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The Shadow Man and other Unexplainables

Updated on May 4, 2011

knowledge is power

The Shadow Man my First Sighting

My grandmother was raised by real gypsies back in the old country, as they referred to it. They came from a group of Slovaks, who lived and mostly traveled about in the Poland/Hungary area of the world in wagons telling peoples future for a small fee, while the menfolk also traveled about thieving and pilfering and making money from card tricks and other interesting things.

The family came to the United States when Grandma was a young girl, and she had to learn English here. They moved to the Cleveland area, where she had my mother. My granny taught me about her families beliefs and how and why the spirit world works. She taught me how to communicate with the spirits, how to tell fortunes, and how to read peoples minds. It also taught me how to communicate with the living, for we are all here in this world together, the only thing separating us is the very fine line of a dimension. Other than that, we can reach out and touch them. Only through meditation, and our own spiritual christian beliefs are we able to actually control situations and be able to determine what it is that we are dealing with.

My very first experience with the Shadow Man was when my brothers wife was diagnosed with cancer. After a while, my brother became very tired, for he was caring for her by himself, and he asked me and my husband to come and stay with him and help. We did, after a while, let our apartment go and moved in for we found out that she was afraid to die and she kept asking my brother to "come with her". It was then that I decided I would be the one to win this tug of war with my brother, for there was no way I would allow him to die with her.

One day while sitting in her room, watching TV and chatting with her, keeping her company I saw something walk past her bedroom door, and we were the only people in the house. I did not say anything to her, but when my brother came home I told him what I saw, which was just a dark figure of a man, wearing a rather tall hat and a long jacket. He responded with, "Oh, that is just the Shadow Man. He walks up and down our hallway all the time. He won't hurt you, but he is very active here. Don't tell Jean please, she is upset by that sort of thing."

There were three bedrooms and an office that had doors off of that hallway. Whenever sitting in any of those rooms, you could see him, always walking either up or down. On one occasion, after Jean's death, we were painting her bedroom and the painter who had only been in the house a couple of days, began yelling out my name. I came running to find him standing a the top end of the hallway looking down. He said, "Come here quick and stand next to me." I did so, and he said, "Look down the hall and tell me what you see."

At the other end of the hall was a very large picture of James Dean, complete with frame and glass. Behind us, was the kitchen and a door that opened out to the garage, which at this moment was open allowing light to shine in behind us. This let us see our own reflections in the glass. I answered him with, "I see a picture of James Dean, and our reflections." I took a second look, for something caught my eye. Our reflections were on the glass alright, but between us and very clearly I add, was the refection of the Shadow Man. I told the painter about the Shadow Man at this point for the fear was pouring from him and his face was a very pale white. He ran from the house, never coming back and I had to give his pay to his brother who came to the door for it several days later.

The Shadow Man was seen in that house almost once a day and sometimes up to several times a day. It almost seemed like he was checking on my sister in law, whose room was at the far end of the hall. We had discussions about whether or not he was the death angel waiting for Jean, but as we continued to see it after she had died, (unless he was then waiting for one of us), at which point I decided it was time for me to move. I went back to my town and rented another apartment.

After that, I have seen this very same Shadow Man very occasionally. He seems to be able to be seen in various buildings that I have either visiting, or living in. All in all, so far, I have seen him in three places I have lived, including the one I am currently. In this house, he made himself apparent to myself, my hubby, and to a couple of other people that visit. At first people are startled for they think someone has come into the house by way of the back door, that is how real he appears. In this house he is only seen in the kitchen going towards the bathroom (he only goes in one direction), and in the living room traveling towards the front door, again, in only one direction.

For the sake of keeping things simple to understand, allow me to say that all of the events that I am going to discuss from here on, were all taken place in my home, though not all in the same home.

