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The Spiritual Cheerleader

Updated on September 25, 2012

“Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.” ~Euripides


The task of the Spiritual Cheerleader is no easy task. In a world that is experiencing suffering and loss. With over half of the world’s population living on less than two dollars a day, and not to mention job losses, foreclosures, businesses going under, as well as other unfortunate events that many endure on a day to day basis. The Spiritual Cheerleader is needed more than ever. There has to be individuals that remind us of the light that exists within all of us. If not, we may forget how wonderful and extraordinary we are and find ourselves caught up in the Drama. If we get buried in deep enough, we may see each other as the enemy, instead of the Beautiful Being they really are. We have been taught by the Media and society at large that we are separate from one another. And this is where the real danger lies. We are taught to focus on the flaws and the differences. However, this only acts to drive us further apart from one another. In truth, we are One. We are all connected by the force called Unconditional Love. We will never bring healing to the world if we practice Separatism. There is a beautiful line from a song by Erasure:

“You are on one side
And I am on the other.
Are we divided?
Why can’t we live together?”

This belief in Separatism is an illusion. It isn’t our true nature. But how many wars and lives were lost because of this false belief. How many people have we let die from starvation because we have chosen to ignore the truth that what we fail to do for others we fail to do for ourselves? How many people must remain homeless before we realize that we are all in this together? The good news to this bad news is that we have Spiritual Cheerleaders that are doing their part to wake us up to our true nature which is Unconditional Love. When we come from this place, miracles happen. I like to now share some examples of how Spiritual Cheerleaders are transforming our world:

Huntington Library and Botanic Gardens
Huntington Library and Botanic Gardens | Source

Spiritual Cheerleaders share inspirational messages with the world. There is nothing that brings them greater joy than to touch another person’s life. These beautiful messages come in many forms.

Spiritual Cheerleaders support and encourage one another. They do not do this out of expectation. They do this because this is who they are.

Spiritual Cheerleaders set the example. They understand Gandhi’s message: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Spiritual Cheerleaders believe in acts of kindness. They give freely from their hearts. They fully understand that when they give to another they also give to themselves.

Spiritual Cheerleaders practice compassion. They do their part in making the lives of others better.

Spiritual Cheerleaders can empathize. They can do this by connecting to the other at the soul level.

Spiritual Cheerleaders understand the importance of humor. They know that humor is wonderful medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. Laughter can have an immediate effect on a person’s emotional state.

Spiritual Cheerleaders understand the importance of prayer and meditation. They know that a person’s faith can move mountains. They know that when two or more do this together that the effects are multiplied.

Spiritual Cheerleaders remind us that we are all connected. Everything in this Universe is connected. We are literally One.

Lastly, Spiritual Cheerleaders show us the beautiful light that is within all us. They fully understand that love is the answer. Love is why we are here. They know and understand that it is only through love can we change the world.


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    • mrmathew1963 profile image

      mrmathew1963 5 years ago from Australia

      I would have to agree with all of this....This topic has just come up on a spiritual site....Without these people we are like sheep who are quite willing to be lead where ever we are encouraged or forced to go....It's these environments that we are encouraged to accept for it's within these environments we are easily influenced which dictate how we think & act, we need to change our environment to a more free thinking environment & that is where these spiritual cheerleaders come in.

      Once our environment has changed our thinking changes within it because our environment dictates what we think, we are our very environment, what it is we are through thought & action. Spiritual cheerleaders don’t change the environment through thought but through the inner self which in itself is unable to be tainted by the external physical environment, it has its own environment which is needed to change our physical world for the better.


    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      Marie, that makes me feel very inspired. This is a wonderful sign that people are opening their hearts to their spiritual nature. Now as write this reponse to your comment, the article is at 111 FB likes. Thank you very much for sharing it on Twitter. Thank you for being a spiritual cheerleader as well. I also want to thank everyone for their positive support. Love and Light, Terry Fatland

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 5 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      Terry, I came back to read the comments, and did you notice that this article has been sent to FB 106 times! Cool! I shared it Twitter by the way. :)

    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      Michelle, thank you very much for the kind words. I'm truly glad that you enjoyed the love inspired article. I was smiling while putting it together. It has The Good News Network written all over it. Blessings fellow spiritual cheerleader. :)

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Awesome Terry. I am here basking in the light and smiling at the joy of the spiritual cheerleader and what they do. You wrote it straight from the heart and it is very inspirational :) Love and light to you spiritual cheerleader. :)

    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      Marie, thank you very much. I am very excited to see them growing by the number. It is a catchy title! I resonate with it too. I also think of a Life Coach as a spiritual cheerleader. However, the cheerleader word has the "jumping for joy" feel to it. It was my pleasure to put a link to your beautiful and inspiring book. Thank you for voting it up, awesome, and beautiful. :)

    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      Ashvina, you are very welcome. Thank you for being one too. Your sense of humor is a beautiful gift to the world. :)

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 5 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      Isn't this a truth? That the world is in need of Spiritual Cheerleaders and they are growing by the number. I love the name, Spritual Cheerleader, resonate with it! And, thank you so much for being a Spiritual Cheerleader and for including my book "Beyond Inspiration" with the other titles. :)

      Voted up, awesome and beautiful!

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 5 years ago

      Thank you for being such a great Spiritual Cheerleader yourself! :)


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