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The Spirit never faultiers. You do.

Updated on February 20, 2013

It is that taking back of control, a relapse into our own control, that sets us apart from God and Love

The spirit comes within us, we are broken but not in a bad way. We simply let go and let God. I have faced small obstacles that felt like hell on earth. I have experienced enormous hardship that seemed like a mere bump in the road. The difference was the Spirit within me. I can let a hang nail or a bad pizza, interrupt my walk in peace if I am not in the Spirit. Yet I have overcome serious cancer/chemotherapy with a gladness and singleness of heart.

Believe me, I am not special, I am quite confident you can to better than I can.

I do not really know why this green flash came out yellow. Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective

Coronado Island, San Diego USA - Looking towards the Coronados de Mexico
Coronado Island, San Diego USA - Looking towards the Coronados de Mexico | Source

A prayer for each of you

I trust this day that my evening and morning prayers are answered. I feel confident that you all are doing well. You are healthy, happy and in good faith. That your loved ones are well and receiving your love. That you are facing obstacles with grace, humility and courage. And mostly that you are loving your neighbors, enemies and the weak as though they were you.

Thanks for the hardship

Perhaps in my home we are going through some financial hardship. Well I truly believe that that is not true. We are going through a period where finances are tight. Thank you Lord. Thank you for a constant reminder that wealth is a worry of man. Thank you for reminding us to place more important things first. Thank you for making us work harder and be more grateful for the work we have. Thank you for helping us to concentrate on what we have and not on what we do not have. Thank you for helping us to want less and focus on You more. Thank you for providing us with all we need. Thanks for letting us share together in hardship which builds our love to new levels. Thanks for the reminder that we do not need what we want but must want what we have.

Looking north from photo above, again, just a matter of perspective

Right about where the sun sets is the huge Cabrillo monument. Interesting that you cannot see it from this angle at this time.
Right about where the sun sets is the huge Cabrillo monument. Interesting that you cannot see it from this angle at this time. | Source

Suffering is optional

I recently had a pretty bad upper respiratory sickness. I prayed and meditated and took in proper medicinal therapies. And you know what? I did not suffer through the episode. Oh the physical problems existed until I saw the doctor and got all fixed up but the suffering and misery of the disease remained at bay. Through deep prayer and meditation I begged of my Lord to keep me focused on the general good health of my body and to keep my spirits high and in a positive way. You see the illness was miserable but I did not have to be. Nor in matters of finance which may be miserable I do not need to be. Neither must I be miserable when things break or relationships faultier or I just do not get my way. Yes of course we must take steps and be responsible in the natural human affairs of our lives. But it is far more important to take steps and be responsible in our spiritual affairs. Man can only give and take that which is man’s and only God can give and take away that which is God’s.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think more that I have been slip slidin, lately. So the notion came to the forefront. I started my day before my prayers today, that's ok because I read your comment - Now I will go pray. Thanks

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing your confident, hopeful attitude. No matter what the situation is, the most important thing is to stay connected with God. No wonder you're so focused. Good bless!