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The Seemingly White-Knuckle Death Grip Of Israel's Efforts To Survive...

Updated on September 20, 2011

The Seemingly White Knuckle Death Grip Of Israel's Efforts To Survive...

Lest we forget that Hitler was duly elected when the German people bought into his initial propaganda as being a superior race… and excused and took part in his atrocities. And I also know that there are those of us who have leveraged earlier historical events to excuse Hitler’s atrocities... providing excuses supposedly justified and borne out of the WW1 Versailles’ Treaty. The same excuses will be plentiful when the Muslims make their moves to splinter the Jewish state and push its Jewish inhabitants into the sea because all the pieces are strategically now in place; and of course, those of us who are Traditional Christians, know that what is happening in Israel is not a surprise, yet the Eschalogical sea changes rapidly taking place and giving credence to what Jesus said in Matthew 24, are nonetheless sobering. Who would have thought that Turkey, in a twinkle of an eye, would be engaged in saber rattling against Israel and that Camp David, a peace treaty brokered by President Jimmy Carter, between the Israel and Egypt, would be on the verge of being irreparably breached.

It is a given that were the Jews to put aside their weapons, that indeed the seas would be running crimson with their blood. We all cheered when we saw the sapling Democratic movements grasping to survive in the Middle East, but there is something more frightening than Democratic ideals in that part of the world - that is religion coupled with Populism. The most popular thing to engage in the Middle East is hatred of the Jews; it is the only perverted cornerstone that can foster unison among the various sects in that part of the world. Anyone remembered the first war with Iraq, under the prosecution of the elder President Bush, that most of the Arabs states came together against Saddam, but with the caveat that if Israel were to defend itself from Saddam’s Scuds attacks, that this would splinter the alliance between the Unite States and the Arab states convoked to rid Kuwait of Saddam’s hordes?

Sometime, next week, right here in New York, the United Nations will likely vote to splinter the state of Israel, but I say to my Jewish brothers and sisters, under no circumstances put any trust in the current Obama Administration. I am not saying that our government would vote for statehood for the Palestinians, especially with the Presidential elections rapidly approaching, but I have no doubts that these are the sentiments of President Obama – by the way, three years into his Administration, he is yet to set foot down in a visit to the Jewish State, which is supposedly our greatest ally in the area.

The Jewish state must know by now that the only friends it has are the Traditional Christians, and yes, the slings and arrows will be flying, but great is our reward…. I beg Israel to position its vast nuclear arsenal on anyone… and I mean anyone who would try to wrest from her the borders which God gave to Abraham; and in addition, for Israel to take heed from its greatest king and Psalmist, David, that though she is currently walking through the valley of death, His rod and staff will comfort her… (Psalms 23), and moreover, bear in mind that Divine contractual edict from the great Jehovah, who said that He is not a man that He should lie... (Numbers 23:19).


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    • profile image

      mountainmike1 6 years ago

      As long as human rights are protected and there are no weapons of mass destruction.