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The Soul Provider

Updated on January 22, 2013

....and the conscious energy

Some folks believe that the human soul does not exist. They are quite adamant in their perception that like the existence of God, the existence of the soul is a man-made fantasy. Others believe in the existence of the human soul, but they posit that when a human dies, his soul dies as well... thus there is no existence in the hereafter.

I am one of those who believe that not only does the soul exist, but it continues to exist beyond the earthly existence of the human that once possesed it. I could conceptualize that the ENERGY that initiated the process of creation, then evolution, continues to breath life into the space that sorrounds all the animate entities that have and will continue to exist into the end of TIME. The equation that undergirds all existence is the ENERGY vis-a-vis Space-Time continuum. I posit that the SOUL is the manifestation of that equation, because IT is what allows us to aspire for a purer level of existence... a higher level of consciousness.

I further believe, intuitively and instinctively, that humans at the time of their conception is imparted a soul, which is a part of the Energy that initiated the process of creation. The Human Soul is unique in that it has allowed man to advance to his current niche in the natural world. His soul has allowed him to go above (supra-natural) nature, making his the only specie capable of controlling nature (including his baser animal instincts), thus allowing him to take part in the creative process.

The reality of the existence of the human soul does not beg for it to be materially perceived. How does one prove its existence except to say that if it does not, we would and could act differently? If gravity (another non-material entity, like the soul) does not exist, we would and could be more amenable to jumping off a cliff, and expect not to die. So we know that the soul exist in the same manner that gravity exist, because without them we could and would behave differently.

Some folks, in the process of denying their soul-less nature would go to the extent of saying that their existence is no more (or less) different from that of the other animate entities. This I think is nihilism, that emanates from two EGO driven belief systems (1) Objectivism. which flatly says that anything not perceived objectively by our 5 physical senses do not exist; (2) Reductionism, which posits that any object must be reduced to its most basic single component. Unhappily, man's ego could overcome the harmonizing role of the SOUL, thus the destructive forces that this ego has wrought upon himself and those other animate entirties that share his world.


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