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The Similarities Between Religions

Updated on December 6, 2016

Imagine No Religion-Lennon

Let Us Seek Out Our Similarities Rather Than Our Differences

There are many similarities among religions. In fact, all religions have peace and love at their cores and all religions suffer misrepresentation by the militant acts of extremists. Zealous individuals have, for centuries, warped and twisted the true doctrines of many faiths to satisfy their own, sometimes less than virtuous agendas. Some well meaning, some power hungry, and some just plain evil. Judging a religious faith or body as a whole based on the extremist actions of just a few is a dreadful mistake.

From the earliest human civilizations human beings have been trying to understand the world we live in, how it came to be, what we’re doing here, and what comes next. The ancient Greeks developed the idea of the multi-layered psyche and fathomed that the uppermost layer was that of the Creator mind itself. Every human being possesses every layer of consciousness and is therefore capable of attaining access to that higher level (whatever faith he or she practices).

Islam is no more violent than Christianity or Judaism; it has merely been associated with the acts of a few extremely disturbed individuals.

We each have a responsibility to ourselves and to our children to make an effort to better understand the religious philosophies of other faiths. This does not mean that we have to convert, just that we take a moment to acknowledge the worth and validity of another individual’s ideals.

Let us search out our similarities, rather than dwelling on our differences.

Sarah E. White, PhD

Illuminating Bliss


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      popey 3 years ago

      hi peeps this gave me some info on the religons

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      from who 4 years ago

      thanks at least you tried

      But please could you say more

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      Shakoor Alam  7 years ago

      Very very nice