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The Senses are ruling the world!

Updated on October 11, 2013

How senses conquer man?

Most of the people are enslaved by the senses in the world!

When creation commenced, different species of living beings were blessed with the senses to see, hear, smell taste and touch. But the human beings were blessed an additional faculty along with the five senses. It is the thinking mind, discrimination and choosing powers. But, majority of human beings live their life within the ambit of the senses. Though they can discriminate and choose, they choose the sensual pleasures like other animals.

The media highlight the places where different cuisines are available. All the restaurants and hotels cater to the taste buds of the visitors. Though the main aim is to satiate the hunger, they give more importance to the color, look, aroma and crispness along with condiments like chilies, coriander and other essential ingredients to make the food tasty. No doubt, salt and pepper gives additional tastes. Each hotel prepares around fifteen to twenty varieties of various dishes and each one like some favorite dish. Also there are varieties of sweet preparations, chilly and salt preparations. The catering and hospitality industry is thriving due to the creation of the tongue and the sense of taste by God. Hence all those in catering business should thank God first for enabling them to earn. If there is no tongue are taste sense, no restaurant can function!

Next comes the sense of vision, the eyes. A blind man can never appreciate a beautiful picture or painting or sculpture. He can only hear the voices. TV, Video and mobile communications gain much due to the power of vision. Billions of rupees are invested to cater to the eye of the people. The power of vision enable us to safely navigate around.

Third comes the hearing faculty of human beings. Our ears are designed to hear a range of decibels. Neither they can hear sound of higher decibel or lower one.Audio industry gains due to the human faculty of hearing. Sound sustains many souls and the sound enable many to live comfortably in this world like musicians, playback singers, manufacturers of audio instruments etc. Without the hearing faculty, man looses the joy of hearing nice music etc., Conversation, interaction with society is made possible only through this sense.

The fourth sense is touch. This sense alone has got the power to enslave many in the world. Without a sense of touch, there won't be any mingling of opposite sexes. Also, we would like to wear soft dresses like the silk and other nice varieties of cloths. We would like to sleep on very soft beds which give a feather touch. We sit on the soft sofas. We ride in cars and we need the seats of best leather etc., Hence, the sense of touch has enamored the world from the beginning of civilization. Spas thrive because of the sense of touch.

We want to smell the best scent available in the market. Man and women use many kind of lotions that gives an eerie feeling when smelt. Hence the term 'nostalgia' has evolved due to the connection of smell and fragrance which induce the memory of past.

Now, tell me readers. Are you beyond the influence of the above senses? Are you able to control your senses as per your volition? Have you escaped from the attractions of the senses at times in life. Try vigorously to go beyond the attractions of the senses. They will plunge you in deep morass. When you go to a hotel, remember that you are going there to appease your hunger and not to cater to your taste buds. Slowly come out of the shackles of the senses and then only we can say that we are the Masters of our senses and not the slaves!

Overindulgence in sensual pleasures makes one debilitated and weak. Memory fails, the limbs become shaky and there is a constant greed to indulge in more pleasures. If you visit hospitals, you can understand the sad plight of the patients who indulged in the senses for long time. The digestive disorders are due to taste buds, the early vision problems are due to continuous watching of TV screen, computer screen and other mobile gadgets. Hearing loss is aggravated due to earphones plugged to listen continuous music or chat. Excessive smells cause asthmatic problems and breathing problems. Many scents cause allergy to the skins. Even some kind of dress materials cause many skin problems. Hence our ancestors preferred only khadi or cotton dresses which are most suited for both winter and summer. There is no need to dwell in the sense of touch. All venereal diseases are caused due to unnatural sexual habits. Hence those who wish to live a healthy and peaceful life should avoid the sensual attractions even from the prime of youth since it is the most dangerous period of life when pitfalls are more due to indulgence. Today mobile phones and internet affect many youngsters. They waste most of the time in purposeless chats and time passing. We hear and read about several websites which endanger the lives of many youngsters. Every one should adopt caution in exposing themselves to the public gaze through social media like face book, twitter and orkut.

Never divulge your personal identity in any of the social media.Do not upload your photo or contact number to any. Never divulge your mail id to unknown persons. Do not respond to requests for personal friendship or interactions. Many users receive a call "I am interested in you, when we can meet? This is the most dangerous invitation. Do not view such requests.

In conclusion, the senses alone rule the world. Those who are able to escape from the clutches are called saints, sages, yogis and the like. If you want freedom, do not follow the senses but follow the intellect!


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