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When Jesus Returns...Truth Is...

Updated on May 27, 2014

What to expect when Jesus returns

Are you ready for Jesus' return? Do you feel your standing before GOD Almighty is in good stead? Are you confident in your salvation? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then consider this:

When Jesus returns he is NOT going to judge you (or even ask) according to how much tithes you paid; as he showed at Luke 21:2 when speaking about the lowly and poor widow who gave as she could as opposed to those who gave much more. Also note that he called it "gifts" not tithes...Jesus knew that with his coming GOD would instill a NEW covenant with mankind, ALL of mankind, and not just Israel; tithing was part of GOD's covenant with Israel, a covenant made void due to their rebelliousness.Gifts, however are something given by choice not under compulsion nor obligation. Yes,Tithing is no longer a required thing and in no way a determining factor for salvation.

When Jesus returns he also will not ask, care or even consider how you "got the holy ghost" in church (or elsewhere). I challenge anyone to show me in the bible where any and I mean ANY of Christ's followers, Apostles etc. fell out yelling "Glory!", or were rolling around on the floor/ground, shaking uncontrollably or fact, the only people the bible mentions doing any of those things were demon-possessed! Every time I see people doing this I am reminded of watching savages in Tarzan movies dancing around the fires or other movies where voodoo rituals are depicted; and in truth that is exactly where this practice is derived. When American slaves were forced to accept the pseudo-christian (means not real) beliefs of their masters, they added their own rituals into it and thus you have today's "catch the holy ghost" behavior in church. So if anything, doing this stands to be a mark against you as far as salvation is concerned, but definitely not a consideration for granting it.

When Jesus returns he will not ask, care or consider whether you were in the choir, on the usher board, or any other auxiliary in church...these are all thin gs created by men to augment the ritualistic and self serving ideal(s) they've instituted into religion and worship; you'll find none of these things in scripture...Truth Is...

When Jesus returns he will not consider what causes you have supported, even if they are sponsored by a so-called "Christian" organization. At Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus predicted people would do what they believe to be great and good HIS name; but verse 23 tells you what he thinks of it.

When Jesus returns he will not consider the size of the church you attend, how many members there are, or how popular and charismatic your pastor is. In fact if you are a member of a large church or congregation or church organization and you really want salvation, you should really be considering leaving it...Again I challenge anyone to show where in the bible that GOD supported or approved of the large group(s). Does it not rather state that "narrow and cramped is the road leading to salvation and few it is finding it"? (Matthew 7:14) When considering this, it is also advised to compare what is taught at your church with what is taught at the others; if they are all teaching the same thing then something is wrong...If what they were teaching is Truth, then they would have no need for different denominations, organizations, bylaws etc.It has long been established that every branch of so-called "christianity" today is merely the by-product/offshoot of the Catholic church established in Rome in the first century to off balance and combat the rapid growth of the true Christian congregation established by Christ's followers. Although each church may have different rituals etc, the teachings are basically the very same...not something to rely on when it comes to obtaining salvation when Jesus returns. It would not be smart to attach yourself and your family yo the teaching(s) of some organization that originated with one that was set up to overrule or counter Jesus work and then expect him to see you in a positive light and want to grant you everlasting life...Think about it...

We live in a world now that believes that all one has to do is profess belief in GOD and HE will accept you; but that just isn't true. James 2:19 tells us that the demons believe in GOD too! Going back to Matthew 7:21,22 it's Jesus who says that you have to do the will of GOD to obtain salvation, or in other words, don;t talk about it, be about it! We are entirely too busy devising our own way to worship GOD and telling him HE has to accept it instead of listening to what HE says to do as part of our worship. Worshiping GOD is not something you do in a building, it's found in acts of obedience to what HE says and rejecting what we feel like doing or want and our own way(s) of thinking. How can you say you trust GOD when you have the attitude that the things HE says HE hates, does not approve of or requires are debatable? That is the same as saying:" Ok GOD, I'll do what you say as long as I agree with it...but you still have to bless me and then keep me around forever doing things that way". How much sense doe THAT make? Yet that is what we do when we allow homosexuality in the church and even in the pulpit, when we don't evangelize, when we pass the buck or do very little when we can do more when it comes to helping the less fortunate, when we get involved in politics and supporting politicians which never will adhere to GOD's way, when we make amassing money, property and possessions a priority; even when we look down upon those who we feel as "lesser" beings.

So what should we expect when Jesus returns?