Another experience I had was with a very playful spirit who was never seen but whose presence was still very apparent, but we never knew when or if he was there when we were. He made himself known by making our belongings disappear, and show up under the very middle of the bed. Anything we allowed to fall on the floor, would go there. My husbands sock after he took the off and threw them on the floor, would go under the bed. Now we never saw these things go under the bed, but they were there. If I was reading in bed and my book fell onto the floor, it was under the very center of it. Sometimes the middle part of under our bed was so full that things could be seen all the way around it and I would get a rake or broom and sweep it all out. It was amazing the things we found under our bed. When we moved we looked forward to not having this imp go with us, as we were told that these sort of spirits stay with the house, not with the family, but alas, this was not true for us and he did go with us. He did not go away until we got a bed that sat flat on the floor, without a frame. He was with us for almost five years.

Another, and more evil apparition which can be referred to as animism is a dog that was seen on more than several occasion only in my brothers apartment. It was so much like a dog that my brother mistook it for his dog until he opened his eyes (this apparition was only seen at night and in the dark) and saw it and its bright red glowing eyes. It was under his bed scratching fleas, and chewing on something, as a dog would. When he could not sleep for all the noise and got up to throw the "dog" outside, a huge form of a dog with the red eyes came running at him and just slipped under the door which went out to a hallway and the rest of the house. He came screaming upstairs to my apartment and spent the rest of the night on the end of my bed, refusing to go back to his.

I have had objects that have been in place for years, come flying at me. I had two drawers in a dresser come all the way out and land at my feet up side down so all the contents were spilled out. I had a very large mirror with a heavy oak frame come off the dresser top and "fall" four feet down and about twenty feet towards me across the room, and land a foot away from me, unbroken.

Some of the disturbances, if it can be considered that, are from the spirits of people I have known and loved over my lifetime, and just by the things that happen, I know who it is. For example, my husbands dad, who lived with us for a few years in his old age, was famous for spilling anything he had. If he got himself a cup of coffee, you can be sure that there would be a trail of spilled coffee from the coffee pot to where ever he was sitting. He was a very happy but clumsy person. So, when I have something fall for no reason, or if a butter knife full of peanut butter hops off the counter and onto my bare foot, I know it was Pop, just letting me know he was there and looking after me, and saying hello. My dad, an electrician who invented the very first cable TV satellite, will burn up new light bulbs, or turn the station on my stereo from the rock n roll station to country western.

These are only some of the true, and sometimes scary to those who do not understand the events that I have experienced through the years. I expect some people will question the accuracy or truthfulness of my words, but it is all true. There is nothing but a fine line of whatever it is that separates us from the other dimension that is there, but we as humans are unable to perceive or see. Do not fall into the trap that many have, of believing that if you cannot prove it , it does not exist for it isn't that we cannot prove it, it is only that we have been brought up to think in very narrow and skeptical ways, thinking that we are the smartest and therefore only real persona's in our realm of life. Think of the possibilities, and believe what you like.


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  • Alastar Packer profile image

    Alastar Packer 

    7 years ago from North Carolina

    Wow ddsurfsca we both have had a shadow man and canine type paranormal experience although under different circumstances.Amazing!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    i know exactly what its like to have seen and be followed by ghosts. although it is only animal ghosts that follow me. i have seen my dead dog once and my dead cat follows me around everywhere i can even her meow or hiss or purr

  • Genna East profile image

    Genna East 

    7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

    I think we have all, at one time or another, have exprienced or seen things we cannot explain. I wrote about one such exprience in a short story. I found your hub to be very intersting. Thank you!

  • GusTheRedneck profile image

    Gustave Kilthau 

    7 years ago from USA

    Howdy ddsurfsca - This was a really fun article to read. Thanks.

    Without passing on the actuality of the story here, I would comment that "Reality is in the mind of the 'realizer'" It is amazing how real things can be or how unreal, from one observer to the next.

    A fine old book about Gypsies can be downloaded (free) from - it's title is "The Zincali."

    Gus :-)))


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