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The Shared Destiny

Updated on February 19, 2016
Here Now In Heaven
Here Now In Heaven | Source


The past like the future is happening simultaneously, now, in non-linear time or timelessness.


Two previous hubs may have contributed to my perspective of this idea:

  • Heaven and the Omniscient Man (12/24/11). “Ye are gods” make known of the truth that we have godlike facilities. Omniscience, which is attributed to God, is not far from being a fact in our experience.
  • Inheriting The Vision of an Angel (02/17/16). A knowing as to why people are wearing certain blinders during their interpersonal interaction implies a sense of the past.


The two hubs having provided the ‘dots’ to connect, it seems then that man may currently be aware of past, present and future, on the unconscious level or, in our shared destiny in the “future” tense, on the conscious level. Or perhaps, this is something that saints and mystics already experience in conscious waking hours in the present tense “reality”.


Sheena: A Hypothetical Example*

At birth, Sheena, the baby girl sensed the love and joy of the weather in the environment. There was not much visual information to process at the time because her sight had not yet developed. She just sensed a good feeling and “imagined” seeing an aurora borealis in the sky as she lay down on her cozy-warm cloud.

As she grew further, the aurora became more distinct colors and shapes. She gradually started seeing what are actually figures of people and things but could not tell that they were actually not parts of herself. She perceived environment as inclusive of herself and everything felt safe and warm except when she could feel the “storm” brewing. At that point, she starts to cry for milk, something that she did not know how she learned at all except for the sound she hears. The milk “hand” from the Sheena self/environment then moved to her mouth, causing it to suck (something that again she did not know how she knew how to do) and for the weather to feel better. As Sheena grew further so her sight and other senses simultaneously developed. She gradually learned that her milk “hand” was not a part of her body. She had her own hands, which she enjoy learned to play with, and the milk “hand” was actually Mommy.


It has been written that our spiritual development goes from unconscious aware, conscious unaware and eventually conscious aware, if I remember correctly.


Unconscious aware seems to be a term for being at one with one’s environment, but not knowing there is an individual self.

Conscious unaware is when we know our body is separate from the others but unaware of the timeless.

Conscious aware is when we know we are an individual who senses no separation from environment (like Sheena in her infanthood) and present in the timeless now. This is the ideal. This is the shared destiny where we eventually arrive and have been arriving at every time we say Yes to the present moment. When we and the moment become “aware” of each other, what unfolds feels like a 4th dimension experience like the examples provided in “Inheriting the Vision …” while practicing the objective observer point of view.


Example of Conscious Aware

Choosing to be an omniscient man in heaven makes one a ‘fool’ on earth:

“But people flourish in their illusions. The world teems around the safe who, to the very centre, does not know. Others seem to know but the sage knows nothing. Others are clear and certain and confident but the sage is confused and directionless, a fool lost in thought and in the world.” (Ray Grigg)

To repeat, choosing to be an omniscient man in heaven makes one a ‘fool’ on earth. This is because the human body has a limited perception that can only follow a train of conscious thought in a singular, linear manner. One example is love. To be love is a to be a loving person. During our waking hours, if are thoughts are with wondering how our loved one is doing, our body is in the present time and space dimension but our mind is some place-time else. To whoever we are talking with, physically right in front of us, we may appear ‘distant’. But the fool knows there is only the now where each one can decide to choose to experience either heaven or hell, depending on our choice of perspective.

Be careful what you wish for, they say. But maybe our conscious wishes during our earth life waking hours were actually already been contracted agreements between our soul and the Divine before we assumed a physical body. A sincere wish or longing could actually be an urging from our soul or true self.

Hopefully, in understanding this, we should not feel bad about being ‘the fool’ in the world, the lowly and excluded by the world.

Since no one’s life is spared from being foolish at one time or another, we need to gently take each other’s hand, when we notice someone is off tangent to the present physical or material experience. An example would be when someone is unexplainably rude to you. Were we not once like them when we grumbled our way through, bitching, even in front of someone who is obviously gentle to us?

Good karma begets good karma. Let’s gently take each other’s hand when one is lost.

Understanding the ‘fool’ means understanding timelessness, the past, present and future happening all at the same time.

We can reflect on this concept more before we go into more tangible examples.

It is not the person but a society that makes the person insane, if I remember correctly, is what the German philosopher Nietzche said about two centuries ago. Reading Coelho’s Veronika gives one the same conclusion. Immersing oneself amidst the ‘fools’, one may gain the insights. A fools words can become one’s teachers.