First off let me say that those of you who promote the "Too Blessed to be stressed" thing, you are in for a really rude awakening. For one, at Matthew 24:8-13 and 21,22 Jesus describes what is indeed a stressful time and for many who truly worship GOD that is exactly what these days are. In fact Jesus here says it is because of those true worshipers GOD will intervene to shorten the duration of it all(verse 22). Therefore the only ones who feel they haven't a worry in the world are the ones who Satan has blinded to the realities that exist in the world.

Jesus also spoke of a separating the "sheep" from the "goats" and this was directly concerning those within the group who proclaim to follow him. The sheep are the ones who willingly obey what he said about loving one another and ALL mankind, nit just those in their family, church and inner circle; they are the ones that when they read, hear or see the truth such as in this article, their reaction is to adjust their thinking, way of life, and worship as well as actions immediately, and if they find that hard to do, they do as he instructed at Matthew 7:7-11 which was more about requesting things to assist you to be obedient as opposed to possessions as many have determined it to be, and ASK GOD for help to adhere to his way over their own. The sheep are they who strive diligently to actually LOVE others and put the needs of others before their own. You have to keep in mind that you are seeking fir GOD to grant you everlasting life among people from all walks of life, all races, and who have repented from all sorts of sins and transgressions; if you can't love them now, you won;t have the chance to try to learn how to later.

Strangely the issue of LOVING others is the biggest stumbling block people have, particularly church people! People readily and easily love "things": they work on their gardens, lawns, etc daily, their car get constant and immediate care and upkeep even when un-needed; their homes and wardrobes as well as that of their children's, some even give their "all" to their jobs/professions, yet they feel throwing a dollar at a homeless person or simply turning a blind eye to their plight will absolve them of the obligation that Jesus himself said that we all have to those less fortunate. Added to that is the present fear of what poor people will do with the help you may give...which is none of your business actually; NOWHERE in the bible does it say anything about doing any of the things so-called "christians" do when determining whether to help people or not: no investigating, no "meetings with deacons", no asking the pastor, no questioning and interrogation(s); there's no mention of Jesus doing it, his disciples or Apostles...just the instruction to help not just the poor, but even your enemy if they request it! You may not like it, approve or feel it's right; but when was the last time GOD asked YOU for your opinion or input on what HE mandates?

This brings us to yet another HUGE stumbling block for "christians" today: ATTITUDE...Truth Is...

The greater majority of people who profess to serve, love and associate with GOD have the very worst attitudes conceivable. Although they will nod their heads and shout "amen" to many of not all points made from GOD's Word, they are of a mind that these same things apply to everybody except for them! In fact even as they are hearing, reading or being told these things, their minds are racing and thinking of people they know or see that the examples and admonishments in the bible apply to, never taking the time to realize that it is actually THEM that are being addressed! Conversely, when you see, hear or are told these things there is always even the most minute or momentary "quickening" within you that tells you that "This is me"; but just as quick as it occurs to you, you dismiss it and continue looking at others. That is GOD talking to you and you ignoring him...Truth Is...

Now you may think and convince yourself that GOD would actually grant salvation and eternal life to a hardheaded, stubborn, disobedient and presumptuous person like that(you), but that doesn't make it true...far from it actually. You really need to marinate on that thought for a while...Truth Is...

While you are meditating on these things consider also and ask yourself "How does GOD feel"? GOD does have feelings; are we not made in his image? Do you have feelings? Genesis 6: 5,6 tells how things got so bad on the earth that GOD regretted even creating us! Now that was before HE brought the flood of Noah's day...the times we live in now are far worse and much more wicked...THINK about that...Jesus said that also when he described the time that would come when once again, GOD will have had enough and act decisively:(Matthew 24 37-39)..he was describing the times in which we live today...Truth Is...

Ask yourself: If you had a house full of ungrateful, disobedient, presumptuous, belligerent, self-seeking, selfish, destructive, hateful, un-loving, un-caring, un-appreciative, lying, conniving, self-assuming, vain, murderous, unkind, rude, manipulative children that twisted everything you said for their own benefit, told you that you don't exist, told you that you will be whatever they choose you to be (that "higher power nonsense) and not who and what you say that you are, told you that you will accept whatever they decide upon as the right way,told you that they will obey your rules ONLY if they agree with them, and that you still are expected to "bless" AND reward them and that they will do what you say their way and not yours...How long would your patience last?

Well GOD has tolerated this very thing for over 6,000 years...

What do YOU expect when Jesus returns?

I encourage you all to find yourself in the article above and consult GOD on how to fix it...Truth Is...

As always I also encourage fervent and heartfelt as well as constant prayer for instruction...

Until next time

Truth Is...


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