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The Shirdi Form.

Updated on September 3, 2011

Shirdi Baba's visit to Shirdi.

Shirdi village lies in the Maharashtra state in India. None has heard the name of Shirdi, till Saibaba made it his permanent abode. Sometime during 1851, Saibaba, a lad of 16 years adoring a perfect personality and attractive features visited the place Shirdi. None knew where from he has come or which is the place, he belonged? He cared none and sat under a neem tree absorbed in himself without caring for food or shelter. A few people in Shirdi thought he was a perfect soul and fully realized one. People who suffer from certain illness went to him and he prescribed certain herbs for their cure. He never charged anything from them.

One day, some body was possessed by the deity of the temple and he was dancing and uttering something. The people who gathered there, requested the deity, "Who is the lad who is staying unconcerned? Who are his parents? To this query, the deity Kandoba replied, this man has practiced penance at this place. Bring some pick axe. When a pick axe was brought, the deity(the possessed man) has shown them a place and asked them to explore the place by digging the earth. There they found a stone slab. On removal of the slab, they found some steps underneath. When they went inside, there were many Japamalas (meant for performing austerities and repeating the name of God). The deity said, he practiced meditation here for twelve years. When the lad was asked about this, he said, It is my Guru's place" Close it and protect it. Thus the place seemed to be his own place of spiritual practices.

After some time, the lad(Baba) left the place to return later..After two or three years, he returned along with a marriage party. From that time onwards, he was staying in an old dilapidated mosque. He was burning firewood to wade off cold climate. It was burning all days long. From the fire place, Baba removed the ash and distributed to the people as a blessed medicine for all their ailments. Many people came to him for several reasons like issues, money, job, promotions, marriage, ill health etc., He solved many of their problems mysteriously and still he begged his food from four or five houses. He was very kind. He shared his food with dogs and cats. Many took the food from the pot in which he left the food. He never scolded any. He was benevolent throughout his stay. After staying there for sixty long years, He left his mortal coil during October 1918 but before that he revealed some of his close devotees that he will come again after eight years in the state of Andhra. Sri Sathya Sai baba was born exactly eight years after in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. Om Sri Sai Ram. Saisarannaga.


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