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The Self Realization

Updated on March 18, 2015

The Awakening of The Soul


Self Realization "I Am Who I Am"

I was having a conversation with one of my friends and we could not agree on what it means to be "Self Realized". This term is used so frequently in different philosopical and religious circles and many people will have different ideas about what it actually means. I hope this hub helps with clarifying what "Self Realization" actually is and prevents people from getting it confused with religious dogma.

According to Wikepedia and Oxford "Self Realization" means "Fulfillment of one's own potential". According to it is defined as "the act of achieving the full development of your abilities and talents".

In my own words, "Self Realization" is knowing that I am a living being embodied in "Flesh" attempting to express myself in this materail realm. The most important thing to recognize and accept is that we are living beings and the flesh is just the covering. Even the form of the human being does not define who we really are as a living being. If that were the case all beings or living entities with a human form would behave the same way and have the same preferences.

Who, not What we are is the key to "Self Realization"! What we are is the physical body that has no relevance with out the Who we are and that is the "Consciousness". I would like to note that according to Sacred Ancient Egytpian teaching HU is the creative force of will, one of the original "deities" and one of the original sounds. Other cultures and traditions will also give reverence to the mystical sound Who/Hu, but I will not elaborate further in this hub.

According to me "Self Realization" is about deep introspection, reflection, and projection. Taking time to get away from all the influences of the world is important. I am sure that most people would agree that peole influence other people. The influence of other people may be helpful as well as a hindrance for a person who wants to be truly "Self Realzed".

Here is my simple example we behave differently wen we are with family, friends, strangers, co workers, competitors, authorities and subordinates etc. I do not think that many people could argue that statement. I know when I am with the people I like, I usually am on my best behavior. When I am alone in a quiet place meditating, I look within and focus on my personal nature. Then I reflect, I know my nature is peaceful and I desire bliss for all that always increases, that is who I am by nature.

Then I relfect further and I analyze my past behavior. Why did I do all the things I have done in the past. Why am I attracted to things tat do not suit my nature, for example movies like the Fast and the Furious and other explosive action movies. Home alone I write love and peace poetry, with close friends I am usually in some spiritual or philosophical organization seeking further enlightenment. I like to relax on the beach and experience nature peacefully that is more my nature.

After I am done reflecting and analyzing, I make the decision to move on and project on myself what I really want, and that is to be calm and peaceful. That means that I know I have to work on myself using my talents and abilities. The work is to not let other influences distract me from being who I really am and who I want to become in tis world.

As I am wirting, it now comes to me that "Self Realization" is a very deep topic, because we are all a part of the cosmos, the universe, existence and "God". It is not about religion, it is aobut determining who we are relative to all that there is.

This is the short version and light version. I wish all well.

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