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The Spirit of Anti - Christ, Not Anti - God

Updated on February 27, 2013

The Spirit of Anti - Christ. Prophesy. The last days. The mark of the beast, 666. Children turning against parents, parents turning against children.

The Apocalypse, the destruction of the world are all fascinating or terrifying!

Anti - God. Atheist. No God. Evolution.

Obeisance to no one other than self.

Large amounts of the world trying to escape life, through any means, which usually involves drugs, sex, power and greed.


Always in the quest of -purpose.

Most people you talk to around the world believe in a God. At least a God of some kind. If they believe in anything higher, more intelligent than themselves.

It's interesting though that many of these same people who believe in the western hemisphere have a different view of who God is or what He is about.

It is also fascinating when speaking to them to realize that God is some airy fairy out there kind of presence that they don't particularly interact with because what's the point.

Makes me think!

When i do indulge in the thoughts of why, i realize that it is because of the church and the person who calls themselves Christian, that others refuse to have anything to do with God. Or the God they think they know from what they have heard and seen.

Yet it is the Spirit of Anti Christ not Anti God that is prevalent in the world, more and more today! Isn't that the comment!

Yet every generation says that about each succeeding generation - that it's getting worse. That it's worse than it's ever been. That the world has to be coming to an end because look at all the mess, all the tragedy, and all the chaos.

Ever wonder why the older generation who aided in creating the chaos feel they can point fingers and cop out, laying all the guilt on the upcoming generations? Cause they have obviously, no conveniently forgotten that they started the ball rolling or at least participated in pushing it.

Lots of people talk about God, utter the word God, sing songs about God, write about God, add curses to God, then claim that we are all God's children but there is a difference.

We are all God's creations, but only those who claim Jesus as Lord and Savior have the right through adoption to call God - father.

It sounds so appealing though, even though i am the first to say that we have no right to judge whether or not someone is saved and believe in Christ Jesus. No, i can not judge, that is God - the father's job, which to tell the truth He has already done at the cross of Jesus the Christ.

But i can call a spade a spade.

Those who call themselves Christians sin but they are no longer sinners!

There is a difference.

Committing sin versus being a sinner. For instance with God, the God of the bible there is no big sin or little sin. Some have harsher consequences because they end up damaging the physical body but none are bigger as far as God is concerned.

Jesus bore them all at the crucifixion on the cross.

Sinners are people who live a lifestyle where they do the things the bible refers to as 'against God'.

Committing a sin is not a lifestyle!

Sinners live a lifestyle where thy actively participate in sinful acts.

And then there are lots of people claiming there are many paths to God.

Yet all those paths will lead you to Jesus first who is the door, "the way, the truth, the life...". You find in talking to people though they will gladly discuss God but refuse to speak about Jesus, who is the Christ.

Or if they do speak about Christ they will not refer to the Christ as Jesus.


How that name causes so much controversy.

But it is that name - Jesus, that makes all the difference in the world, especially for those who call themselves followers of Christ.


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