because the outcome of having no moral compass during a treatment could have resoundingly bad effects. The Secret does not teach this. And it is therefore in my estimation, lacking.

End Part One.


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    • profile image

      David St. Albans 

      7 years ago

      I agree with you on the fact that some people got very rich off the ideas generated hundreds of years ago by people who were actually trying to help people find a better explanation for Life, the Universe and Everything. I sometimes find it hard to understand why everything old has to get a new packaging and marketing in order that a chosen few actually "manifest" wealth! Of course if people do not study or research they never know that all this "Secret information" has been on the bookshelves for a long, long time.

    • privateye2500 profile image


      7 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      Pretty much *exactly* - is no secret and never has been.

      I personally thought is was a pretty crappy take on the whole thing...

      Anyway - those people certainly did get filthy rich off of it! :}

      Have a good day Dave :}


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