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The Spiritual Supermarkets

Updated on September 10, 2014

The Spiritual Tourism in the East

In Binary, East is projected as Spiritual and west as materialistic. Since the development of modern tourism, in India (Indian here mean Indian sub continent) there are many ashrams (a type of Indian monastery for lay man) opened targeted for western tourists. Those who go their with preconcived ideas of asceticism may latter realized that they are mere spiritual super markets for bussiness. It is not that all of them fit in the same basket.

Buddhist prayer wheels

The Buddhist prayer wheels. The mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum'' is inscribed in the wheel.
The Buddhist prayer wheels. The mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum'' is inscribed in the wheel. | Source

East: The land of Yoga and Meditation

Some People come India for spiritual quest. Due to global effect; the wetern technologies are getting popular in the east. (often it comes in the news that people ready to sell kidney to buy iphones). The social medias like faceboks are gettong much popular in third world countires. The Yoga of India has reached the major western metropolitans and it has become a matter of interest to people in the west. It is what people love and want what they do not have.

People sometimes imagine that in Inida people should be eating organic vegeterian meals and doing yoga, doing ayurvedic treatments in need but these practices are carried by limited people as practice. Due to potentiality of these elements in tourism to attract them, people are carrying these practices. Many places where spiritual practices are in sell are against Indian tradition of Teacher Student. The basic accomodation in these super markets charge star hotel cost.

It is good to meet a teacher and learn techniques, read book about the tradition but be careful when you are client of spiritual supermarkets. Some organizations provide good spirital experience.


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Monks making prayer at a Buddhist Monastery

Monks at a Buddhist Monastery
Monks at a Buddhist Monastery | Source

Love Keeps One

Path of devotion- Hindu women worshiping for long life of their husbands
Path of devotion- Hindu women worshiping for long life of their husbands | Source

This should be the path of Love and Grace

Focusing upon the very source of love, Kabir sings:

Love is not grown in a garden, nor sold in the marketplace; whether you are a king or a servant, the price is your head, and nothing less.

Yes, the cost of the elixir of love is your head! Do you hesitate?

O miser, it is cheap at that price!

When the love of the master filled my heart, my sense of selfhood was dissolved. (Abhayananda, 332)

People are showing greed of money instead showing Love. Love can create harmonious situation. Don't focus on money and wealth- spiritual seekers but on Love and grace. Understand the beautiful tradition.

Is it good to worship Objects

Gautama Buddha revolted against the tradition of worshiping idols, making animal sacrifice, wasting food items in the name of worships. Buddhism is a inquiry into self, not the ritualistic way but Buddhism these days has become much ritualisctic religion. The most selling idols of the world are that of Buddha in the present world. The beads, singing bowls, idols are most selling things. Does these things help one to go beyond the egomatter of the self.

Boudhanath stupa, Nepal
Boudhanath stupa, Nepal | Source


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