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The Self is like a pure white screen, absolutely unaffected!

Updated on August 2, 2016

Duality of mind

Brain do not feel, the mind alone perceive the emotions!

Feelings, emotions, agitations and enjoyments can be felt only through the mind! The mind alone is capable of the above. Some people falsely think that the brain is the place for such. Brain helps in channeling all the above through the nerve centers, but brain cannot feel the same and it is the mind which gets the output from the brain. Many researchers on brain and neural network were unable to locate the seat of the mind. It is sage Ramana who said that the mind and breath originate from the same place. But mind is invisible like the ether and it has no form. The conglomeration of thoughts is construed as mind. Bereft of thoughts, there is no mind as such. Hence the ancient sages made lot of efforts to annihilate the thought process. They understood that minute part of the food is transformed into thoughts and the quality of food determines our thoughts!

The first step in spirituality is ‘watch your thoughts’. Simply observe thoughts arising one by one. Just witness them and don’t judge the thoughts. Simply Be! Of course, this is not an easy practice. Sit quiet and watch the thoughts. One will find maddening thoughts arise from all directions and disturb us. Getting involved in the thoughts is bad but witnessing them as a mute witness won’t harm our peace. Imagine that you are sitting beside a window in your home and observe the outside. Many movements takes place, many scenarios are noticed and if the house is located in a busy road, there will be lot of movements of cycles, bikes, cars and buses. Normally, we just watch those scenes in a disinterested manner. In respect of the thoughts that arise, we must maintain the same witness mentality.

Thoughts on consciousness.

Mind can not be forced into submission!

If one forces the mind into submission, it will run in many directions. It is not possible to subdue the mind by force. Hence the best way is to remain indifferent to the pulls and pushes of the mind. Remember that mind is like ether. We cannot catch it or hold it. The first thought that arises in the mind is “I” thought. This is nothing but the ego! This ‘I’ thought is based on body conscious or attachment to one’s own form! Almost all people in the world consider the “I” as their body/mind complex! Once a baby is born, it is given a name as a label for identification. For living in this mundane world, identity is a must. In fact, for everything connected with the world, one needs an identity card. For opening a bank account, we need a photo ID and address proof. For admission into schools and colleges, one need photo ID and address proof. For obtaining a passport, one need all the above. It is the name given by the parents is used for all identification purposes. If I am known as James, I truly identify myself with the name. In other words, it is a label for the body for easy identification. Our real ID is entirely different from that of the mundane world! Once, Saibaba asked a student, “Who are you? The boy replied, “I am Mukunda! Saibaba told him, “no! The name is given by your parents! The correct answer is “I am I”. Normally, we cannot understand this reply! Everyone in this world is “Self” and not the perishable body or mind. Neither are you the senses nor the emotions!

Our real identity is the Self within all beings. Self pervades the creation and transcend the creation. It is subtler than the ether. In fact, all the basic elements have emanated only from the self only! The self has no birth nor does it die. Only bodies take birth and perish! We can consider the self as the in-dweller of the creation and cosmos, yet invisible for the naked eye! Also, the Self is the silent witness of creation, sustenance and destruction! The self is unaffected by the manifold varieties of events that takes place in the mundane world. I have already compared the self to the pure white screen of cinema hall. In spite of fire, flood, tornadoes, volcanoes and earthquakes shown on the screen, the screen remain unaffected. Before the commencement of the show, it was a pure white screen, during the show, only the pictures are seen and not the screen. After the show, we see only the pure white screen!

Quotes of Mata Amritanandamayi

Consciousness is like the pure white screen of cinema hall.

In fact, the consciousness of every individual is the pure white screen on which many scenes pass through, which we take it as real. For instance, if someone close to us passes away, we become dejected and distressed. But the self within is unaffected by the death. The self never consider the body as real. Self is pure “awareness” and hence it remains unaffected like the white screen! The creation needs the self while the self is not dependent on any external things, since there is nothing beyond the self! Self is all that we perceive but due to the interaction of deceptive mind, we consider every event as true and real. Hence people grieve during death, rejoice when a baby is born. They feel dejected at loss of wealth and properties and exult when they receive a huge amount in lottery! This is like the swaying of pendulum in ancient wall clocks. The pendulum is always moving from one end to other end to mark the time! As long as there is tension in the main spring, the pendulum will oscillate. Similarly, as long as there is desire in the mind, our thoughts will sway this way and that way. Become desire less, then all agitations of the mind will cease. Even if we fail initially, by persistence, we can reduce our desires to not. Hence observe the mind but do not involve in its stratagems!


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