Most of us are momentary fools/sages but some have been ‘sentenced’ or labeled ‘abnormal.’ What may be happening here is that while we experience the past, present and the future in our dreams alone; the ‘troubled’ mind can actually get so absorbed in the ‘dream’ state while in a seemingly be conscious in a physical body in front of us. They cannot tell you are the real person right front of him or her and that the person in his or her mind is merely in the his or her awake dream.

If she is bitching the person in the ‘dream’, she will be bitching you. If she is having happy bonding moments with the person in the ‘dream’, …? So wake her up while in the bonding moments and she will certainly shine her warm glow into your aura.

This is why we should be waking each other up. It has been said that there is no problem in the NOW, the present moment. Let’s everyone of us be right there and share the love, compassion and peace within the moment and overflow it out to both the past and the future.

This is not at all easy. And I wonder if it would be humanly possible to reach out beyond the mind to the ‘troubled’ unless through Divine intervention. We are told to do all that is humanly possible and let God or the Divine or the Tao or the Universe, whichever word one is comfortable with.

Let go and let God, taking it one moment at a time, one day at a time.

To share my short prayer, whenever in danger or notice yourself worrying:

Angels, now! In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

For those among us who do not believe in angels, ask the Universe for help in whatever form is understandable to you and it will be given. Ask for a sign and it will arrive.

Arriving at the Shared Destiny

Taking each other’s hands have shown to be important above. In addition, in actuality, humanity’s consciousness is affected by each individuals in the human race.

We affect each other through the distance even though we may not be aware of it. Spiritually developing oneself elevates others. Prayers send love through the distance breaking through physical barriers. Imagination has been referred to as transcendent to matter or space and time.

Those among us who are more conscious or present to the moment need to hold firm to their noblest thoughts and feelings (e.g. by recalling happy thoughts such as advised in the movie ‘Peter Pan’) and constantly or as often as possible stay positive. The imagination can be used positively to visualize preferred outcomes, instead of worrying.

Anyone with a ‘troubled’ mind should be ‘held close’ and gently guided back to the now, where each individual finds completeness.

When waking up the ‘troubled’ mind/world is done conscientiously, it becomes a beautiful mind/world.

The world becomes full of hope not just for the lowly, the excluded, but for everyone.

There is no such thing as an insane person but only societies that make individuals insane.

There is no society such as only that which its individual members contributes to it. We are all responsible for each other. You are, I am my brother’s keeper.


The shared destiny is here in the timelessness of the now---past, present and future---the three in delicate balance and concurrence.


We get there the moment we say yes to the Now. Yes!

All Aboard

We get there the moment we All, simultaneously, say to the Now: Yes!

ETA. Unlike human clock time which cannot be synchronized, e.g. because of the time zones; the infinitesimal pieces of time between the space of a second; and due to physical limitations, e.g., the rotation of the earth. The spirit’s is timelessness syncs everyone concurrently in an infinite moment.

We get the sense of the timeless now (e.g., being fully present to the dish that we are washing, listening attentively to our friend, immersing all our senses while walking on the seaside, etc.) now and then but with all of us not together at the same time.

Because timelessness is an infinite continuity, you would think, it would be difficult for us, all of humankind to coincide to be in the actual timeless now, when we arrive at our destiny.

It seems impossible but by Grace there is no such thing. One single instant then we’re all in heaven, all Love, arrived at our shared destiny.

ETA (expected time of arrival) then is whenever you choose to be present in the now.

How is it that people see different versions of the world? As good or bad, as nurturing or violent … “Inheriting the Vision …” gave us the explanation. We see the world using tinted “shades”, the color depending on what you decide it to be. If you choose to believe it as loving, it will be.

“Smile and all the world smiles with you. (Cry and you cry alone?)”

Please discard the anger baggage before alighting on the plane, says the captain, because that is a contagious virus that we don’t need while on the plane nor want to carry to Paradise. Anger is viral when you are unaware but we can choose to stop it right on its track when we decide not to fight back but instead quietly, objectively observe the interaction.

Choose true love that does not flaunt. It is much lighter to carry around, you may notice that it is actually a gift to you to share with all.

We’re Here-Now

So the plane has arrived in heaven, in the now because everyone exercised their power of choice let go of toxic luggages. Only bringing the Lighter ones.

“Go softly in this world so that things are left as themselves. Be gentle with everyone to not disturb their growing into themselves.

When the sage bends to everything, everything bends to the sage. Thus there is deep meeting and wholeness.” – Ray Grigg

Everyone is awestruck. They never knew that they could actually be at several different places, with different loved ones all at the same time.

Some had known but only in their dreams.





* This uses the imagination to describe the infant’s/body self’s experience as mentioned in Arons’s ‘The HSP.’

Here Now in Heaven


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