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The Shirdi Connection proved many times!

Updated on October 30, 2011

Saradamba,was an old and pious devotee of Shirdi Baba when he was alive. She had the connection for many number of years. She pestered Baba for many number of years for a sacred syllable from him for chanting. Every time Baba was elusive and evaded her when she sought sacred syllable. One day, when she implored him thus, he drove her away rashly. She could not tolerate such an action from Saibaba. So she left the place, weeping all through the night and abstaining from usual food. In the mid of night Saibaba came to the place where she was lying and he said, "My child when you have not taken your food and lying here with emotion, how I can remain in the Masjid peacefully, saying thus he produced out of thin air, a pot full of "Puris"(fried wheat items) and subji(vegetables). Saibaba asked her to eat. Afterwards she went to fetch water. Baba stopped her and produced a jug of water to drink! After she drank the water, he told her, "Oh Gori! you have come a long way in spiritual path and you have already crossed the "Chanting or Japa" stage. I will tell you a secret. After leaving this body, I will take birth in Madaras rashtra"(At that time Andhra Pradesh was under Madras state). You will come and stay with me. She left the place and was wandering far and wide. In the end, she founded an orphanage for young and old people and she was touring many places performing musical discourses on God. Thus she could collect a little fund to maintain her orphanage.

Once she went to a place named "Uravakonda". She heard about a miracle boy "Saibaba". Though she was not impressed much, she had to perforce meet him in the company of others. As soon as she entered the presence of Baba, she simply sat. Baba told her, "Gori!(the same way Shirdi baba used to call her) You owe me money but she could not make out any thing. Saibaba has said, you have collected some money to be sent to Shirdi through one Balaram. You have sent only a part. To remind you that I am the same Saibaba, I narrated this. She could not believe her ears. Baba said, "You have not even prostrated to me". Immediately Saradamba fell to his little feet and washed it with her tears. He said, I have already told you everything at Shirdi. Now come to Puttaparthi and stay there! She went there and was given accommodation. She served Sathya Saibaba many number of years and finally merged in Him. She is also known as "Peddapottu". She has written a beautiful book on the ways of worship of Baba.

Likewise there are many number of devotees who doubted Sathya Sai. He mysteriously made them realize that both are one by producing photos of Shirdi Baba and his own photos and gave to the devotees stating that both are ONE. Shirdi Baba was in the process of preparing spiritual meals and Sathya Saibaba was feeding the devotees! The future Avatar, who is yet to come, "Prema Saibaba will make everybody realize that they are all verily God! Rest in next post.

Sathya as a boy and Shirdi Baba at Dwarakamai


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